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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Roserade C Lv. 58

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 08.19.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 3.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 8/19 Roserade C Lv.58 (SV)

Hello, and welcome to yet another new card from the new Supreme Victors set, and one that absolutely no one has talked about, yes, it's Roserade C! So why hasn't it been hyped? Well, we'll have a look, but first, the basics of the card. 90 HP on an SP Pokémon is I think slightly above average, so it's going well there., and should survive hits. There are plenty of Psychic Pokémon running about, who will be able to take advantage of it's x2 Psychic Pokémon, so could be annoying. No Resistance is no Resistance, so I'll skip over it. 2 Retreat Cost for a flower is a bit steep, but there are ways round this, like Moonlight Stadium, if you want to reduce the cost. Finally, in case you haven't guessed, it's an SP Pokémon, so gains all the usual support.

So, after solid but unspectacular basics, this card will need some really good abilities to be playable, and, I'm afraid to say, this card doesn't. It's Poké-Body, Natural Cure, isn't very good. When you attach an Energy from your hand to Roserade C, you get to remove all Special Conditions from Roserade C. Now, there really aren't that many Special Conditions being played at the moment, and thus you probably won't be using this very often. Depending on the timing, you may end up being inflicted with a Special Condition after getting Roserade C being fully powered up, meaning you will have to attach extra energies to heal it, which really isn't worth it.

As the attack will probably show. Magical Leaf costs PCC, and for that, you do a base 40 damage. For that cost, I'd hope to be dealing a lot more damage. It does have an effect though. You get to flip a coin. By this point of reading the card, I was already uninterested, but I kept going anyway for you who are reading this review. If you get heads, you do an extra 20 damage and heal 20 from Roserade C. That still isn't enough to make me want to play this card. Essentially, you are dealing 50 damage per turn. Unless you get lucky, that's only enough to 2HKO the weakest of SP Pokémon. The healing is worthless as well. Unless you are facing something really weak, removing 2 damage counters is going to do very little most of the time. They have to do 50 damage or less per turn to increase the amount of time it'll take to KO Roserade C, and very few top Pokémon deal 50 damage or less most of the time. It really is a pointless attack.

Combos? I really can't say there are any. How do you make such a poor card any better in a combo? By using it with a folder or better yet, shoebox, and that's it.

Counters? Please, just tickling it with your main attacker is likely to make it scared. So long as you aren't weak to Psychic, have at least 110 HP and can deal 60 or more damage, you are in a good position to take out Roserade C. Speaking of Take Out, so long as it hasn't been Unown G'd (GE), Machamp (SF), despite the weakness, with KO it in one turn. Also, due to it suffering from one attack syndrome, Amnesia is quite good against it as well. Relicanth (SV) will be teched into many decks, and is a prime example of a Pokémon that can stall Roserade C and threaten to KO it as well. And it's not even Relicanth main use either.


Modified: I has an awful attack, and Pokémon with very little use in this format, a hideous Weakness, and a dreadful Retreat Cost. Not even the SP support can save this card from ending up in shoeboxes over the world. It's only saving grace is it's HP, and that isn't enough to see it played. 1/5

Limited: Better here, though Amnesia wrecks it still. Special Conditions are helpful here, so getting rid of them with an attachment is nice. Still, best not to go overboard and attaching too many. Magical Leaf should be able to deal enough damage to 2HKO most of what you find here, and healing is nice as well. Still, the uncommon Relicanth is a big threat, so it might not be worth it. 3.25/5
Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is Roserade C, one of the new SP Pokemon owned by Cynthia. Let's check out the basics. 90 HP on an SP Pokemon is average. A x2 Weakness to other Psychic Pokemon hurts against Gengar and Gardevoir, especially the Platinum one. No Resistance is usually expected, anda Retreat Cost of 2 is a bit heavy. It's an SP, so it can utilize all of that support.

Roserade C has a Poke-Body: Natural Cure, which removes all Special Conditions from it when you attach an Energy to it from your hand. It woudn't be bad if people inflicted more Special Conditions... Maybe Blaziken FB would justify its use...

Roserade C has one attack: Magical Leaf. for 3 energies (or 2 with Energy gain), one which must be Psychic, Magical Leaf does a base 40 damage. Pretty underpowered... oh wait, there's more? Oh, okay. You also get to flip a coin; heads nets you an extra 20 damage and a Potion-like recovery on Roserade. I suppose it's not bad, but there are better cards that can be used for healing.


Modified: 2/5 The Poke-Body isn't as useful as it may seem in competitive play as of right now, and the attack can be better. It's still better than a majority of the Psychic SP Pokemon released in Rising Rivals.
Limited: 3/5 Being able to heal Special Conditions and health is a great ability in Limited.

Ths is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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