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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dialga Lv. 73


Date Reviewed: 04.03.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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PSC Online
TCG League
Hey everyone! Eevee here! Wow. I didn't miss a single COTD this week! That's amazing! ^^ Oh! ^^' I noticed yesterday I kinda goofed up on my review. I said Blissey was a Stage 2 instead of a Stage 1. *sigh* I really do need my eyes checked. Sorry about that. ^^' Anyway, today's COTD is yet another Dialga! (PL-23/127) Let's see how this one compares to the rest from this set.


(C)(C) Energy Stream - 20 damage - Flip a coin. If heads, search your discard pile for a basic Energy card and attach it to Dialga.

(M)(M)(M)(C) Diamond Blow - 100 damage - Dialga can't attack during your next turn.

Stage: Basic
Type: Metal
HP: 100HP
Weakness: +30 to fire
Resistance: -20 to psychic
Retreat: (C)(C)(C)

OK, review time! ^^ First of all it does NOT have any Poke'Powers or Bodies. This isn't necessarily a bad thing tho. It means it can't get power sprayed for one. Although, it does mean you'll have to come p with a strategy that can still surprise an opponent. Attack wise it's about average. It's first attack is Energy Stream. For two colorless energy it only does 20 damage with a 50/50 chance od adding an energy card. Not too bad but not the best attack I've seen on a Dialga.

It's second attack, Diamond Blow, is a huge hitter but with some major drawbacks. Albeit, it does do a whopping 100 damage (which could KO several Pokemon that are being meta-gamed) but it needs FOUR energy to use; so you'll have to start piling on the energy cards as early into the game as possible while still keeping a Pokemon charged that can attack. Also, if you use it Dialga can't attack next turn. Not too good when it has a 3 energy retreat. You'd definitely NEED switch or something to get Dialga out of the shooting lane.

Stat wise is about even with other Dialga. 100HP is pretty common for a Dialga or Palkia. A weakness to Fire could be a problem if people in your area are trying to get the heads up on the Metal/Grass meta-game. But you could probably handle that with a couple of copies of Bubble Coat. A resistance is always nice but a resistance to psychic is really nice with a few lone AMU/Mewtwo decks still trying to beat the basics-brigade. It's retreat isn't very good but it could have been worse. A deck with this card would definitely need to find a way to get around it's high retreat.

In all I'd say while this isn't the worst Dialga I've seen, it's not the best either. You could possibly find a way to work it into a deck that can play around it's higher energy tho. (I just can't think of one off hand. X.x) Just be on the watch for fire decks or deck that block you from adding energy.

Modified: 3.5
Limited: 3.9

Hello fellow readers of Pojo.com! You probably haven't heard of me, and that's why this is my first review ever for the site. Today's card is Dialga lv 73! (PT #23)

The Platinum set has a total of 3 Dialga cards (not counting Dialga G and Dialga G Lv X). This one is probably the worst of the three, and perhaps the worst of all Dialgas ever printed.

Let's start with the basics of the card: 100 HP on a basic Pokemon is good, but expected considering it's a legendary. The +30 Fire weakness is kinda good, since most 100 HP basics have X2 weakness; watch out for Blazetran decks, though, which are raising in popularity. Psychic resistance is always useful (Toxicroak G, AMU, Dusknoir...), but its 3 retreat cost REALLY hurts. Should you use this card (although I have no idea why you would use this one - there are much better Dialgas), pack in some Switches or Warp Points.
Attacks, now, and they arent anything special. Energy Stream does 20 for CC, and nets you an energy from discard on a heads, but won't get you anywhere. Diamond Blow requires MMMC for 100, and stops you from ayttacking next turn. Both attacks are far from being usable, making this card rather useless.
As far as combo's go, it doesn't have anything, really. You could use it on a Dialga Lv X deck (which I have never seen), doing 100 damage on one turn (instead of doing 80 with Metal Flash) and abusing Time Skip on the following turn (since you couldn't attack anyway, you haven't got much to lose). It's flippy, and definitely won't win any tournaments, but wouldn't it be fun if it worked? =)

Modified: 1.5/5
Expensive, bad attacks which lack synergy. If you REALLY wants to use a Dialga, there are better ones to choose from.
Limited: 3/5
Could work here. Staying power and recovering energies is good on Limited, and if your opponent plays something big, you can Diamond Blow them into oblivion. Given there are only 3 Fire evolution lines in Platinum (not counting Torkoal), you could give this a go.

And that's for my first review here on Pojo. See you guys around!
2006 National


Its litttleduckdrew!

today’s card is a 100HP metal type Dialga

Attacks: Like most Dialga’s the attacks are terrible..and that includes this card.

The first attack is 2 colorless energy for 20 damage. Flip a coin, if heads search your discard pile for a basic energy card and attack it to Dialga. The attack is a complete dud. First the attack is a flip a coin, second it doesn’t match anything with the Pokemon’s second attack, and I’ll explain that now.

The second attack is 3 metal 1 colorless for 100 damage and Dialga Can’t attack during your next turn. Another terrible attack, for one, its 4 energy for 100 damage and a self damaging effect (when I say self damaging, I mean it does a harmful effect to itself, not actual damage)

maybe with a discarding or flip a coin for more damage, but its not, and its bad.

Weakness: +30 fire. Bad if your facing a Infernape, or Heatran. But fine depending on your division.

Resistance: -20 psychic. Protects against Toxicroak G…but there’s not a lot of psychic in the format.

Retreat Cost: 3, a standard bad retreat cost for a large metal Pokemon, but that’s why you play switches.


Modified: 1/5 Another terrible Metal Pokemon from this set, and another terrible Dialga. It needs to be over pumped for attacks that don’t truly help your Pokemon whatsoever.

Limited: 1/5 As I said before, it needs to be over pumped to do attacks that just don’t pack the punch. And as a rare? Good luck getting this card.

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