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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gliscor Lv. X

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.08.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Chicago, IL

Monday Monday Monday..... I apologize to the readers of Friday's COTD.

I wanted to emphasize how Mesprit worked in other decks and I did not explain how well it does in its own deck.


Gliscor Lv.X


A flying Scorpion....with Crab like claws...... seriously?..... I gotta lay off the paint fumes.


Let's check out this card's stats. 110 HP is decent for a Stage 1 Lv.

X if you consider other playable Stage 1 Lv. X's like Leafeon, Glaceon and Cresselia. It has a double weakness to Water but it does not affect this card too much since most of the time you are going to be bouncing this card back to your hand the turn you have brought it out (I will explain later on what I mean if you do not know.) Resistance is always nice and it gets somewhat annoying when facing another deck that uses Gliscor too. The free retreat cost makes the card even greater.


The power is simple and extraordinary. Once, the X comes into play, Paralyze and Poison the defending pokemon. It is ridiculous since you can simply retreat Gliscor after you Level upped it assuming you have not retreated already. This gives you almost a free turn and 2 damage counters unless they have a Warp Point or Super Scoop Up which is a pain in the butt. There are a lot of ways on how this card's power can be exploited for the greater good in many ways. I've seen a lot of great deck ideas at my locals that locks them down even more.


The attack is nice to have for cheap damage. 60 damage for a fighting and anything else can not be bad. It's effect is alright too if Gliscor is ever in KO range (which it should not.)


The best way to use this card is to use the Foil Rare Gliscor which has an attack for free that either burns or poisons the defending pokemon then you have the choice to bounce Gliscor back to your hand.

If done right, you can reuse Gliscor Lv. X every other 2 turns or every other turn if you control another Gligar. I really like this card since how versatile this card can get. This card will see a lot of play in the future. The only problems I can spot right away is that it takes quite a while to set it up and if Gliscor and/ or Gliscor Lv.

X gets shuffled back into the deck via Team Galatic's Wager.


Modified: 3.75/ 5. It is a very good card but it takes a while to set up correctly and effectively.


Limited: 4.5/ 5. Most likely you will get a Gliscor (either one is good here) and a Gligar (same almost, the free attack one is better) in this format and having this one is just the chocolate icing on top.

Jigglypuff13 9/8 Gliscor Lv.X (LA)

Hello, and we start this new week with a great new Lv.X, Gliscor Lv.X! First, it's HP, and 110 on a Stage 1 Lv.X isn't too bad, but I do wish it had even a little more HP, because at the moment, it's quite frail. The x2 Weakness to Water doesn't help either, allowing just about every Water Pokémon that will be played to have even a small chance of getting a OHKO, and chances are, Water will be played a lot this format. -20 Resistance to Fighting is alright. It will help it against Gallade (SW), Rhyperior Lv.X (LA) and even other Gliscor/Lv.X's, which would be quite nice. However, the best part of the bottom stats is that Retreat Cost. Nothing. You can't get better than that, and you don't see it that often, so it is a nice treat.
Now, Shoot Poison, and this is where the card starts to become really good. Just for leveling up Gliscor, you then Poison and Paralyze your opponent's active. That is such a brilliant and devastating effect from a Poké-Power that it can change games. However, as great as it is, it can only be used once, but there are ways of using Shoot Poison more than once (maybe even an infinite amount of times so long as your Gliscor's aren't KOed in the process). First of all, there's Super Scoop Up, and obvious, if unreliable way of getting your Gliscor Lv.X back to your hand, but if it works, then it could be devastating. The other way is to have the right choice of Gliscor, the holo one from LA. That can, for no energies, use Burning Poison, which can either Poison or Burn the defending the Pokémon (your choice) and then send Gliscor back into your hand. Obviously, what you should do here is to Burn the Defending Pokémon, and then send Gliscor (including Gliscor Lv.X) back to your hand, put up another Gliscor, and repeat the process from then on. Get it right, and your opponent shouldn't really be able to do anything. Oh, I almost forgot about Gliscor Lv.X's attack, Night Slash, which does 60 and allows for a switch. Even if it is only for FC, it's still a bit average, but can be the focus of a deck if you use it right.
Combos, and first off, you have to have that Burning Poison/Shoot Poison combo thanks to Gliscor holo. This also allows for something else that I didn't say about, which is the use of Pester for FC, do to 80 damage after a Shoot Poison. However, what else do you use with it? You could use another Stage 1 as a supporter to Gliscor, such as Lucario (LA or DP) but while it could weaken your opponent's Pokémon for a Pester KO, you may want to concentrate on the Shoot Poison combo instead. In fact, there are 2 combos I've seen that I really like, but the most played one will probably Scorpio. This is all about Gliscor Lv.X's Night Slash, and switching Gliscor Lv.X for any number of techs to disrupt or annoy your opponent, with the main tech being Mr. Mime (MT) due to stopping anything with less than 3 Energies attached from attacking. While that is the main tech, there are plenty of others that can do the work, such as Shuckle (SW). The other combo that probably won't be seen as much is with Jumpluff (SW), which is mainly about leveling up your active Gliscor (holo), using Burning Poison, bringing it back to your hand, or using Night Slash to send it back to the bench, where Jumpluff is then used to stall whatever your opponent decides to do for their attack (though it's shouldn't matter too much after a Shoot Poison), and then allow the combo to do the same every turn.
Survivability, and it's alright I suppose. Kingdra gets a OHKO from a fully powered Dragon Pump or a 6 energy powered Aqua Stream. AMU can only really use Supreme Blast from Mesprit Lv.X (LA) to get a OHKO, though other attacks such as Deep Balance or Zen Blade (Azelf Lv.X and Uxie Lv.X (both LA) respectively) should get a 2HKO. Luxray (LA) will just come up and use a Rivalry powered Shock Bolt to get a OHKO on anything you may want to put in your Gliscor deck thanks to Gliscor Lv.X being a Lv.X. Eeveelutions will love the idea of having Glaceon Lv.X (MD) active to stop Shoot Poison, and then OHKO Gliscor Lv.X and possibly spread damage as well. Other Eeveelutions don't have a bad time either, with Leafeon Lv.X (MD) needing 8 energies in play for a OHKO, whilst Vaporeon (MD) will get a OHKO using it's second attack. The others should get a 2HKO. Skittles will need just need 6 Basic Energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) (or 5 and use a Plus Power/Buck's Training) to get a OHKO, though Ho-Oh should be worried by a Shoot Poison/Pester combo. Cyber Shock from Magnezone Lv.X (LA) should be used on a Gliscor Lv.X to get a 2HKO and trap it in the active position thanks to the Paralyze effect. Another counter that could be used is Mesprit (LA) and it's Psychic Bind Poké-Power, stopping Shoot Poison from doing anything, meaning it will be a bit more vulnerable as a normal Gliscor.
Modified: It has a brilliant Poké-Power in the form of Shoot Poison, has a great normal Gliscor to use with more Special Conditions to use and abuse, and the Lv.X itself has an attack that's alright really, though must be useful for Scorpio to abuse it. Annoyingly, Shoot Poison is one use, though there are ways of using it more than once, and it is a bit fragile. Still, it is brilliant, with such amazing effects to annoy your opponent. 4/5
Limited: Shoot Poison is just really nice here, and Night Slash should get a 2HKO. If you can switch to something with a free Retreat Cost (Shedinja (LA) is the best one for this), then Night Slash becomes even better. However, chances are, you won't be doing in the Shoot Poison/Burning Poison combo that often, and will have to rely on the uncommon Gliscor more. Still, it should be powerful if you can use Gliscor Lv.x here. 3.5/5
 San Bernardino,

DO MY GLISCORS RUN THIS MOTHER FOR YA?!!!!! (HELLL YYAAA!!!!!!) Party-pokes in the house!!! Let me explain......Gligar is one of my favorite pokemon of all time! I loved playing the Neo-Genesis version in my Sneasel deck, and when I played Pokemon Gold, Gligar was one of the pokemon I took with me to the Elite Four. When I found out they gave him an evolution, I was ecstatic! What could be better than a bigger, Fighting-type, free retreater that poisons? Not much to me! And let me tell ya, IT was delivered.


LV. X: This shouldn't be too much of a problem. Gliscor is a pokemon you WANT up and attacking, so LV. Xing it is gonna be easy. Finding this with Premier Balls should also be easy.


110 HP: Low, but expected and acceptable. It ACTUALLY is pretty high, considering Gliscor and Lucario LV.X have the same HP, and with one clearly huger than the other.


Gliscor LA 55:

Poison Jab: ...it's okay. For one energy it deals 70 damage in two turns...but that's not really good for anything after turn two. Luckily, it doesn't have to be because of Gliscors other attacks.


Sharp Tail: It's basically a colorless Horn Drill. Combined with Gligar's first attack, this is a great followup attack to apply early pressure. Gliscor is a great starter for aggressive decks that don't need a conventional one.


Gliscor LA 5:

Burning Poison: An okay attack that is used with Pester after you KO a Shoot Poisoned pokemon. You actually do more damage by Burning Poisoning and then Pestering than just double Pestering.


Pester: A great attack, it works with Gliscor's abilities and can still be powered up on turn two. Gliscor's strongest attack, basically.


LV. X's attacks:

Shoot Poison: THIS is a good power. Like Lucario, it forces your opponent to skip his next attack through paralysis BUT ALSO poisons. Obviously combos with Pester....OH and shuts off Poke-Powers....know I was forgetting one haha......


Night Slash: ZOMGosh I'm being slashed in the night hahaha! But seriously, this is a pretty useful attack. Gets Gliscor to the bench to keep it safe, AND STILL can be used on the second turn. Can also be combined with Mr. Mime, which seems to be actually pretty effective against things like Kingdra and Houndoom (both kinds)


Weakness: This is bad. Water isn't exactly an underplayed type, and your gonna get hit with some of it in ANY tourney you play. Hopefully, Gliscor will pay for itself before your opponents big aqua beasties get up and running.


Resistance: Fighting is really a rogue type, but any pokemon that resists itself has a certain advantage because of reduced confusion damage. Then again, Gliscor won't really have that problem with free retreat.


Retreat Cost: Talking about that free retreat, this is one of the best parts of this card. Quick to come into play, quick to attack, and quick to run away....or STRATEGICALLY WITHDRAW.


Combos: While I haven't personally seen this card played, I think it could be teamed up with Luxray for a Luxray/Gliscor/Claydol deck. This could also be paired up with Blissey, which COULD be a really fast deck. You could tech Mr. Mime to stop swarming decks, hell, even Shiftry with Moonlight Stadium might be a good pick. I'm sure you can figure out more uses for Gliscor, as he really is very techable.



Modified: 4/5 I KNOW other raters are going to be giving this guy 3/5 and 2/5s, but I believe in the potential of my main man Gliscor LV. X.

Limited: 4/5 this thing hunts other pokeys in limited if you can get it out


What? What'd you say? You wanna send me an e-mail telling me how cool I am? Well, alright my e-mail address is Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com  

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