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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn


Date Reviewed: 04.10.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.10
Limited: 4.20

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 4/10 Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn (PL)

And that's the last time I'm writing that all out again. Yes, to finish off our trainer week, we have one of the new Galactic Inventions, Poké Turn! It's a simple little card really, since it's essentially a Super Scoop Up you don't have to flip for SP's only. Sounds as though it has a small number of a Pokémon to effect, and it does, actually. Out of all of the SP's available at the moment, there are only maybe 2 I'd consider using this card specifically for. They are Crobat G (SP), simply for the re-use of Flash Bite, and Bronzong G (PL), to get rid of the damage accumulated via it's Poké-Power. Other SP Pokémon can use the card as well, with the next effective ones being those that, after Energy Gain is factored in, use 1 energy or less for their attacks, since if they are damaged, you can get it back and ready to be an attacker at full health again. This can be nice for frustrating your opponent, and could also free bench space for something else entirely, so is actually quite a flexible little effect. Actually, the prize denial this card could do is quite something, especially if you manage to re-use that same Dialga G Lv.X (PL) 4 times or whatever. The other main plus point is the fact that it's easily searchable thanks to Cyrus's Conspiracy and Honchkrow G (PL), which is all nice, really. There is a lot else to be said about this card.


Modified: There may only be one SP Pokémon with a coming-into-play Poké-Power at the moment, but many decks might Crobat G, making Poké Turn a good option for those decks. Of course, it's at it's best in SP decks, being used for prize denial or the re-use of Crobat G's, it's not a bad little card. While the prize denial is nice, it would be better if we had some SP that could do a lot of tanking, to really make it useful (like SSU kind of is for 200 HP Torterra Lv.X's (DP), forcing your opponent to start all over again in trying to KO it), but it still can be fun. 4/5

Limited: You will get a lot of SP's here, and thus Poké Turn can save the most precious ones from being KOed. Again, we have no real SP tank here, so it's still less useful than it could be, but that is still a little too harsh on this great little card. 4/5

OK, you talk about a MUST play for G decks! This is IT!

Take the SP card and all cards attached to it back into your hand!

Not many of us left remember Scoop up. No flip, get the Pokemon back into your hand.

A lot of us remember Super Scoop Up…much different card, in that it was a flip.

Now, the SP cards, especially those with coming into play powers have become much more powerful (Crobat G), and if you can’t knock out the big Dialga or Palkia in a hit, then they will keep coming, and coming, and coming….

You also get to save the tools on the cards as well…you don’t lose those valuable energy gains.



Limited 5/5



PSC Online
TCG League
Hey guys! Wow! I actually made it two entire weeks without missing a COTD! ^^ It must mean the end of the world is coming. XD Anyway, today we'll be wrapping up trainer week here at COTD with Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn. (Yikes... what a mouth full!) Let's see how this TGI stacks up.

Effect: Return 1 of your Pokémon SP and all cards attached to it to your hand.

Type: Trainer
Rarity: Uncommon
Best deck played in: Galactic / upcoming SP's

OK, in my opinion this is a great TGI that will drive your opponent crazy! Just when they think they've beaten that pesky SP Pokemon, BOOM! It's back in your hand and out of harms way! Best part, no flips. ^^ This card is going to be in a lot of decks over the upcoming months with the release of the new trainer Pokemon like Gallade Lv.X from Rising Rivals. This is also one TGI that can be used in a deck other then Galactic.

In all, I'd say a perfect Pokemon for keeping your lines safe. But it won't come into much use until more of the SP Pokemon are released in the USA. You'll still see a few tho. It's a lot like Super Scoop UP but without the flip.

Modified: 3.5/5
Limited: 2.5/5 (Can only be used with SP Pokemon.)
Pokmeman Team Galactic's Invention G- 105 Poke Turn

This is Crobat G's best friend, used to allow for more damage to be placed, and heal off possible spread damage that was accumulated.
When Briney's Compassion was rotated from modified, all we had left to rely on was Super Scoop Up, and as good as that card is, it is unreliable.
Enter Poke Turn. For G pokemon, this is a great weapon to have in their arsenal along with Power Spray and Energy Gain.
It heals and allows for unheard of control in terms of removal of active pokemon. It can also save an energy gain from going to the discard.
Of course, because it only works with G pokemon, it should rarely be used outside of G decks.
4.5/5 Modified

Limited in this set is made up primarily of G basics, so I'd advise the use of this card, it helps with the same things in Limited as in Modified, only here with 4 prizes, preventing one may win you more games.
4.5/5 Limited.

Hello boys and girls! Vini here once again. Closing this Trainer week, we have Team Galactic's Invention Poké-Turn. Enjoy!

"Return 1 of your Pokémon SP and all cards attached to it to your hand." is what the card says. Can you see why this is so powerful?

Any ideas?

Yes, because it states Pokémon SP, and not Team Galactic's Pokémon. This isn't a huge difference now, but when Rising Rivals comes out, this will be everywhere. It's an improved Super Scoop Up, allowing you to re-use powers like Crobat G's or fully recover one of your Pokémon, be it a Lv X or not.

There isn't much more I can say, other than get 4 of these ASAP.

4/5 until Platinum
5/5 when Rising Rivals comes out
Limited: Limited: 5/5 Simply put: if you pull this, you'll use this. There is quite a number of SP Pokémon that are usable on Draft, and this only makes them better."

See you guys next week, and remember, keep your english Poké-Turns. :P

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