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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Seviper Lv. 30


Date Reviewed: 04.22.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.25
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 4/22 Seviper Lv.30 (PL)

Hello, and our Uncommon week s continued with today's card (obviously), the new Seviper, from Platinum! And no one could care less because I think I'm right in saying there has never been a really playable Seviper. Does this new one change all this? Well, read on, I suppose, if you'd like to know. First off, this Pokémons' basic stats, and it's quite impressive 80 HP, which for a non-evolving, non-legendary basic, is very good, like it was for Zangoose yesterday. How nice it is for the 2 rivals to be so similar in the HP department. The bottom stats are similar as well, though it's not as though it matters at all. +20 Psychic Weakness is very annoying, with a lot of popular decks revolving around Psychic Pokémon, with Toxicroak G (PL), AMU, Gengar (SF), Dusknoir (any), Gardevoir (either), and probably a few on top of them all being quite popular Psychic types, who will find this card, even with it's nice 80 HP, an easy prize card. No Resistance can be glossed over since it doesn't have one, like most cards made. 1 Retreat Cost is about average, but if you really don't want to pay any Retreat Cost, Moonlight Stadium can reduce it to zero. Quite why you'd need this most of the time is beyond me.

So the basics are average, and the abilities aren't much better. For no energies, Shed Skin is alright, removing 4 damage counters from Seviper. However, Seviper isn't really a a stalling Pokémon, and 4 damage counters isn't enough to help against any major threats, so is generally quite useless (unless they can only do a maximum of 40 damage per turn, at which point, it's brilliant).
Bite and Escape is an alright attack I suppose. P for 20 isn't bad, and the choice of switching Seviper with one of your bench Pokémon can be nice and helpful, but really, it isn't a great attack since other Pokémon do this job better.
Paralyze Poison isn't bad either. PCC for 40 and automatic Poison is nice, and there is also a 50% chance of Paralysis as well, which you may have guessed from the name of the attack. However, what strikes this attack down is the fact that it's way too expensive. Many Pokémon can already do this for less and be more powerful. OK, many don't have the Paralysis part, but that isn't a major thing really. If you want automatic Poison, use Skuntank G (PL) or Crobat (MT) instead since at least they don't have to attack to inflict it. If, for some strange reason you want to inflict Poison using an attack only, try Crobat G (PL) or anything that can Poison your opponents active at all, just not this since everything else that can Poison is a lot better and generally quicker as well.

Combos, and it works well in a Poison deck, I suppose. Very little use anywhere else, though.

Counters, and, well, just about anything really. Machamp (SF) works well because of Take Out, Toxicroak G (PL) and other Psychic types won't like taking too many Paralyze Poisons, but will be likely to OHKO Seviper back, Unown G (GE) is nice for preventing the Special Conditions that Parayze Poison can inflict and when it's attached to any Pokémon that can deal the required 80 damage to Seviper, becomes dangerous for it, especially if it can snipe like Blaziken (GE), thus KO Seviper on the bench after it's used it's Bite and Escape attack. So really, what I'm trying to say is that every main attacker is a counter to Seviper, really.


Modified: This is a horrid card. Paralyze Poison looks alright at first, but you realise we've seen it too many times before and done 1000 times better at that. Bite and Escape is over shadowed by other such attacks from other, better Pokémon, of which I can't be bothered to name them all, and Shed Skin is just useless. Really, don't play this card. 1/5

Limited: Better here, Shed Skin can stall a lot since people will only play a few heavy hitters, thus few Pokémon will do over 40 damage, meaning you can probably stall using Shed Skin until someone gets their heavy hitter set up. Paralyze Poison can be nice here, since Special Conditions are nice here in general. However, even with it's nice 80 HP, getting 3 energies onto him might be slightly tough. Bite and Escape is still useless, since there is generally no good Pokémon for you to switch Seviper for. 3.5/5
Hey! Its littleduckdrew.

Todays card is Seviper from platinum.

Attacks: first for 0 energy is a black and white attack removing 4 damage, its great if you plan to use this card as a tank card but if you do I will kindly show you to the HP of this Pokemon…a whopping 80...maybe as a Wailord but this snake is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to vulnerable to Toxicoak G and Machamp. The second attack is a pretty ok attack for 1 psychic 20 damage and switch choice brings me back to the days of delta Deoxys with pretty much the same attack but for more energy…but for this format…it’s a no no. Its third attack isn’t great, with special conditions on the decline with Unown G’s popularity staying steady, maybe even on a decline, but the point is it just Isn’t there for this card.

Weakness: +20 psychic, getting 1 shotted by Toxicroak G is a terrible thing.

Retreat cost: A solid 1 colorless, no further comment.


Modified: 1/5 As I said earlier, With all the Unown G in competitive decks, this card doesn’t make the cut, not to mention the pixie’s downer material causing all basic Pokemon’s attacks cost 1 more to use…its just not meant to be.

Limited: 4/5 As an uncommon this card (unlike in modified) is incredible, a 1 for 20 and the ability t o heal yourself is simply broken, and with nothing to stop special conditions make this Pokemon’s third attack very, very good.

Nats…new set….the next weeks are great!

PSC Online
TCG League
Hey everyone! Welcome to the last COTD for thsi week. Yeah, we're taking a break for the rest of the week but we'll be back next week with more awesome reviews! Anyway, to wrap up the week we're reviewing Seviper! (PL-61/127) Let's look at it's stats!


(X) Shed Skin - Remove 4 damage counters from Seviper.

(P) Bite and Escape - 20 damage - You may switch Seviper with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.

(P)(C)(C) Paralyze Poison - 40 damage - The Defending Pokemon is now Poisoned. Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed and Poisoned.

Type: Psychic
Stage: Basic
HP: 80HP
Weakness: +20 to psychic
Resistance: None
Retreat: (C)

Ok! Unlike it's counter part, Zangoose, this Pokemon doesn't have any powers or bodies. Not always good but not always bad either. That just means no Power Sprays to worry about. So, with not Bodies/powers we'll just move right along. Let's look a it's attacks. First up is Shed Skin. Probably one of the best free attacks out there. Does the job of two potion cards for no energy. Altho it is a great free attack it is still an attack there for taking up your turn. You'd probably wan tot keep this for any tight pinches you find yourself in.

Next is Bite and Escape. Basically Seviper's version of Zangoose. So I'll review this attack the same way. Last but not least is Paralyze Poison. Base of 40 with a flip for Paralyzing and poisoning. Not bad but still way too costly.

Same HP as Zangoose, 80. Not bad for a basic but don't expect it to last more then 2 turns if you're lucky. Yet again no resistance is never good.

In all I'd say this card matches up to Zanggose. On the face it looks good but in the current format it takes way to long to charge up for an attack.

Modified: 1.5/5
Limited: 1.7/5

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