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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mightyena LV.47


Date Reviewed: 04.20.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 4/20 Mightyena Lv.47 (PL)

Hello, and welcome to the new week of Pokémon COTD's and another week where we review yet more Platinum cards. With today's card being an Uncommon, you can tell that we are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel as to what we can review now, but enough of that, on to todays card, the new Mightyena! First, the basics of the card, and it has a respectable 90 HP. It's about average for a fully evolved Stage 1 at the moment, so isn't too bad. +20 Fighting Weakness is annoying with Machamp (SF) and Rampardos (PL) running around, so you need to watch out for them (especially Machamp, who is being played a lot). -20 Psychic Resistance is very nice, countering Toxicroak G (PL), AMU, any random Gardevoir deck that pops up, Gengar (SF), Dusknoir (SF), and any other random Psychic deck that pop up. However, much it helps really depends on the combo you use, which I'll get onto in a bit. Free Retreat Cost is perfect, obviously, so there isn't much to say about that.

The abilities are where this card starts to shine though. First of all, it's that awesome Poké-Body, Cold Feet. When effected by a Special Condition, you don't need any energies for Mightyena's attacks. OK, you need to inflict a Special Condition where Mightyena can attack first, but still, it's awesome, allowing for the potential of powerful first turn attacks from a Stage 1, all for no energy. OK, so it has obvious counters, and all Special Conditions that you can inflict upon Mightyena have at least the possibility of doing damage to Mightyena, but still, it's nice to have.
As a back up attack, Collude isn't too bad I suppose. DC (or nothing) for 20 is rather horrible, and only getting an extra 20 if you play a Supporter doesn't make it too much better. If you don't have to pay the energy cost thanks to Cold Feet, then you should never use this attack. If, however, you are still powering Mightyena up, then it'll have to do.
Desperate Attack is where this card gets interesting. DDC for 50 is horrible, but if you have less energies attached to Mightyena than the Defending Pokémon, you do 80 instead. That's better, but how many Pokémon use 4 or more energies for their attacks at the moment? Very few. However, you don't need to rely on that for this card due to Cold Feet. If Mightyena is inflicted by a Special Condition, then you are doing 50 for nothing. Even better, if they have even 1 energy attached (which is very likely, you have to admit), then you are doing 80 instead. Frankly, I think that's amazing. You could use Dark (special) energies to increase the damage further, but then you also need your opponent to attach more energies to their active to do the extra damage, and you can't always count on that.

So, combos, and there is one main one that has been dubbed "MightyTank". Imaginative, I know. Anyway, it involves Mightyena, obviously, and Skuntank G (PL). It involves, getting a Stadium in play (preferably Broken-Time Space for a possible first turn Mightyena), then Poisoning Mightyena using Poison Structure, Skuntank G's Poké-Power, then attacking for no energies, preferably from Desperate Attack and almost certainly doing 80 damage for no energies. Now, there is a downside, which is that your Mightyena will now be Poisoned, and thus will keep taking 10 damage away from it's 90 HP inbetween turns. This means that, providing your opponent doesn't attack it first, it will have taken 20 damage after one Desperate Attack, Essentially, you have to deduct 20 HP from Mightyena every turn to figure out how survive it might be. You can mitigate it slightly using Leftovers, but I feel as though it's more likely to be the waste of a slot that actually be a useful card.

Counters next, and there are 2 that I can think of off the top of my head. The first if every Pokémon who has a nasty attack that needs no energies. With no energies attached, Desperate attack will only do 50, and they get to attack you back with some mean and nasty attack. Not nice. Secondly, we have Dialga G Lv.X (PL), who shuts off all non-SP Poké-Bodies, meaning you'll have to attack energies in order to attack. This then means you'll probably never do the nice 80 damage from Desperate Attack whilst Dialga G Lv.X is in play, and that messes up the strategy of the combo entirely.


Modified: It's a great little card this. I mean, who wouldn't love doing 80 damage for no energy? You sap your own HP in doing so, but it's a small price to pay for a simply brilliant combo. I just wish it had a little more HP or access to something that could heal it every turn to stop the Poison damage building up, I wish it had a good other attack, and most of all, I wish Dialga G Lv.X wasn't so popular, otherwise this puppy may have been a force to be reckoned with. However, it is, so this puppy will never quite live up to it's potential. 3/5

Limited: The combo is viable here, but you need a lot of luck in being able to get the cards for it, both in games and from your boosters. If you can, however, you will probably get your prizes before Mightyena even seems as though it might get KOed. If you can't get the combo, don't bother with it. You won't have enough supporters for Collude, and Desperate Attack needs too many energies and does too little damage to be worth it. 3/5
2006 National
Littleduckdrew here! Now that Regionals is over (finally) now what we have to focus on is Nationals and Card of the Day.

Todays card is Mightyena from Platinum.

Poke-Body: The Pokebody on this card is less amazing while playing it then it is at first sight. Sure your attacks cost no energy, but if your poisoned you get damaged, and burn is incredibly hard to get on your Pokemon, and with Dialga G levelX shutting off your Poke-Bodies… it’s a Honchkrow conundrum, it’s amazing in your head….but its not really going to win competitively.

Attacks: the first attack is unneeded with the Poke-Body making the first attack so much worse then 80 for 0 energy…but lets face it, a 70 for 1 with Toxicroak G is better and faster then an evolved Pokemon that goes with nothing (that I see viable that is).

Weakness: fighting+20. Horrible. In this format with Machamp going crazy and praying on weak Pokemon, This one is no exception. With poison + Take out comes to a grand total of 80 damage for 1 energy and then next turn poison K.O’s you.

Resistance: I give it to you….you’ll survive 2 turns against a Toxicroak G.

Retreat cost: an amazing 0 energy retreat cost is never bad, but your not going to use it much.


Modified: 2\5...I feel generous, but in real life tournaments this card will never be good.

Limited: 2/5 your not going to be effected by a special condition that much, and a 3 for 50...you can do better.

Prereleases are soon! Then Nats ^^ see you there

PSC Online
TCG League
Hey eveyone! Eevee here once again for COTD! Yikes... Two weeks straight and then I miss all of last week. Oh well. ^^ I was really busy but at least I got a couple of deck fixes done! ^^ Anyway, today we'll be reviewing Mightyena (PL-54/127) so let's get started!

Poké-BODY: Cold Feet - If Mightyena is affected by a Special Condition, ignore all Energy necessary to use Mightyena's attacks.

(D)(C) Collude - 20+ damage - If you played any Supporter card from your hand during this turn, this attack does 20 damage plus 20 more damage.

(D)(D)(C) - Desperate Attack - 50+ Damage - If Mightyena has less Energy attached to it than the Defending Pokémon, this attack does 50 damage plus 30 more damage.

Type: Dark
HP: 90
Stage: 1
Weakness: +20 to fighting
Resistance: -20 to psychic
Retreat: None

Ok! Let's look at the Body first. Which is one of the things that really makes this card stand out. It's called Cold Feet and can let Mightyena use all of it's attacks for FREE (=O) if it's effected by a special condition. Considering that applying special conditions is how most of the Galactic Pokemon work we're more then likely going to see this card put to major use. And I wouldn't blame them! It has the possibility to do 80 damage for free! Yikes. It would definitely make an opponent think twice about putting a condition on this guy!

Well, now that we've seen what it's BODY can do let's look at the attacks that works with it. It's first attack is Collude. 20 damage per turn but add another 20 if you played a supporter. This is pretty good considering 8/10 turns you do play a supporter. Especially with deck that rely on supporters. Normally this attack is a bit pricey for the damage but if you can get Mightyena' BODY in play then you're good to go! ;D

It's second attack, Desperate Attack, is the real hitter here. With a base of 50 and the chance to add 30 it's could OHKO quite a few basics and at the very least make the next attack an extremely easy KO. Considering in needs 3 energy to use you'll probably need to get it's BODY in play to get the extra damage. Although, you may not. It all depends if your opponent plays a lower or higher energy deck.

Overall I'd say this is an awesome card to compete against the G-decks! It could make easy work of most of the G-Pokemon; Especially if you've got a couple of Plus Power hidden in your deck! You may have to watch out for it's fighting weakness tho. I've heard that some of the fossil decks have been used. It's resistance and retreat are both awesome as well! A lower HP may cause some problems so this is definitely an early game card. But, with all of that aside I think you should look into adding this card to your dark decks! ^^

Modified: 4/5
Limited: 3.5/5

Catch'ya Later! ;D ~Eevee

Mew2 Master
Hey there one and all mew2 master here and today its mightyena lv 47. Okay well I’m not super happy with this card. Especially its attacks. Its Collude is a little weak unless you play a supporter that round. Then it’s a pretty good attack. We also have despite attack. Ok 3 energies for a 50 damage attack not cool. Unless you have less energies attached to it then it dose 80 damage. However an up on the card is its Poke-body if you have a special condition ignore all energy stuff. That is awesome in my book now (unless its asleep or paralyzed.) Its strengths and weakness seem to be okay not the best though. Now having no retreat is great. Pretty cool but still not happy enough.

Limited- 4

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