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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Giratina Lv. 59


Date Reviewed: 04.16.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.15
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 Giratina Lv.59 (PL)

Good day everyone who is reading this, and welcome to Thursday's COTD, which features one of the new Giratina's from PL today, and introduces a new mechanic to the game. Before I get to that, you all know what's coming next, yep, it's the basics of the card, and I'll start off, obviously, with the HP. 100 on a non-evolving basic, even a legendary, is quite nice, so should be able to survive a hit or two. x2 Dark Weakness isn't bad I suppose, but not great either since there are a few Dark G Pokémon, Tyranitar (SF) (if anyone is still playing it) and, also, Weavile (SW), who will happily create any Pokémon a Dark Type, meaning potentially any Pokémon could hit this Pokémons x2 Weakness. Unlikely, but you never know. -20 Colourless Resistance isn't helpful either, since very few main attackers are Colourless at the moment. 3 Retreat Cost is a bit on the high side (well, when I say a bit...), but Switch, Warp Point and Moonlight Stadium can all get round this, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Abilities now, and this is obviously where the new mechanic comes in, but I'm still not going to talk about it just yet. Instead, I'm going to talk about it's first attack, Strafe. PC for 20 isn't a great start, but I suppose the switching effect it does might help, putting something more useful active in place of Giratina. Might be useful, but I wouldn't exactly call it good.
Broken-space Blow is where the new mechanic is, obviously, PCC for 50 is an alright start I suppose, but not that great. However, it's the effect that makes the attack either slightly useful. When (or maybe if) this attack KOs one of your opponents Pokémon, you put that card into the Lost Zone instead. Yep, that's the new mechanic I'm on about. The Lost Zone, where you can't get anything back from (yet). OK, you've heard about it all before probably, so I won't bore you with the details any more. Broken-space Blow is alright, but other attacks make better use of the Lost Zone, and have better attacks/Poké-Powers to put cards in there, which makes Broken-space Blow virtually useless.

Combos, and maybe should only be used the folder. Failing that, with Giratina Lv.X (PL) is acceptable, though other Giratinas, mainly the Let Loose one, does this job better. Many Pokémon have a better form of Strafe, and Broken-space Blow is generally going to only get 3HKO's, making it useless in today's format.

Counters, and obviously, it's anyone who pays attention to the card and realises how useless it is.


Modified: Strafe is out-classed by other Pokémon, Broken-space Blow isn't powerful enough to really take advantage of the Lost Zone effect, and other Giratina's do this one's job (to be levelled up) better. Mind you, this is better than the Dragonbreath one, by mainly by default since this one doesn't have Dragonbreath. Seriously, avoid this card in favour of the holographic Giratina's. 1/5

Limited: It's a bit better here I suppose. Strafe still isn't useful, since there aren't a lot of tanks you could put active with the effect, and 20 damage still isn't a lot. Broken-space Blow is useful, however, since it's more likely to be a 2HKO, meaning you will be able to put more Pokémon into the Lost Zone, with no hope of revival (and with Pokémon Rescue, there are ways of getting them back from the Discard Pile). 100 HP is quite nice as well, since he should be able to survive quite a few hits. Just a shame it takes 3 energies really, but at least you only need one Psychic energy for the attack. 3.25/5
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Today's Card of the Day is one of the four Giratina from Platinum, the unHolo Another Forme to be exact.

For the basics, Giratina has 100 HP meaning it can last a bit, the x2 weakness to Dark hurts since Weavile G and Tyranitar will probabaly take him out in one hit. Personally though, it's refreshing to see a Psychic Pokemon who isn't killed by its own type. The -20 resistance to normal is pretty meh, and the three retreat cost is just apalling. Can't this thing fly? Luckily, it's first attack makes up for that.

Speaking of which, Giratina's first attack is Strafe, which lets you do 20 damage and switch out Giratina, all for one Psychic and one Colorless energy. This definately beats the retreat cost, but I personally would just use Moonlight Stadium, so you can still attack.

Giratina's second attack is Broken-space Blow, which does 50 damage for a whopping Psychic and two Colorless energies, but it also lets you send any Pokemon KOed to the Lost Zone. The cost is high, and the damage is low, but you can solve both by usinhg SW Weavile to speed up the attack and add two special Dark energies to Giratina for an extra 20 damage. Throw in some pluspowers, and Buck's Training, and you can easily do 80 damage a turn.

Modifed 2.5/5
A fun card, but too slow to stand up to the Galactic behemoth.
Limited 4/5
With the limited recovery cards, losing something to the lost zone can be crippling in limited. If the attacker had a large amount of energies on it, chances are you may have one the game.

Pokmeman Giratina Lv 59

This is one of four Giratina found in Platinum, and it is not a very good one. It has poor attacks, though the additional effect on the second attack is interesting, it is highly unlikely that it will actually come up during a game due to the fact that it requires 3 energy for 50 damage in a format ruled by single energy attacks (Machamp, Gengar, Dialga G with Energy gain). It isn't good enough. The other Giratina's overshadow it as well, because of either lower costing attacks or a sick poke-power.
2/5 Modified

Though interesting, it's attacks are still costly. It could disrupt with it's first attack though.
3/5 Limited

Mew2 Master
Hey there I am Mew2 master today is Giratina lv59.

First of all the cards attacks are not very good. You got strafe that only dose 20 damage. However this may come in handy because you can remove switch it out with one of your Pokemon on your bench. Especially when the retreat cost is three. His other attack is broken space bond. Once again the damage is not the greatest, however if it is knocked out you can send your opponents pokemon to the amazing (but terrifying) Lost zone. It hp base seems to be nice. 100 hp is really good. In other words this card is not completely useless. Unless your opponent has a dark specialty deck this card should be okay. It resentence is normal witch is a plus like the hp. So I won’t put this card in my deck but I won’t stop you if you want to put this card in your deck.

Modified- 2
Limited – 2.5

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