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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mewtwo Lv. X

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.04.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.60
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name:   Mewtwo Lv. X 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Super Rare Holo 



Type: (Psychic) - Not a bad type, it can combo with a lot. It is weak to itself... 


HP: (120) - Great HP for a basic Lv. X (essentially a stage 1) 


Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic-x2/none) - Bad weakness to say the least. Weak to Gardevoir, Banette, itself... Though it can resist itself with its Poke-Body. 


Retreat Cost: (2) - Not a great retreat cost. A bit expensive. 


Poke-BODY: (Psybarrier) - This is a great Poke-Body. It guards against itself, Cresselia, and other basics which may become more popular. 


Attack #1: (Giga Burn) - This attacks hits HARD. 120 damage is nothing to laugh at, especially for only 3 energy. You do have to discard all energies on Mewtwo, but 120 damage is well worth it. 


Final Analysis: This card is great. It hits very hard, and has some sort of protection for itself. If you can get this out early, that would be great when you are facing basics. 


Modified: Try this in Gardevoir. Or with something else? (4/5)


Limited: Good luck getting this with a regular Mewtwo also. (4/5)


Chicago, IL

Mewtwo Lv. X


"Kho Man! Watch Out! Mewtwo plays Dodge ball and he plays for keeps!


Let's check out the stats. 120 HP is great for a Basic Lv. X Pokemon.

Double weakness to Psychic is a bit bad and it could've been worse last format. There is no resistance which is to be expected. It's retreat cost is 2 which is a bit of a pain but of course there are ways to get around it.


The Poke-Body is all the talk about this card. Being immune to everything that is not evolved Pokemon do is great. This also includes Basic Lv. X's too since they are technically still basic and has not evolved. This is the perfect tech card against AMU.


It's attack is decent for the cost you have to pay. With 2 Psychics and any other energy, it does 120 damage but only to the cost to all energies attached to Mewtwo. I would rather use the attack when it is crucial on a Leafeon or Kingdra (w/ a Pluspower) than immediately on some Chatot or Phoine (common sense.)


This card has to be ran with Mewtwo Lv. 51 from Majestic Dawn. Both that card and the Lv.X will create such great synergy with Mewtwo's first attack for nothing, which is to attach 2 energies to Mewtwo from the discard pile. In the metagame, this card will see much play especially since this card comes in a tin like Ryperior Lv. X.


Modified: 3.75/5. It locks down certain decks and can do great things since Mewtwo will most likely not be the main hitter of the deck. When using this card, just use the Mewtwo from Majestic Dawn. Do not bother with the one from Legend's Awaken.


Limited: 4.75/5. Hard as it is to get in this format, it is SO BROKEN since theres no way for your opponent to evolve quickly enough unless they get their evolution card early or the Technical Machine. But still, this card is overly amazing here.



Jigglypuff13 9/4 Mewtwo Lv.x (LA)
Hello, and it's another short review today, which is annoying since Mewtwo Lv.X has been eagerly awaited card. This card can stop an entire archetype (so long as it hasn't teched against it anyway) on it's own, which is massively impressive. Firstly, 120 HP on a Basic Lv.X is the most we've had at the moment on a Basic Lv.X, and since Snow Point Temple can increase the HP even more, it should survive a hit or 2, even late game, unless you are against Luxray (LA) anyway. x2 Psychic Weakness isn't too bad really, only needing to be fearful of Gardevoir (SW) for that, which shouldn't be played too much anyway. Bronzong (MD) can be a bit dangerous if they get a Coating powered up, but chances are, your opponent won't bother unless they are desperate. No resistance is annoying standard and 2 Retreat Cost is too much on a basic, though Switches and Warp Points should take care of that.
Now, Psybarrier, the thing that can take out AMU on it's own, but only if AMU hasn't got a stage 1 in the deck, which is a slim chance really. Still, it's massively brilliant, allowing you to either stall for while (especially against your opponent's starters early game, which may not be a good to do that with a Lv.X as potent as this), allowing you to set up, to start taking out things Mewtwos attacks, which, with Giga Burn, is quite likely. 120 damage whilst discarding 3 energies for a Basic Lv.X is a good trade off to me, and will, with the help of a Buck's or Plus Power, OHKO a lot of main attacker in the format. If you don't want to discard all of your energies, there are other attakcs thanks to the normal Mewtwos. The best one to use is the MD Mewtwo, thanks to Energy Absorption and Psyburn being useful attacks, whereas the LA one has Hypnoblast, which can be nice for stalling, and a rubbish Psychic attack, which is probably going to be no where near as effective as Psyburn.
Combos, and it isn't really a main attacker, it's more of a nice tech that can be used if your deck struggles against AMU. As a main attacker, it just won't work, because doing 120 damage over 2 turns minimum isn't that great when you are getting rid of all of you energies in one attack. As an tech though, it can work surprisingly well, stalling AMU for as long as you need (possibly attacking with Psyburn), as well as stalling any basic's your opponent may put active (starters are always great to stall, but again, it could then be the waste of a tech).
Survivability, and it should survive a number of hits. Kingdra (LA) gets a 2HKO from fully powered Dragon Pumps, though a 12 Water powered Aqua Stream can get a OHKO, though it isn't very likely. Luxray (LA) gets a OHKO from Shock Bolt due to the activation of Rivalry. AMU can't touch it unless they use an evolved Pokémon as a tech. Mightyena (LA) is the card to watch out for really, stopping Mewtwo Lv.X from attacking or retreating, which is going to be very annoying. Switch it out though, and it will keep for a bit whilst you KO Mightyena. Froslass (LA) will get a 3HKO using Icy Breath, though they are more likely to use Destiny Bond to make sure you even consider not attacking it. Skittles can't touch it using Ho-Oh (SW), but will probably use Togekiss (GE) and hopefully get 2 heads for a 2HKO, otherwise it's staring the down the barrel of a Giga Burn. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will just get a 2HKO whilst also paralysing it, so Mewtwo Lv.X won't do much in return.
Modified: It shuts down a big archetype all by itself, and possibly another if you get really lucky (Skittles) whilst also dealing 120 damage blows, which is close to KOing most main attackers really. The use of the MD Mewtwo would be needed though, to make sure you can do 120 every 2 turns. However, Mightyena (LA) is a rather annoyingly effective counter to Mewtwo Lv.X, so make sure you put at least a couple of Switches/Warp Points in your deck to get out of Mightyena's grip. 3.5/5
Limited: You'll find yourself against a lot of basics here, so Psy Barrier becomes very useful if you can get Mewtwo Lv.X out.just a shame you are stuck with the LA Mewtwo, but it will have to do. If you can, use this card, defiantley, even if it's just to stall for a while, which it will do unless you find out that they are using a lot of evolutions, or most frightenly of all, Mightyena, which with no Switch or Warp Point, becomes an even more dangerous threat. 3.75/5
 San Bernardino,

Good morning/afternoon/evening all you pokepeeps out there in somewhere-not-in-my-house land. Today we have a real treat for you today, and it goes by the name of Mew #2. Yes, Mewtwo, the original staller supreme, movie villian, destroyer of nations, and spongy monster is back in Modified....AS A PSYCHIC TYPE (not some weird lightning creation with ?SWIFT?). And guess what? This Mewtwo is highly playable, and with this LV. X being in a tin, it's also highly GETTABLE. Now, on to the Genetic pokemon!


LV. X: LV. Xs are really just add-ons to the original card, so I'm going to be rating the other Mewtwos attacks. Being a LV. X doesn't really hurt Mewtwo, since he's an attacking type of pokemon and Premier Ball will give you immediate access to it. It's good to have a LV. X.


120 HP:.....it's good. Higher than even some Stage 2s


Psybarrier: ....wow. THAT is a cool ability now with all the AMU craziness and LV. X basic pokemon (you know even Snorlax has one now?). We've seen this ability before, but on a tank like this, it really MEANS something. Strong ability, won't help you out every game, but will be very good when it does.


Energy Absorption: YAAAY MOVIE PROMO MEWTWO!!! This attack should take you back. While it's been a loooooong time since you could use this with Computer Search, these days it's a free attack. It's still very good even if there aren't any major discarding cards. Suck up energy from a fallen Mewtwo LV. X, a Mesprit LV. X, or even Houndoom's discarded Multi Energies.


Recover: The weakest of the four attacks.... you MAY find yourseof using this every once and while, as it can be helpful when first building up Mewtwo in combination with Energy Absorption.


Psyburn: This is actually just a necessary attack for even an LV. Xed Mewtwo. Psyburn+Giga Burn will spell knock out for everything but the Lord of the Whales. Use it and enjoy it, it's twenty damage more for the same price as the Movie Promo's attack. You can't always Giga Burn.


Giga Burn: OR can you. This attack is amazing on this card. E Absorption then Giga Burn again, it doesn't get more simpler than that. It's a bomb attack on a bomb pokemon. More than enough damage to take out: Glaceon, Leafeon, Dusknoir, Gallade, Gardevoir, Lake Trio, with Ppower Empolaroid, Probopass, they all cant stand up to Lord Giga.(kudos if you got that)


Weakness: This is gonna hurt. Both Mewtwos have a 2x Weakness to psychics, which isn't eactly an underplayed type, so watch out. Make sure you can strike with Mewtwo before they can strike with a built Psychic like Gardevoir or Mismagius. 400 Damage from a Mesprit isn't very fun either.


Resistance: None. So there's nothing to talk about.


Retreat Cost: They both cost two to retreat, so Warp Poin tshould be played, and Energy Absorption will help. That being said, this thing will probably die as an active the first time if it dies at all.


Combos: There are ALOT. O have seen and can see this card paired up with everything from AMU for a kind of Psychic Legendmaker, to Hitmonchan (with Tyrogue) for an even faster deck. The choices are really yours, so I say literally try em in anything, Eeveelotion, Magmortar, Houndoom you name it. It can find a place.



Modified 4/5 (I've been reviewing alot of good cards lately) This thing is powerful, a strong attacker, a great pokebody, and very formfitting to alot of different decks.


Limited: I DONT CARE IF YOU PULLED MEWTWO OR NOT SWIPE THIS THING ITS WORTH IT. If you did grab a Mewtwo, though, this guy will mow through the competition pretty quickly unless your oppo is packing alot of Psychics. 5/5


Praises, thank yous, you're-so-greats? Send them to Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com


Hay Ghost pokemon master here and oh no school started today!!!!!! now on to the card of the day Mewtwo LV. X 


Let's check out his poke-body psybarrier which makes mewtwo untouchable by any non evolved pokemon.  For the record this is GREAT, but there is a downside to the card only 120HP and a double weakness to psychic, and not to mention a two energy retreat cost.


Now let's check out his attack giga burn for two psychic energy and one other

it does 120 damage at the cost of all of his energy OUCHI have not yet seen anyone playing mewtwo lv. x in a competitive deck to this day except some children who are just starting out. If you want to use this card you might have a hard time finding what deck to put it in. I have heard some people are playing it as tech in azelf/mesprit/uxie deck but it probably will not work most of the time. And so comes an end to another card of the day.


Let's review


Modified: 2.5/5


Limited: 2/5 


Until next time 




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