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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Golduck Lv.47


Date Reviewed: 04.17.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 4/17 Golduck Lv.47 (PL)

Hello, and welcome to the end of the week, which ends with the new Golduck. Our eagle eyed readers will notice a connection between this weeks cards, which I myself have only just realized when typing this. If you notice what it is, please, feel free to keep it to yourself. Anyway, onto the card, and the basics of it. We start off with it's 90 HP, which average for a fully evolved Stage 1 I suppose, so it should survive a hit or two, but don't count on it. +20 Lightning Weakness is expected and, like I said for Empoleon (PL) earlier in the week, not exactly bad since the main Lightning deck out there at the moment is AmphyTric, and even than that isn't widely played. No Resistance is to be expected, so we can gloss over that. The free Retreat Cost, however, is very nice, and is perfect, really.

The abilities are slightly interesting I suppose. Swim is quite nice really, no cost for 30 is pretty good. Not main attack of the card material, but still quite nice. However, the effect does make it more interesting. If they have any Water energies attached to any of their Pokémon, then you can do the damage to any of your opponents bench Pokémon instead. A bit situational, but could be quite a nice little, if slightly too weak, sniper. Mind you, there are a few Water energy-playing decks out there, with Palkia G (PL), BlastCatty, Regigigas Lv.X (SF) and every deck that runs Rainbow or Multi energy. Admittedly, that's a fair bit of the metagame right there, so you should be able to do the sniping part a lot, which might be handy.

Water Slide, though, is probably the main attack of this card, as much as I hate to say it. WC for 40 is not good when you see it does 30 for nothing. Moving all the energies attached to Golduck to one of your benched Pokémon to do an extra 20 doesn't make it much better, since you can't even move the energies in anyway you want. 60 for all of that cost is rubbish. Maybe Swim is the main attack then, since Water Slide is rubbish.

Combos, well, first of all, it could go in any sniping/spreading deck, but the sniping this card can do situational and, when compared to others, rather pitiful really. Water Slide does have a combo, some how, which is with Swampert (GE). It's Wash Out Poké-Power means you can get those energies you sent to the bench to your active Pokémon, meaning you can do 60 damage per turn without fear of losing your energies against Remove Lost or something. Yay, you can do 60 per turn with a stupid combo. Seriously, 60 per turn is not enough to 2HKO most Stage 2 main attackers or even something like Dialga G Lv.X (PL) with a single Special Metal attached. this 60 per turn combo is absolutely pointless.

Counters, well, if you have a Pokémon with more than 130 HP (or an ability that reduces damage or whatever) and an attack that does at least 50 damage, then you are well on your way to countering the much feared (OK, not feared at all) Golduck, since you can 2HKO it, while it will only 3HKO you back (unless Buck's Training/Plus Power intervenes). Also, players that realise how bad this card is are Golduck's worst nightmare.


Modified: Swim is nice, but a little on the weak side, though the price is right. Water Slide is just dreadful, however, and the combos it has are even outclassed by others doing it's job better (better snipers/spreaders around), or just something I thought .of right then that will never win any tournament ever because it's so pitiful. My advice? Stay away for this card. 1/5

Limited: Better here, I suppose. Swim will probably keep doing 30 to your opponents active, but there will be a few players that use Water energies, allowing you to snipe a little as well. Water Slide, incredibly considering how bad it is anyway, gets worse here, since you have no way of keeping a constant stream of 60's up here, though constant 40's, if you can't snipe/have nothing worthwhile to snipe, will do since 80 damage should 2HKO most of you'll commonly encounter here, and a desperate 60 allows you to 2HKO all those 100 HP monsters, which is nice. 3.5/5

Mew2 Master
Hey here Mew2 master is back with Golduck lv47. This is a really good card both modified and limited. With swim you don’t even need energy and it dose 30 damage. If that’s not enough, with swim if you have a water energy attached to it, you can attack one of your opponents benched pokemon. This helps you in limited because the platinum Psyduck needs it to do 30 damage. Its other attack is water slide witch dose 40 damage+ However to get 60 damage you need to move all your energy’s to your one of your benched pokemon. I would only do this if it was for a knock out or Golduck close to his knock out. You better watch out with Electric Pokemon However with no retreat cost it can come in handy, especially with its water slide. 90 hp doesn’t suck that much, and nether does its resistance (if it had one) if you just look at the rest of the card. I love this card. It’s almost a must have. If you got it, don’t trade it . I would use this card in a water specialty deck if I had one.


Rich (William hung Plays or played Pokemon?)

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