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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Life Herb


Date Reviewed: 04.07.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 4/7 Life Herb (PL)

Hello, and sorry for not doing much reviewing recently, I just haven't had time. Anyway, onto the card, one that was first released in EX Hidden Legends, then the set straight after, EX Fire Red Leaf Green, and not since until Platinum, yes, it's Life Herb and it's long awaited return to the TCG. OK, when I say long awaited return to the TCG, what I really mean is, no one could card less, because when it first came out, no one used it, and now it's been reprinted, no will use it again. In a stall deck, it could see play. Outside of that, it won't. Flip to possible remove 6 damage counters and all Special Conditions from one of your Pokémon doesn't sound too bad, but when you consider Poké Healer + does better than that (removes 8 damage counters) and has the same number of uses (seriously, you will probably only get 2 heads per game with 4 Life Herbs, thus 2 uses), so will be of greater use. Heck, even Potion is better since it's certain it will work. Life Herb just doesn't work.
On the plus side, it does effect EX's, so if you play Unlimited, it effects nothing since it's still rubbish.


Modified: Poké Healer + and Potion are better in stall decks and decks in general. Use them in stead if you need healing. 1/5

Limited: Not so bad here. Healing can be useful is you have a bit of tank active to frustrate your opponent. It's still flippy, but here, sometimes you can afford to take the risk. Also, since it's an alright little healing card, it can get rid of Poison, which is nice if you are up against Skuntank G with your opponents choice of stadium in play. 2/5

PSC Online
TCG League
Hey! Welcome back to COTD! We'll be looking at trainer today called Life Herb. (PL-108/127) It's also one of the first Platinum trainers to be reprinted from EX Hidden Legends! (Yay for the legends!) Let's take a look at it's effect.

Flip a coin. If heads, choose 1 of your Pokémon, and remove all Special Conditions and 6 damage counters from that Pokémon (all if there are less than 6).

Type: Trainer
Rarity: Uncommon
Best deck played in: Can be well fit into most any deck.

OK, like I said before this is a HL reprint; and one of my favorite trainers from the set. It's effect is a 50/50 chance of working but if it does hit, it's going to drive your opponent crazy! It can remove ALL special conditions and up to 6 damage counters! It would be perfect to counter all the cards in this set that pile on the conditions! Not to mention the huge recovery it allows! That ONLY drawback to this card is having to flip. But, there is something the card can do that counters that as well. Since it's a Trainer and NOT a supporter you can play more then one per turn! Make sure tho that you don't waste all four possible copies tho. This is definitely a card that needs to be timed.

In all I love this card! The recovery here is awesome! But, it does require a flip.

Modified: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
Pokmeman Life Herb

This card was first printed in the ex series sets, as a supplement for non-ex pokemon only. As everything is now non-ex, this gives all pokemon a healing option.
But it's flippy.
Super Scoop Up does Life Herb's job far better because it completely takes the card out of harms way, whether from being active or from being sniped on the bench. Oh, and there's that whole healing 150 damage off of Torterra LvX thing. That has happened to me way too many times.
And for G pokemon there is the no-flip Poketurn....
Life Herb is simply another card to be cast aside because other cards do nearly the same thing, only better.
2/5 Modified

Poketurn will see much more use in Limited because of all the G pokemon anyway...
2/5 Limited

Thursday's Review, for Life Herb:

"Vini here, once again. Today we will look at a card that was first printed on ex Hidden Legends, and was re-printed on Platinum... that's right, it's Life Herb!

Life Herb was one of the most powerful healing cards when it was released; recovering 60 damage and removing all Special Conditions was nothing to laugh at. However, it was flippy, and was rarely seen.

In today's metagame, Life Herb won't have any chance either. It's too risky for you to waste a slot of your deck for it, and if you really want healing, there are Poké-Healer + and even Leftovers (which is actually usable on things like Wailord GE or Tangrowth SF). Being inferior to other cards when it comes to healing and flippy at the same time seal Life Herb's fate.

Modified: 1/5 There are much better healing cards.
Limited: 3/5 You could give it a go here, since you won't have many other resources anyway. This is the best healing card Platinum offers us, so consider it if it appears.
KFT Today's Card of the Day is Life Herb. The card is simple, for a single coin flip of heads, you can heal 60 damage and all special conditions from one of your Pokemon. That seems nice, but taking into account Gambler's Ruin (Thank you Jurassic Park), which states, simply, that over time, you will lose more then you win at a game of chance, you're better off playing Poke Healer +, since you restore more health, at a better chance, and special conditions can always be avoided by retreating, switching, etc.

Modified 2/5
Poke Healer + beats this card up the block and then steals its lunch money.
Limited 3/5
Whatever healing you can get, you should take, especially with Skuntank running rampant.


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