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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Politoed Lv. 49

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.24.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Good Wednesday! I hope everyone doesn't have as much homework as I do this week! Well, anyway, today we have Politoed. 


Name:   Politoed Lv. 49 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare Holo 


Type: (Water) - A pretty common type right now. 


HP: (120) - This is pretty good for a Stage 2. 


Weakness/Resistance: (Grass+30/none) - Not a terrible weakness, but it will have definite trouble with Leafeon. 


Retreat Cost: (1) - This is pretty good, especially on a stage 2. 


Poke-BODY: (Enthusiasm) - In theory, this body is awesome! However, I have tried it out, and I always have 1 Poliwag prized! And that makes the game so frustrating. 


Attack #1: (WC - Frog Hop) - This attack is cheap! Only two energy for a possible 80 damage. Sure it is flippy, but it isn't bad for the cost. 


Final Analysis: This card isn't bad. It obviously combos with Poliwrath (probably the better of the two), but that combo is hard to pull off. You could make a speed/donk deck with this or find a successful combo with Poliwrath. 


Modified: Could have potential. Cheap and potentially nasty. (3/5) 


Limited: This is a stage 2, but it has a good cheap attack, which is good in limited. (3/5) 


P.S: I'll have a deck fix soon, so check back in a few days for it!

 San Bernardino,

o Hello and welcome to all you poke-reviewer-readers out there (a strange breed indeed...hehe)! Today's card is really the Cinderella fairy tale card of the Pokemon TCG. And....well, Politoed has ALWAYS kinda been like that, ever since it's introduction TO the TCG. Instead of being a balancing option to the earlier, seemingly more natural evolution (basically like Gallade is to Gardevoir) Politoed always seems to offer some crazy Poke-Power if you have the rest of his family present. I've always thought that the stage 2's that branched were kinda weird though. They remind me of Digimon (I was ten RIGHT when those came out, and people had arguments of whether Pokemon or Digimon was gonna fizzle first....I think we know who won), where they could evolve into several things, and every now and then they would become something totally out of pattern (like the dinosaur that become a bigger dinosaur and then become a bigger dinosaur with missiles suddenly becomes...a SKELETON!?? What!? Anyway, I'm drifting clear past the card now, so before I start ranting on Transformers or whatever, let's get to the card!!


Stage Two: Politoed is of the powerful Stage two variety, and while it might not matter for other Stage Two, Politoed's necessity of having a basic Poliwag underneath it plays a significant role in the power of this card.


120 HP: Haha, this little part is like the quiet before the storm. I KNOW when I get to the poke-power I'll go berserk. This is a leetle less than the average 130 HP but not at all bad for our webbed friend.


Enthusiasm: Alright here we go haha. This Power says that if you have one each of ALL of the types of Polis ('member you need the Toed out also, which means ALL Poliwags must be on the field), the other Polis attacks do 60 more damage! Wow this card really does reinforce (AGAIN) Politoed's image as the super-powerful cheerleader of all things Poli. So if you can get all of one tyoe of basic out, two stage twos, and one stage one (THAT'S why it's Mr. Cinderella), all of their attacks become HUGE! Poliwag will do 70 for one energy (make sure you don't lose the little guy though or it's Maintenance Roseanne's for you), Poliwhirl will do 80 for two, and 100 for three with a chance of Paralysis, and Poliwrath will burst in with 120 for one on the turn it's played (you'll have to evolve 'Toed and 'Wrath same turn) and if you can keep it from getting attacked, and 150 for three while taking twenty. Whew! As you can see, HUGE risk leads to HUGE reward if you can reach it.


Frog Hop: I guess Politoed did need an attack. It's not bad, really. It's about 60 for two energy, so good if you lose a single Poli. I guess you could say it's an efficient sweeper for the end game.


Weakness: This is some good change, as all the other Polis are Electric weak. I don't see this thing taking down any Luxrays for them, though, but if you have THEM out, it really shouldn't matter what the 'Toed can do should it?


Retreat Cost: Delightfully small, it's faster than it's Poliwrath brother. Easy to retreat on a Stage Two is a good trait to have.


Combos: The main card I can see this being combined with is Garchomp LV. X, and that would definitely be a fairy tale, myth of the Giant Poliwag type of deck. The LV. X would Restore, many Poliwags would not be neccesary, and Phione would be a great starter and evolve the HELL out of everything. The Evoluter TM would also find a home. Other than that, the whole inner-Poli combo just requires to many cards to fit into anything else. No tossing Lucario with it and calling it a deck here.



Modified: 3/5 It's a deck I'd like to see work, even though it's complicated and probably unpopular....taking 70 from one energy is just LUDICROUS though


Limited: 3/5 You won't be building the family here, but 60 for two is still just mathematically good


If you're looking for a Purugly deck list, just head on over to Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com. They hooked me up with a mighty fine build, and for just a little praise, they'll do the same for you partnah. 

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