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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mesprit Lv. X

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.05.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 1.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Chicago, IL

Mesprit Lv. X


I'll hit Mewtwo Lv.X for 400 damage? NOT!


Happy Friday all. Just started school this week so it will be a bit more difficult to focus on reviews until I adjust to the school. So without further adieu, lets do work.


 I'll be mostly reviewing this card based on its own than based how it is in a AMU deck (Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie) so this review is going to be shorter than the other cards i have reviewed I'll explain my reasoning later on. Let's check this card's stats. 90 HP is terrible for any Lv. X. It's Weakness makes it even worse so Mesprit will barely be able to withstand a hit or two. The retreat cost of 1 is decent and is expected on most basics.


It's first attack, Healing Lock, heals your whole bench of 3 damage counters for no energies. I would rather have this attack do damage than healing.


It's second attack is obviously good in AMU since Mesprit OHKO everything in this format like nothing and it does absolutely nothing on its own. So there's nothing to talk about on this one.


Modified: 1/5 (by itself) 5/5 (with Azlef and Uxie). This card should only be played with AMU and nothing else.


Limited: 1/5. Jesus would not be able to attempt this in this format.

Jigglypuff13 9/5 Mesprit Lv.X (LA)
Have you all had a look at the card? If you haven't, make sure you read the big number on the right hand side of the card. That's right, the equal largest certain amount of damage in the game, ever, is done by this fragile pixie. Supreme is such an awesome attack that we have basically had an archetype built round it to mitigate the side effects of the attack (AMU, though there is a bit of debate as to what the deck should be about). Obviously, the down sides of Supreme Blast are quite steep. Having to have 2 other Lv.X's in play is quite annoying, though a combination of Mesprit (MT)/Moonlight Stadium and Warp Point/Switch can actually allow you to have them all out by turn 2 if you get really lucky. Then, you have to discard all energies attached to Mesprit Lv.X. Considering the attack only costs 2 energies, it isn't too bad, but will stop you using the attack twice in a row without help from Energy Pick Up or Energy Switch. The attack is impressive, and you may want to use the attack 6 times in one match to win the game, but is there always a reason for this? If you do somehow get a turn 2 Supreme Blast, is there really any point to it? Chances are, you will only KO your opponents Starter, which isn't really that useful unless you rush their set up, but even then, most decks will handle that. Oh, just realised, Mesprit Lv.X has another attack. Bet most people just skipped past it when reading the card for the first time. Healing Look is is actually quite a nice attack to combat the sheer number of spread deck that will be seen this format, getting rid of 3 damage counters from each of your bench Pokémon for nothing is awesome. However, it doesn't heal Mesprit Lv.X, leaving it in quite an awkward position.
Now, the basics of the card, and being able to 200 damage and not heal itself, you might hope for slightly more HP than 90. No. This leaves it with the lowest amount given to any basic, along with each of the other pixie Lv.X's. Basically, it won't be surviving too many hits, even with help from Snow Point Temple, a must for any AMU deck. Also, it has a x2 Psychic Weakness. This isn't so bad since Azelf Lv.X (LA) gets rid of all Psychic Pokémons weakness, but if you can't get it out, then the only thing you have to worry about really is other AMU decks and maybe the occasional Gardevoir (SW), so it isn't really a big problem. Also allows for the possibility of, if you face an opposing AMU deck, to do 400 damage. Has to be done at least once, just to say that phrase, which has got to be cooler than just about any other phrase you can say in Pokémon (unless you can get some way of doing more than 400 damage). No Resistance is annoyingly standard, and so is 1 Retreat Cost, but that is easily by passed.
Combos, and I've been mentioning the only one throughout the whole of this review, AMU. Basically, use Azelf Lv.X (LA) and Uxie Lv.X (LA) as support to Mesprit Lv.X to allow for Supreme Blasts. They also have other uses, such as being the drawing engine, getting rid of weakness, and being able to be a good attacker. There are no other combos for Mesprit Lv.X, which restricts a lot.
Survivability, and it isn't good I'm afraid. Kingdra (LA) will get a 2HKO with at least 1 fully powered Dragon Pump, and the snipes could also weakens Mesprit Lv.X as well, meaning less Dragon Pumps maybe needed to get the KO. A 9 Water powered Aqua Stream gets a OHKO, or 11 powered one if Snow Point Temple is in play. Luxray (LA) just eats it up, with Plasma getting a OHKO against Mesprit Lv.X thanks to Rivalry, and so long as Snow Point Temple isn't in play. If it is, Shock Bolt does the same. Eeveelutions will get a OHKO with a 6 energy powered Verdant Dance from Leafeon Lv.X (MD), or 8 energies one if Snow Point Temple is in play. Either way, Espeon (MD) can also get a OHKO on Mesprit Lv.X, but only if Azelf Lv.X is in play. Without Snow Point Temple, Jolteon (MD) can discard all of it's Lightning energies to get a OHKO. Skittles can use 5 or 6 different Basic Energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO, depending on if Snow Point Temple is in play or not. Magnezone Lv.X (LA), with the help of a Plus Power or Buck's Training to add to Cyber Shock, can OHKO a Mesprit Lv.X so long as Snow Point Temple isn't in play, otherwise it's a 2HKO. Another counter to Mesprit Lv.X is Mewtwo Lv.x (LA) (reviewed yesterday), with it's Poké-Body stopping all basics from effecting it, making Mesprit Lv.X useless against it, plus gets a OHKO using it's attack.
Modified: Mesprit Lv.X is like a Glass Cannon. It's massively powerful (though does require a bit of set up), but immensely fragile as well, with 90 or 110 HP (with or without Snow Point Temple) not really helping it survive too many hits. It has a nice looking first attack, but in practice, it won't be that helpful. Get it set up, and it will OHKO almost everything in the format (there are only about 3 exceptions, and 2 of them are unlikely). 2.75/5
Limited: If you get all 3 Lv.Xs and all of the normal pixies, you are incredibly lucky. Use them, and you may struggle to get them all out. If you get them all out, then you are incredibly jammy. Normally, it won't happen, so you will never be able to use this card here. Still, nice after the tournament, as either trade bait or for AMU. 1.25/5
 San Bernardino,

OH NOOOOOO!!! IT'S THE LAKE TRIOOOOOO!!! Well, just Mesprit LV. X (X, for those who don't know, is OVER 9000!!!!!) to be more exact. This basic pokemon can do more damage than any other basic ever, even a Neo Genesis Sneasel with a full bench, all heads, four special darks attached, and three Pluspowers. It can do double the damage that Base Zard does for half the energy. It smacks a Wailord in the face for a KO. Basically, this thing HURTS. But there's more card where that damage came from!


LV. X: It's a basic LV. X, so Mewtwo LV. X hurts it,it's pretty quick otherwise. You'll be playing Mesprit just for this guy, though.


I'll start with the Mysterious Treasures Mesprit's attacks first, since most AMU decks play both types of Mesprits.


Upper Material: A very good Poke-Body. Ensures free retreat if you have Uxie and Azelf out also. This helps the deck by giving the Lake Trio a revolving door type of effect.


Teleportation Blast: A......meh attack, You might use it to get him out of there without losing the magic two energy he needs, but probably not cuz of Upper Material. \


Legends Awakened Mesprit:


Psychic Bind: A strong Poke-power, you'll most likely be playing two copies of this instead of the other one. Its one of those placed-on-the-bench powers, which tend to be good. This can shut down a Claydol on an early turn, something which commonly leads to game ( a late Claydol). This also hurts Gardevoir, and can deny a Ho-oh it's Phoenix ability. Many different decks don't like seeing this played.


Extrasensory: I haven't really seen this attack used much. I guess if you can match them it's a great attack. Might save a Supreme Blast, but probably not. Now on to the actual card.


Healing Look: This attack can be good. It hurts spreaders significantly, and is a good attack when waiting to Supreme Blast.


SUPREME BLAST: Sorry, I had to capitalize this attack just because of how cool it is. With a strict but easily met condition, this attack takes out just about any threat. While Uxie might be the main LV. X for the deck, this guy is definitely the backbone of AMU. Watch out, KO as quickly as possible.


Weakness: Doesn't really matter because of Uxie LV. X


Resistance: Like most psychics, there is nothing it can resist (every type is just too tempting for them).


Retreat Cost: All Mesprit's come with one retreat cost, standard issue. With Upper Material or Moonlight Stadium, this also becomes blank.


Combos: Ummm........Uxie and Azelf? Hahaha this card really can't be placed anywhere else BUT that deck. But I guess some tech would be any Dark Stage 1 Pokemon to hurt Mewtwo like Mightyena. If you're playing AMU, you should know to play a Stage 1. But, maybe darks aren't the best anymore, because alot of Mewtwo decks I see nowadays play Hitmonchan, which knocks the hell out of Mightyena. FALCON PAWNCH FOR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!......well it's actualy called Gut Strike but if you say falcon pawnch I bet you're opponent will know what attack.



Modified: 4.5/5 in AMU


Limited: TAKE IT ANYWAY NO MATTER WHAT YOU'RE PLAYING. 5/5 for value, 1/5 for your actual limited deck


Feedback is what keeps me strong and merciless. Send all of it to Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com

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