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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Zangoose Lv. 29


Date Reviewed: 04.21.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 4/21 Zangoose Lv.29 (PL)

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday's COTD, and the second day of our Uncommon week (also know as the bottom of the barrel), with the new Zangoose! Mightyena (reviewed yesterday) was an interesting little Uncommon. Will this one also be interesting? Well, if you've just skipped to the mark and are now reading the review (you know who you are), then you already know my answer. If, however, you have been good and are reading this without know the mark, then you'll find out as I go along talking (or is it typing?) about this card. First off, it's the basics of the card, and to start, it's rather impressive 80 HP. On a non-evolving Basic that isn't a legendary, that's very nice. I can't say it will definitely be able to survive a hit, but even so, it's nice for a basic, and some Stage 1's wouldn't mind it either. +20 Fighting Weakness is annoying since Rampardos (PL) and Machamp (SF) are running about, but they both OHKO Zangoose without Weakness anyway, so I'll let that Weakness slide. Same goes for the lack of Resistance since there are so few cards with Resistance. 1 Retreat is average for a Basic, and thus Switches/Warp Points probably aren't needed.

The abilities are not too bad either. It's Poké-Body, Thick Skin, is one that has been around since Jungle and the times of Snorlax. In the current format, it's quite nice since G decks are kind of dominating at the moment, and they all like Skuntank G (PL) to Poison your active. With Zangoose active, however, it won't be Poisoned. This will also reduce the damage from Toxicroak G (PL). Other than that, there aren't many decks that focus on Special Conditions, so it's nice and can be useful, but probably won't be.
Invite and Strike is not too bad as a back-up attack. C for a Gust of Wind-type effect and 20 damage to the new active is alright really. It can be used to bring some bench sitter active, and force your opponent to then waste Energies/Switches/Warp Points on retreating it. Also spreads damage around, which is nice.
Especially for Chop Up, it's main attack. CCC for 50 is rather expensive, but doing 10 to each bench Pokémon with a damage counter on it is rather nice for spreading. However, many evolutions do this job better, either for less energies (and thus less damage to the active), or the same and for higher damage out put to the active. Even though it's a Basic, it's still slow. 3 energies for a Basic that is likely to be OHKO'ed really isn't good enough for this format. I'd just use a Stage 1 that does the job better if I were even to think about using this card.

Combos, well, it can be used in spread decks. Invite and Strike is nice for spreading damage around, but 6 turns may be needed to damage all of your opponents Pokémon, though it is likely that your Zangoose it KO'ed ages before it even spreads around damage to even a couple of your opponents Pokémon. Chop Up is nice, but like I said before, it's too expensive when other Pokémon do the job better.

Counters, well, anything that can do at least 80 damage is sufficient, especially if it's a quick card so it can out speed Zangoose (and most will). Also, for G decks that want to get around the annoying Poké-Body, there's always Old Faithful (the new name for Dialga G Lv.x (PL)), thus you can then Poison with Poison Structure, and deal 60 with Toxicroak G.


Modified: You can probably guess by now that this isn't the greatest card ever. Chop Up and Invite and Strike look good for spread decks, but many other Pokémon do the job a whole lot better. I'd much prefer Bronzong (MD) or Yanmega (LA) to this card in a spread deck, simply because they are faster. They may be Stage 1's, but no energy attacks are a lot fast that 3 energy attacks. 1/5

Limited: better here. There aren't many good spreaders here to help Chop Up, but Crobat G might be a nice substitute. You will probably have enough time to Invite and Strike a couple of Pokémon before starting to Chop Up, and once you do, you will find it being very helpful here, probably even grabbing a couple of KOs. The only things is you will have to watch out for your opponents big attackers here, since they could mess up your Zangoose. 3.5/5

PSC Online
TCG League
Hello every one! Welcome back to COTD! Yikes! Regionals are already over! T.T Well, at least that means Spring Battle Roads are right around the corner! (And I actually get to compete in some of those!) So, let's get right down to business. Today we'll be reviewing Zangoose! (PL-66/127) Not long now until we'll have an entire new set to review! (FYI!!! RR HAS A LUXRAY LV.X!!! <3 LUX!!! Oops. ^^' Sorry, onto the review...)

Poké-BODY: Thick Skin - Zangoose can't be affected by any Special Conditions.


(C) Invite and Strike - Switch the Defending Pokémon with 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon. This attack does 20 damage to the new Defending Pokémon.

(C)(C)(C) Chop Up - 50 damage - Does 10 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon that has any damage counters on it. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Type: Colorless
Stage: Basic
HP: 80
Weakness: Seviper (JK, ^^, +20 to fighting)
Resistance: None
Retreat: (C)

Ok! Time to review! We'll look at it's Poke'BODY first. In all it's pretty basic but very effective against G-decks. Not being able to put any special conditions on Zangoose is really going to annoy some Galactic players. Which is really good in the current Meta-game. It's also one of the basic abilities so new players wont be sitting there thinking "Wha? Ok, does it or does it not work??? @_@" Which will also come in handy for all the people who enter with there kids. ;D Not much to say other then that.

Next up is it's attacks. Not the best but no the worst. It's first attack, Invite and Strike (catchy, no?), will be perfect for any easy KO's your opponent may be trying to save on their bench until they pull a Potion or Super Scoop Up. It's really going to annoy the heck out of people who tend to only charge up one poke' at a time. Also great for getting those abilities that only work when the Pokemon is active to lock up. Although, considering the base for this attack is only 20 you'll definitely want to stick to using this to either OHKO's or to get those pesky high retreats out of play for a few turns. Not a bad attack either for only one (C).

It's second attack, Chop Up, is the real hitter for Zangoose. With a 50 base and the ability to lay on 10 to any pre-damaged bench Pokemon this will see more use than I&S. Actually, this would be a great follow up to any snipping Pokemon. knock them down to 10HP each and you could OHKO and entire bench of Pokemon! Not that your opponent is going to let you do that without a fight. ^^' But still, it's a plausible theory. The drawback on this attack is it's high energy cost. Luckily you can add on any energy so if you're using this in a Shaytile (Shaymin/Sceptile) deck this could work pretty well. Just use Sceptile's ability to make all (Gs) energy give off two rather then one.

Stat wise this is about par for a Zangoose. 80HP right now seems pretty low, considering the monstrous legendary basics, but it's not bad. Being colorless means it can be worked into any deck with out much trouble as well. As we all know a weakness is NEVER good but you'll be hard pressed to find a card that doesn't have one. You'll have to watch for fighting deck with it. No resistance is always a bummer. I'd like to see a Zangoose with a resistance to poison and a Seviper with a resistance to colorless but I digress. It's retreat is pretty normal as well.

Overall I'd say this card is worth looking at but maybe not actually adding into a deck. It's attacks aren't half bad but they require allot of energy for not doing much. The real plus to this Pokemon is not being able to be hit with the G-decks favorite moves.

Modified: 2.5/5
Limited: 2.5/5

Catch'ya later! And I better not be the only one getting ready for Battle Roads! ;D

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