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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Armaldo Lv. 52

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.25.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/25 Armaldo Lv.52 (LA)
Hello, and today we have a card that was hyped a fair bit, but not actually found much play, Armaldo! Before going on about why it was hyped, the basics, and first, 140 HP is very good on a Stage 2, so Armaldo should survive all bar the most powerful of attacks at least once. The Weakness is a bit annoying since there are a lot of very playable Grass types at the moment, mainly in the form of Torterra (DP and MD), Beedrill (GE) and the Bellossom/Vileplume combo (LA). Apart from for Torterra, which would need a Plus Power/Buck's Training for the MD version, all of the biggest Grass Types can get a OHKO thanks to the +30 Grass Weakness on Armaldo. No Resistance is, well, I'll gloss over that. 2 Retreat Cost on a Stage 2 is about Average really.
Now for it's abilities, and Fossil Armor is the reason for it being hyped. Essentially, it means in order to do any damage to it, you have to do at least 70 damage in the first place. Of course, it doesn't prevent effects of attacks, so Damage Counters can still be placed and special conditions can be used against it, but it's still a great Pokémon. Why? Since it stops a lot of Pokémon dead really, such as Kingdra (LA), Gardevoir (SW), a late game Gallade (SW) and other such slightly weak main attackers. However, they all have access to Plus Power/Buck's Training to increase their damage to 70 to get round Fossil Armor, but oh well. Next, Crush Claw, which makes for only really a mediocre attack. FFC for 60 isn't great, but if your opponent keeps the same active Pokémon active, then all attacks will do an extra 40 to the Defending Pokémon. Timed right or with the right Pokémon on the bench to take advantage of the effect, it can become quite deadly really, and should get a 2HKO on all bar a Wailord (GE), or anything else with over 160 HP.
Combos, and first, to stop effects of attacks, you may want to try Unown G (GE), which should increase Armaldo's survivability even more. If you want something to take advantage of Crush Claws effect, you may want to try Cresselia Lv.X (GE), and take advantage of the effect of it's attack, allowing you to take an extra prize if Moon Skip KOs the Defending Pokémon.
Survivability and combos now, and the main counter (and this may sound a little strange) is Shuckle (SW), which everyone seems to have forgotten about. It's attack Poisons the Defending Pokémon, and so long as they remained Poisoned, that Pokémon's Poké-Body is turned off, which is nice really. Survivability, and any deck that can do 70 damage will get a 2HKO since it gets round Fossil Armor, and almost every deck can do that. The only main competitive deck that doesn't seem as though it can is Kingdra (LA), but as I said earlier, it will use a Plus Power/Buck's Training with a fully powered Dragon Pump to get to the magical 70 damage. AMU may have a bit of trouble with Uxie Lv.X (LA) only doing 60 from Zen Blade, but Azelf Lv.X's (LA) Deep Balance places damage counters, getting round fossil Armor, and Mesprit Lv.X (LA) of course does 200 damage. Esentially, ever deck has to be able to do 70 damage, or they won't be able to do anything to Armaldo, unless it's a Special Condition or Damage Counters, or use Shuckle (SW).
Modified: It looks like it should be a good card, but esentially, it won't be. Fossil Armor, it's greatest asset, is too easy to play around, meaning it will only really be effective against badly built Kingdra (LA) and other low damage out-put decks. Crush Claw isn't really a good enough attack to make it worth playing. Still, if this card is used at any point in the year, I really hope to see it win a tournament at some point. Probably won't happen though. 1.75/5
Limited: Maybe this card was only made for Limited? Fossil Armor will stop many of your opponents attacks here, and when you get 3 energies onto Armaldo, you will be 1 or 2HKOing a lot here, though Retreating is still likely. Still, it's a Stage 2, so it will require a fair bit of set up, but get it out and it will be devastating.
 San Bernardino,

Welcome back, I hoped you've enjoyed our time apart (I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH DON'T YOU EVEER DO THAT AGAIN!!!). Well, now that I got that out of my system (it's FUN to share), let's move on to today's card which is a kind of controversial one. For one thing, Armaldo looks.......overpowering. Seriously. Block all 60 or lower damage? 100 damage for three energy? All with 140 HP? And a Stage 1 with decent 1-2 energy attacks? WOW. So let's jump right into this one, shall we?


Stage 2: Armaldo is going to take sometime to see play, but he does have an interesting advantage over other Stage 2s. That advantage is named Fossil Excavator. With this supporter, you can grab any of the Armaldo line. So with Bebe's Search, this guy is remarkably easy to build into. Judging by it's talents, it deserves to be Stage 2.


140 HP: Thas some huge life. Bigger than legendaries and Blissey, Armaldo is tough to take down. It can't swarm (it can keep up a constant 100 if you replace the KO'd one though), but nonetheless this guy can be a beast to small damage decks combined with it's poke-body.


Fossil Armor: AH, the hype line of the card. Think about how many attacks out there do 60  or less: Psychic Lock, Dragon Pump, Fireball Bazooka....they all bounce of off this card. I don't know what else to say but, WOW, this is a great ability.


Crush Claw: Just like Metagross' attack, the Claw starts out average and then begins to hand out 100s, no strings attached. This is a powerful attack, just ten damage from sacking a Templed pixie. plus, 100 for three is just good math.


Weakness: This is steep, but I doubt it will be much of a problem in the long run. I think that this should be something easily side-stepped.


Retreat Cost: When you're covered in plates, I guess you can't waddle out of the way very fast, now can you? Payable, and not higher than the basic requirement level, so

 it's ok.  


Combos: There are many good pairing for Armaldo, from Metagross to Garchomp. I think Armaldo is just one of those types that will mix in with everybody. Seriously, try your Armaldo with, like Lucario, and you'll see how dominating it can be. Or combine it with another fossil so the Supporter has two targets. This card can control the flow of the game.



Modified: 4/5 This card is powerful and underplayed. Pick some up now while you can.'


Limited: 4/5 If you can get the line going, that's practically GAME.


I'm just going to ask you nicely. Wanna talk bout the game? Well, I'm at Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com, so feel free to stop on by and send me some statements.

Ghost pokemon master here with another card of the day todays card is Armoldo. Lets start the review with his poke-power fossil armor which is awesome it makes Armoldo immune to any damage that is 60 or less WOW! Now onto his attackcrush claw for two fighting and another energy it does 60 damage and it adds 40 damage to your opponent's next attack. This ties into Armoldos's fossil armor poke-power which at first glance is great but if you attack with crush claw beware of attacks doing moren than 20 damage to Armaldo or it will get damaged. Lets see his stats now he has 140 HP, a plus 30 weakness to grass, two retreast cost, and no resistance. The weakness to grass could be a problem with so many people running leafeon or other grass pokemon they would probulym KO Armoldo i a turn or two. But overall this card is ok it might see some play if the use of grass pokemon starts to decline.

Modified: 3 out of 5- its still a good card

Limited: 3 out of 5- its good here to but not the best

Art: 2 out of 5

until next time

Ghost pokemon master

Hey all, thankfully most of my work is done for the week, so I am pretty relieved. Today we will be reviewing Armaldo.


Name:   Armaldo Lv. 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare 


Type: (Fighting) - You might be able to find something decent to go with this. 


HP: (140) - Great HP for a stage 2! 


Weakness/Resistance: (Grass+30/none) - Not terrible, but seriously watch out for Leafeon. 


Retreat Cost: (2) - Not bad, especially considering its massive HP. 


Poke-BODY: (Fossil Armor) - This is a pretty good Body. If you can get Armaldo out early, you could be protected for a while. This also can guard against stuff like Probopass, Froslass and other damage spread. Remember, this will work even if Armaldo is on your bench! 


Attack #1: (FFC - Crush Claw) - Not a terrible attack, if will 2HKO pretty much everything, and since not a lot can OHKO this guy, you can definitely get off at least on 100 damage attack and leave another +40 for the next turn! 


Final Analysis: Armaldo is pretty good. If damage spread remains popular, this is not a bad idea to build a deck around. This is something that could even stand its own with the right partner. 


Modified: Makes a case to have a deck built around it. (4/5) 


Limited: Almost indestructible here, but the trick is getting it out. (3.5/5)

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