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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Empoleon Lv. 47


Date Reviewed: 04.15.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.50
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 Empoleon Lv.47 (PL)

Hello, and welcome to Wednesday, also known as Empoleon day today due to the card we are reviewing which is, er, Empoleon. You should've guessed that anyway, but that isn't the point, the point is, we are reviewing the new Empoleon. Anyway, I'll move swiftly onto the basics of the card and start off with the HP, of which 130 of them is about average for a Stage 2 at the moment, so should survive a hit or two. +30 Lightning Weakness is expected for a Water Pokémon, and also not that bad, since apart from AmphyTric and, er, AmphyTric, since there actually aren't that many Lightning Pokémon in the metagame at the moment, shouldn't bother you too much. The lack of Resistance is again, expected, but not troublesome at all since few cards have Resistance. 2 Retreat Cost is again, average, so not bad, but not great either.

So far, and average card then, and the attacks don't get much better than average either really. Knock Off is like every other Knock Off attack, WC for 40 is average damage, and you randomly discard one card from your opponents hand. Might be useful, I suppose, but more often than not, will be slightly pointless since you might not get that important card your opponent is holding.
Jet Smash is alright as well, doing 70 to any of your opponent Pokémon for WCC, but then you can't use it again next turn. Again, it sounds kind of nice, but you won't get many important OHKOs using this, with Uxie (LA) and the other LA Pixies being the main ones. I suppose un-evolved Basics and Stage 1's might also be OHKO-able by Jet Smash as well, but you'd need to get Empoleon (with 3 energies attached) set up quickly enough to make the nice idea a reality, so it will probably remain a nice idea really.

Combos are actually fairly plentiful for this otherwise average card. If you want to concentrate of the otherwise average and random Knock Off, you could use other hand disruptors. Of these, Empoleon Lv.X (DP) is probably the easiest to use due to being in the same line. The reason is for Supreme Command, which takes 2 cards (randomly) from your opponents hand and stops your opponent for using them for one turn. This resource removal can be quite devastating, especially if you have 2 Empoleon Lv.X's out. Knock Off can then be used to take out whatever may remain of your opponents hand. Other possible cards you could use here include Absol (SW), whose disruption was used from when it was released until GE was released, and quite successfully as well, Team Galactic's Mars and Wager, both of which may reduce your opponents hand, and Looker's Investigation, which with Knock Off and 2 Supreme Commands, will reduce your opponents hand to zero. Unfortunately for this idea, Uxie (LA) and Claydol (GE) exist, so your opponent can easily increase their hand size again. You can use Mesprit (LA) to hopefully lock your opponents powers, but you will need to time it perfectly to get it right.
If you want to snipe with Jet Smash, then I would recommend using the MD Empoleon instead of this one. If you insist on using this one, then Crobat G (PL) would be nice, since it will then be able to take out Claydol (GE) in one turn. Other snipers and spreaders can be used as well, but I won't go into detail saying what all of the possible spreaders/snipers there are, since there are too many to list.

Counters are many and varied. First of all, we have ways of mitigating the effect of Knock Off, which is to use a hand refresher of some point, which is basically every card that draws other cards ever created. Again, too many to list, so I won't waste your time with listing them all. To combat Jet Smash, first of all, try not to make your main bench sitters ones with only 70 HP, or maybe use Manectric (PL) if your really scared of Jet Smash (for some strange reason), which stops all bench damage not done to Manectric. Best of all, it will take 2 Jet Smashes to KO Manectric, so unless they run Crobat G, it will be 5 turns before they start Jet Smashing your other benched Pokémon, which is just too long to be of any use really.


Modified: In case you've missed it, this isn't a good card. It's got average attack and stats, which lead to nice sounding combos that are easily countered. I don't consider this card a threat to the metagame as we know it, and neither should you. 1/5

Limited: A little better here I suppose, but it's a Stage 2, which is hard to get out. Knock Off might be useful a lot more often than normal here, due to all energy being vital, so getting rid of an will be nice, and Jet Smash will KO most of what you find powering up on your opponents bench. Still, being a Stage 2 goes against here, like I already said. 2.5/5

Hello readers of Pojo.com! Forgive my lack of reviews for yesterday - I had to study for this week's tests. I might not be able to review every card this week due to said tests, so bare with me. :P

However, today's card is one I couldn't miss. It's deck is my favorite DP-on archetype; an uncommon one, sadly, but powerful, and fun to use. Without further ado, here's today card - Empoleon from Platinum!!

Like all other Empoleons, this one has 130 HP, +30 Electric Weakness and a 2 Retreat Cost. No news here; its pretty average and there's not much to say. If the Retreat REALLY bugs you, use MT Mantine's Poke-Body.
Its attacks, however, are different from its other forms, and they complement Empoleon MD - by far the best Empoleon - perfectly.
Knock Off does 40 damage for 2 energies, and discards a card from your opponent's hand. This has some nice combos, like using Looker's Investigation to see if there's anything worth discarding (in case you want to shuffle your own hand) or Empoleon Lv X's Supreme Command Poké-Power, effectively removing 3 cards from their hand. Yes, they can just Cosmic Power their hand back to 6, but (a) you Discarded a card (which IS different from shuffling back into their deck)...
...and (b) if Claydol has at least 1 damage counter on it, you can Jet Smash it do death, preventing your opponent from recovering. Yes, Empoleon Lv X has Hydro Impact, which OHKO's Claydol regardless of any damage it has taken, but unlike Hydro Impact, Jet Smash doesn't stop you from attacking next turn - you just can't use Jet Smash again. Getting that 10 damage on Claydol is no hard task - Platinum Piplup can do that for a single Water Energy on turn 1 (and if you use DP Prinplup's Brine, you can potentially KO a Baltoy on turn 2. How cool is that?).
This Empoleon sports some high Sniping Power, which combo'es nicely with the spread done by MD Empoleon. Much better than the SF and DP versions, and adds some versality and some much needed sniping the deck needed.


Modified: 4/5 Knock Off might help, but Jet Smash is the reason to use this guy. 70 damage on any Pokémon is no joke, and being unable to use it again next turn can be easily ignored by using Warp Points.
In an Empoleon deck, easy 5/5.

Limited: 2/5 You probably wont be able to pull it out here, but if you do, its gonna do some severe damage. Both of its attacks require only one colored energy, and both are useful on Limited, where Discarding is powerful and Sniping (for 70) is broken.

See ya, and remember, Empoleon FTW!
Pokememan Empoleon Lv 47
This is one of four currently available Empoleon cards, and the third that is water.
It is a much more complimentary card than a card one would build a deck around, as it can support the good Empoleon (Dual Splash) but will never take the place of it.
This card, while being good, falls short of usable as Empoleon LvX does nearly the same thing, but it has more HP and a great power to boot.
2.5 Modified

This is a stage two in Limited, and nothing special, good luck obtaining a full line.

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