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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Spiritomb Lv. 44

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.03.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Chicago, IL

Spiritomb Lv.44


I haven't seen any of the new pokemon so when I saw this card for the first time, I went WTH is this & did someone draw on this card?!


Let's check the stats. 70 HP is okay for a basic that does not evolve any further. Having no weakness is great because if I am correct, this is the only legal card in modified without a weakness. Even in unlimited, there's not that many that have no weakness. Resistance to colorless is not that effective but is always nice to have in certain cases. The retreat cost for 2 is pretty bad but of course there are ways to get around this.


This card is mainly used for its Poke-Power, Curse Breath. It puts 1 damage counter on every pokemon with at least one 1 damage counter.

This power shines when it is teched in a damage spread deck such as Froslass, Bronzong, Empoleon, etc.


Remember "Full Moon Dance" on Cresselia Lv. X? Spiritomb has that power in attack form but limited in usability. Pain Transfer is an ok attack but moving a damage counter from one of your own pokemon to one of your opponent's pokemon is not going to change much to the game.


This is one of the better tech cards seen in DP-On so far. In the metagame, this card will be difficult to handle as it will stand on the bench doing nothing but wasting space.


Modified: 3/5. This card is best used with any type of damage spread decks but more importantly ran with super scoop up to get your space back and to use the effect again.


Limited: 3/5. It's pretty good here since there  are chances where Spiritomb can actually attack and make a big impact.

Jigglypuff13 9/3 Spiritomb Lv.44 (LA)
Hello, and it's back to normal service today, with Spiritomb, a new aid to spreading decks, as if they really needed it, with a bit of a twist. First though, the basics of the card, and 70 HP on a non-evolving Basic isn't too bad really. Should survive a hit early on, but don't count on it mid to late game. The Retreat cost is kind of large for a Basic, with 2 being a lot for what essentially looks like a ball of gas, but it really should never be put active (so long as you get to choose, anyway). However, if it does get stuck in the active position, then the rest of it's bottom stats make up for it, thanks to no Weakness (!) and a Resistance. No Weakness is perfect, obviously. There really isn't much to say about it really. The Resistance may only be a -20 to Colorless, and there may not be many Colorless Pokémon being played during the format (Togekiss (GE), Garchomp (MT) and maybe the odd Dragonite (LA)), it may not be a big help, but you'll be thankful it has it when it is attacked by a Colorless Pokémon.
Now for what it does best, spread damage. Curse Breath is it's main ability, putting an extra damage counter on every Pokémon in play that already has any damage counters on them. That is great, allowing for mega amounts of spread, but it does come with a draw back, making it a double edged sword, and the key of this come from the putting the damage counter on every Pokémon in play, which means it will damage your own damaged Pokémon. If you time it right, this shouldn't be much of a problem, but the risk of that happening could put some people off. Also, you can't use more than 1 per turn, which if you've got opponent's Pokémon who are 30 HP away from being KOed, Spiritomb will only help the KO come 1 turn earlier, which may or may not be any good. The attack isn't so great, but is a bit more safe. For P, you move a damage counter from one of your Pokémon to one of your opponents, which is nice, but a bit too slow to really do anything, apart from place damage counters for another Curse Breath later on in the game.
Combos, and spread decks are the obvious choice. Anything that does a complete spread, like Yanmega (LA), Froslass (LA) or Prinplup (DP) will aid Spiritomb no end, allowing all of your opponents Pokémon to be damaged more and, so long as you aren't facing a spread deck and get all of yours damaged, only increase the damage on maybe 1 or 2 of your Pokémon. However, what if you don't want to spread first, and don't want have the risk of hurting your own Pokémon some more, then there is an alternative. Zapdos (MD) can spread 10 on each of your opponent's Pokémon, so will never damage your own Pokémon, but it is a flip, whereas Spiritomb doesn't. Also, you can use as many Zapdos's Poké-Powers as you want, but only 1 Curse Breath, which could swing your decision in Zapdos's favour. All the other drawbacks and advantages of the cards are the same (they are rubbish starters, rubbish attackers, but have nice HP for Basics (though Zapdos is slightly better in that situation) and everything else that's good and bad about them), so it's all down to personal preference, would you prefer to have the certainty of damaging all of your opponent's damaged Pokémon, but the risk of doing the same to yours, or to not damage your own Pokémon, but maybe not damage your opponents either. Personally, I'd go with Zapdos, but everyone will have their own choice and their own reasons.
Survivability, and there really isn't much to talk about. Kingdra (LA) needs only a Plus Power/Buck's Training for a OHKO from a fully powered Dragon Pump, or just 7 energies in the discard pile for Aqua Stream to get a OHKO. Luxray (LA) will just use a single Shock Bolt for a OHKO, or use Plasma if the Spiritomb player has a Lv.X in play. AMU can get Uxie Lv.X (LA) to use Zen Blade and a Plus Power/Buck's Training for a OHKO, or Mesprit Lv.X (LA) for a Supreme Blast OHKO, or depending on the amount of energies your opponent has in play, a Deep Balance OHKO from Azelf Lv.X (LA). Even worse, Spiritomb may end up being a waste of space if Mesprit (LA) is used to stop Poké-Powers for a turn. Froslass (LA), which ironically could be helped by Spiritomb, will 2HKO it with Icy Breath, though Destiny Bond is useless against Spiritombs attack. Eeveelutions can use just about any attack for a OHKO, though some of them will need a Plus Power/Buck's Training to get to the 70 damage marker. Skittles only needs 4 different basic energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO, or 3 and use a Plus Power/Buck's Training for a OHKO, though will need another energy of any type attached for the attack to actually be used. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will just get a OHKO using it's attack, or just have 2 Metals attached to Magenzone (DP) for a OHKO. Seriously, it won't take a hit without having to be on the bench.
Modified: It's great in spread decks, but will work as a double edged sword if any of yours are damaged. It is great, but you need to have done at least a single spread before hand. There is a single alternative to Spiritomb in the form of Zapdos, and personal preference will give you your decision. 2/5
Limited: There are a couple of spreading cards here that can be used (Yanmega, Froslass, while also spreading, can't be used due to lack of pre-evolution), so if you get Yanmega, Spiritomb could be quite useful. However, you may not want to use it for the risk of hurting your own Pokémon, which could be very dangerous to your chance of your success. 2.25/5

Ssssssssssssssssspiritooooooommmbb!!!!!!!!!!!!(insert eerie Scooby-Doo villian music here) Mwahaha!!.......But seriously! Welcome, today's card is Spiritomb, the first ever, after Sableye, Ghost/Dark pokemon. It's our very own Jasper the Unfriendly Ghost. As such, it deserves a card that can show up out of nowhere, and truly punish the opponent. And boy, does it get what it deserves..On to the card!


70 HP: Good for a nonevolving basic. It's not hugely powerful and legendary like Regigigas or anything, so you really can't complain.


Curse Breath: I curse breath when I'm mad too hehe. This quite simply is the only reason you would play Spiritomb, buuuuut.. its a PRETTY BIG REASON! This power allows you to double your damage spreading efforts by simply placing this card on the bench. If we still had scoop up, and not the flip-a-scoop in mod, this card would be ridiculous. It still is very good, and combos with every single damage spreader, even Empoleon if you haven't gotten a tails on Surf Together (even then, possibly worth it). It gives a big boost to the new Yanmega with only one Sonic Wave and Spiritomb turning on P and T shenanigans, with Dodrio's Triple Pick can combine to put 7-8 damage counter on up to three of your opponent's evolved pokes in just two turns, works with Froslass, hell even Dragonite likes this Poke-Power. And with the ability to be called up with Bebe's Search AND Roseanne's Research, you WILL be seeing this card soon.


Transfer Pain:....interesting. You're most likely not going to ever use this unless you get the dreaded opening with this card and you're building to two energy to retreat....even then probably not


Weakness: One of the only times i'll get to say this: pokemon has no weakness. Love it, cherish it, ultimately realize it's just a small but significant bonus.


Resistance: Another uncommon trait, resistance to Colorless. Not crazy, although strangely enough it's almost like this card was designed to not get OHKO'd by Garchomp...OH there's another guy you can use Spiritomb with.  


Retreat Cost: The very WORST part about this card. Starting with a Spiritomb is very bad if you can't find a Warp Point soon. It takes two turns to drop him back, which really sucks one retreat would have made him significantly better.


Combos: There are a ton of these, like I said before: Garchomp, Empoleon, Dragonite, Yanmega, Dodrio, Froslass, Magmortar etc etc...heck this thing can even be a type of Pluspower if need be. The middle of this card is strong, the bottom right hand corner is not.



Modified: 4/5 You WILL see this guy, he is good, make sure you don't leave yourself open to him too much. Remember, your opponent can only play one of these guys a turn.


Limited: 3/5 If you have a damage spreader, this card is golden. If not, it's still a pseudo-pluspower that you'll probably take ten from.....like a Digger that goes both ways, and that's alot less stupid


I appreciate any and all feedback, as long as it's good so send all that to Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com

Hello i am Ghostpokemonmaster i am a new to pojo's card of the day staff
enough of the introduction lets get to the card of the day. Let's look at spiritomb this card reminds me of banette ex both it's power, and it's attack but it's a basic.

I love this card a stable 70hp basic, and a power that is so annoying and an attack for one psychic energy it can transfer one damage counter from one of your pokemon to your opponent's what a great card. The downside her is that it has a two energy retreat cost, and it's power can only work when it's placed
from your hand to the bench. Aside from that spiritomb is a card you probably will see more and more people playing as tech against decks suck as garchomp/togekiss. We have reviewed the card now time to rate it

Modified: 3.5/5

Limited: 3/5

until next time

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