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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rayquaza Lv. 56

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.09.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.40
Limited: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Chicago, IL

Rayquaza Lv.56


Rayquaza just wants to say hi and Hyper Beam ya! (Yeah, I'm kinda running out of opening liners.)


Lets check out this card's stats. 100 Hp is great to have on a non-evolving Pokemon. A double weakness to colorless is not necessarily bad but is still pretty bad that it is double anyways.

Resistance to fighting is always nice to have. A retreat cost of 3 is usually hefty but it is less of a problem with it's Poke-Power.


It's Poke-Power, Speed Gain, is way to flippy but can be very effective. It is great to set up without even having to focus on it.


Sky Judgment.... It just sounds broken. For 4 energies (2 fire and 2 electric), it does 150 damage by discarding all energies on Rayquaza.

It is almost as ridiculous as Meprit Lv. X's Supreme Blast attack.

What makes this attack even better is that it is less energy consuming than you would expect. With Speed Gain, you primarily need the bare minimum of energies to use this attack in the discard pile.


This card could combo well with Magnezone Lv.x since Rayquaza will grab electrics while Magnezone is moving them around. This card on its own could of made a decent deck but the last sentence on the Poke Power kills the dreams of that. As long as you control more than 1 Rayquaza in play, you cannot use Speed Gain. Rayquaza will see little play unless used in Rogue decks if anything.


Modified: 2.5/5. It has built-in synergy which is great but you have to rely on coin flips which is never the best option. Plus this card can only withstand two to three hits mid game.


Limited: 3.5/5. This card can be teched into any deck in this format but it takes up 5 spots at minimum. Can always get you that easy prize and KO you opponent's main attacker.

 San Bernardino,

TOUCH THE SKY!!! IM, IM SKY HIGH!!! IM, IM SKY HIGH!!!! SKY HIGH!!! (check Rayquaza's type if you're in a WTF mood right now). Yes, Rayquaza, a 23 foot long legend who's also a boss in SSBB. A sight to behold for sure. Personally, I'm just happy I don't have to review another LV. X (yay two abilities!). To the card!


Basic: Rayquaza is a big basic pokemon. It's legendary and huge, and like many of it's fellow gargantuan rarities, it is a bad starting basic. Seriously, starting a Rayquaza sucks. Even if you get the attack powered up, blowing away a Phione or Chatot is such a waste. I mean for the damage, you could OHKO TWO OF THEM! So to prevent this, I'd recommend ONLY playing 1-2 of these.


Speed Gain: This card's saving grace. If it didn't have this and had some, like, Time Bellow attack, this card would be nothing more than an afterthought. Speed Gain can, inconsistently, power up Rayquaza for the time when you'll need that one, big, KO. Not being able to grab Multis hurts, but still a strong power. It's about a free energy every other turn.


Sky Judgement: The one trick of this pony, Sky Judgement blows away anything that doesn't end in Lord or Erior. It does require two energy types, like the Lats, but fire and electric can form some interesting combinations...


Weakness: This legend is so afraid of Blissey, it's sad. A Blissey two attacks in will OHKO this thing, so Judgement or Warp fast. Random colorless pokes you see (Porygon 2/Z, Garchomp, hell even Togetic/Togekiss) will take advantage of this. Don't bench when there is a chance of it getting warped out.


Resistance: Won't REALLY matter


Retreat Cost: YOU. DON'T. WANT. TO. START. WITH. IT. no amount of Felicity will make it okay. Warps will help it once it gets the right energy amount though.


Combos:Obviously, needs a deck that can support it's two colors. Maybe a Magmortar/Luxray build? Not many things to combo with for him. Just any build with Fire and Electric, and who could use a big hitter late game....still a one-trick pony...



Modified:2.5/5 It's just too situational to warrant anything higher


Limited: 3.5 If you can draft a good Electric/Fire Deck, this card can become a silver bullet who will probably die after it's use. Such is the life of a bullet..


FREE DIGIMON CARDS IF YOU LEAVE A COOL PIECE OF NEATLY CUT FEEDBACK AT Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com while supplies last, current supplies are nonexistent, see your mom for details. No purchase necessary but giving me money is


Hey this is Ghost Pokémon master here with the Card of the day today's card is rayquaza a Pokémon all of us know. Let's see rayquaza's poke-power speed gain lets you search your discard pile for a fire or a lightning energy and attach it to rayquaza. This is a good effect now let's move on to its attack sky judgment for a whopping 150 damage but you have to discard all energy attached to rayquaza. This card seem good at first glance and some people think that if they use cards that allow them to discard energy and then get them back with rayquaza's effect that it would possibly work well but there are fatal flaws in useing rayquaza in a deck. One is that it has a retreat cost of three, the second is that it ONLY has 100HP, and the third is that it is double weak to normal Pokémon such as garchomp not to mention that its attack costs four energy two fire and two lightning. In all this card will probably not see much play at all considering that is so hard to use in the current format.

Modified: 2/5 

Limited:  1.5/5

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