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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Cradily Lv. 49

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.30.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/30 Cradily Lv.49 (LA)
Ah, Cradily, the old standard of a card, in just about every form I think, that looks as though it should be a good card in theory, but it practice, it just doesn't work. Unfortunately, I think this latest version for LA is cut from the same cloth. First, the basics, and 120 HP on a Stage 2 is about average for a Stage 2 really. +30 Fire Weakness is quite good really since there are few really playable Fire Pokémon at the moment (Ho-Oh (SW) is the main one, along with the odd Magmortar (SW) deck). No resistance, well, I'll gloss over that really. However, the big downfall of the basics of the card is the massive 3 Retreat Cost. If you ever actually think about paying this cost, you really need to get your hands on some Switches and/or Warp Points.
Now, the attacks of the card, and the first of them is definitely the most interesting of the two. Drain Down starts of as a solid yet uninspiring G for 30. However, it gains a little disruption in it's Gust of Wind type of effect. However, the second part of the effect is the most interesting part of the effect is the final part, where if it KO's the Defending Pokémon, then you completely restore Cradily to full health. If it had a little more HP to make it a little more survivable, then it would be brilliant as a way to get rid of your opponent's Claydols (GE) with the aid of Lake Boundary and a Plus Power/Buck's Training, then restoring Cradily back to full health, ready to do the same again in a few turns time. Still, it's a little situational, and unless you have a good a sniper to reduce something to 30 just to get the complete heal to Cradily, it's not going to be worth it, and why not just finish it off with a snipe instead? Acid is very good either. GCC for 50 is rather average, and the non-Retreating effect is hardly something for your opponent to worry about unless you trapped something into the active with it and Metagross (LA), but even then, a simple Switch or Warp Point gets out of the trap.
Combos, and that Lake Boundary with Plus Power/Buck's Training is the best one really, just to get the maximum out of Drain Down and KOing Claydol (GE) at the same time. Of course, this is easily counter-acted by not using/putting Claydol (GE) onto the field. Acid with Metagross (LA) can be midly annoying to some bench sitter your opponent has, like Dusknoir (DP) or something, but still isn't worth it.
Survivability next, and it isn't looking good. Kingdra (LA) gets a 2HKO using 2 fully powered Dragon Pumps unless Cradily can get itself completely healed using Drain Down, which is likely and will be very annoying to the Kingdra player, or the use of a 12 energy powered Aqua Stream will get a OHKO. Luxray (LA) can't get a OHKO, but a Shock Bolt followed by a Plasma will be a 2HKO, though again, a fully healing Cradily from Drain Down will cause that number to increase. AMU can obviously use Supreme Blast from Mesprit Lv.X (LA) to get a OHKO, but Uxie Lv.X (LA) can use Zen Blade for a 2HKO so long as you have 2 Uxie Lv.X's in play, and Azelf Lv.X (LA) can, if your opponent has enough energy in play, be lucky enough to get a 2HKO, though a 3HKO is probably more likely. Since there is a lack of Claydol in this deck, Cradily won't be able to play it's normal Drain Down trick. Eeveelutions will happily try to get 9 Energies into play for Leafeon Lv.X (MD) to get a OHKO, and Flareon (MD) wouldn't mind using Kindle with Lake Boundary in play for the same effect. All of the other Eeveelutions will get 2HKOs unless it pulls it Drain Down trick on any unsuspecting Claydol. Skittles will just need 5 different Basic Energies on Ho-Oh (SW) to get the OHKO every turn (or 3 and have Lake Boundary in play), though Cradily will probably still use it's Drain Down trick on Claydol anyway. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will get a 2HKO with Cyber Shock, and the auto Paralyses will stop the Drain Down trick unless Dawn Stadium is used.

Of course, to top this off, Cradily won't be KOing anything that isn't a Claydol in any game, but obviously, it's meant to be more of a trapper or trickster of a card, but it doesn't do that very well either to be honest. The switching effect of Drain Down can be quite nice, but it should be used to get KOs off your opponents Bench, and thus to heal Cradily. Acid seems nice in combination with Metagross (LA) to trap bench sitters like mentioned earlier, but it's flippy, and the only bench sitter some decks use is Claydol, which is probably better to go with the Drain Down against that. Other bench sitters that some decks may use include Dusknoir (DP) and Metagross (LA), but if any deck is using them, they will probably be playing Warp Points or Switches to get them away from the active position. Of course, do it enough times, then all of the Warp Points/Switches will be used up, and thus you will have trapped the bench sitter, but you've probably had to sacrifice a Cradily or two in order to do so.
Also, one final problem with Cradily is that it evolves from a Fossil, meaning you get all of the side effects of this, such as not being able to search out Root Fossil without the help of a specialized cards such as Fossil Excavator or Relicanth (GE) and needing at least 1 proper basic and all of the other side effects that there are.
Modified: It's one of those cards that look really useful, and could become a great deck, but it just won't. It's great at killing Claydols, but you need a lot of cards specific cards in your deck in order to do so, and thus will need to be tailor made just for Cradily, at which point you won't really be able to do much damage other than killing Cradilys. That isn't good. If Acid did a bit more damage, or was just a different attack altogether then it might be quiet good. Cradily with a sniper to abuse Drain Down could work I suppose, though it probably end up a bit too slow since, why not just finish the Pokémon off with a snipe? 1.5/5
Limited: Could be quite nice here. Drain Down should be able to 3HKO most of your opponents Pokémon (unless they use a Stage 2 of some sort), and will survive most hits as well since it will be facing against basics or the occasional Stage 1 most of the time. It will be a bit of tank here with the aid of Drain Down. Acid is only useful for setting up a Drain Down here. Of course, Cradily is a Stage 2, so will be hard to set up. 2.75/5
Todays card of the day is Cradily from Legends Awaikned lets start the review with stats. Cradily has 120HP, a plus 30 weakness to fire, no resistance, three retreat cost, and two attacks. His first attack is drain down for one grass it does 30 damage and you can switch your oponents pokemon with one of their benced pokemon andif the defending pokemon is knocked out by this attack remove all damage counters from Cradily. Cradily's second attack is acid for one grass and two of any other kind it does 50 damage and the defending pokemon cant retreat during the next turn. This card is ok but its three retreat cost is a big problem and for a stage two it has only 120HP i dont think you will see this card much or at all.

Modified: 2 out of 5

Limited: 1.5 out of 5
Arbok14 Hello, today we are reviewing the new Cradily from Legends Awakened.

Name: Cradily Lv. 49
Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Rare
Type: (Grass) - Could combo with the many other grass Pokemon in the format.

HP: (120) - Pretty standard for a stage 2.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fire+30/none) - Not overly terrible, but stay wary of Magmortar.

Retreat Cost: (3) - Yikes. Pack some Switch?

Attack #1: (G - Drain Down) - This is essentially a Gust of Wind for an attack. If you can grab a benched and knock it out, this attack is great. Unfortunately, it only does 30 damage.

Attack #2: (GCC - Acid) - This attack is terrible. 50 will knock out nothing, and switch and warp point get around the effect.

Final Analysis: This Pokemon is OK, but I think Metagross is much better for the Gust of Wind effect. Plus, it won't use up your attack.

Modified: I don't see it ever being used. Good idea for a first attack, but it is too weak. (1.5/5)

Limited: Drain Down can destroy in this format. Use it if you get the line! (3.5/5)

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