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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mewtwo Lv. 42

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.23.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/23 Mewtwo Lv.42 (LA)
Hello, and it's time for another short review today. It's a shame really since I really wanted to lay into todays card, Mewtwo, especially considering it has a superior alternative from MD. Before talking about the really awful parts if the card, the basics. First, HP, and 80 on a non-evolving basics is alright really, but with so many having 100HP these days, it doesn't cut it really. Hey, even the other, better Mewtwo (MD) has 90 HP, so it's 1 point for the MD Mewtwo. Next, Weakness, and the LA one wins out here with a +20 Psychic Weakness, which is brilliant for a Legendary, since they generally have a x2 Weakness, like what happened with the MD Mewtwo. No Resistance on Mewtwo (LA) is, well, no Resistance, it's to be expected. 2 Retreat Cost is rather high for a Basic, so I'm not a big fan of that on both Mewtwo's really. In Resistance and Retreat Cost, because it's the same for both cards, neither has any advantage there.
So, after the basics of the card, the LA Mewtwo has a worse HP, but is made up for with a better Weakness. Just a shame that the attacks let it down now then. Hypnoblast can be a nice stalling attack, especially needing on C for the attack. However, with 10 damage and auto-Sleep, it will only ever be a stalling attack, and unless your opponent gets 78 billion tails in a row (slight exaggeration there maybe), it's eventually going to be attacked. Obviously, Hypnoblast will always be a secondary attack one Mewtwo. Not as though it's main attack is anything to shout about. For PCC, Psychic will do 40, which isn't a good start really. However, it does 10 extra damage for each energy on the Defending Pokémon. Because of that, it could turn into quite a powerful attack, but only if the Defending Pokémon uses a lot of energies to attack. Because of that, Psychic is too situational.
So how does that stack up to the MD Mewtwo then? Well, not well to be honest. MD Mewtwo has a larger variety of attacks, giving more flexibility to what you can do, from energy acceleration to healing to solid damage. Seriously, the only reason you'd prefer Psychic instead of Psyburn is if your up against Torterra (MD or DP) with 4 energies attached since otherwise, it's the same amount of attacks needed for a KO either way.
Combos for Mewtwo LA, and really, with the binder is the best way, ready to be traded away. If you actually wanted to use it, then obviously, Mewtwo Lv.X (LA) is needed to make it useful against other basics and to actually have a high damaging, consistent attack. If you wanted to do at least 70 damage with every Psychic attack (could be useful, I suppose), try Mr. Mime (MT), who will basically force any Pokémon who wants to attack it to have 3 energies attached to it. Could be useful, but would probably take a bit too long really.
Survivability, and really, it isn't good. Kingdra (LA) will 2HKO it with Dragon Pump, or use an 8 energy powered Aqua Stream for a OHKO instead. Luxray (LA) will just get a OHKO from Shock Bolt, or toy with Mewtwo and go with a 2HKO from Plasma. AMU could go completely over board and use Supreme Blast from Mesprit Lv.X (LA), but 220 damage to get rid of it is just too funny not to do. However, for a slightly more sane approach, Uxie Lv.X (LA) can just use Zen Blade for 80, and thus a OHKO. Skittles will just get 4 different Basic Energies onto Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO. Eeveelutions can have 5 energies in play for Leafeon Lv.X (MD) to get a OHKO, or use Glaceon Lv.X (MD) and a Plus Power/Buck's Training for a OHKO instead. In fact, apart from Umbreon (MD) all of the Eeveelutions will get a OHKO with the aid of a couple of Plus Powers/Buck's Training. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) gets a OHKO from Cyber Shock, or use the normal Magnezone's (DP) attack with 3 Metal Energies attached. However, due to Mewtwo being a basic, these figures could be increase bu the use of Snowpoint Temple.
Modified: Compared to the MD Mewtwo, this has one really redeeming feature, and that would be that Hypnoblast can act as a bit of a stalling attack. Other than that, what point is there to using it? Psychic will need the same amount of attacks as Psyburn to KO most Pokémon, and the MD one has Energy Absorption, making more useful as a base for Mewtwo Lv.X. Unless you have no other choice, do not use this Mewtwo. 1.75/5
Limited: Still not really powerful here, but being a basic, it is incredibly useful. Hypnoblast is a great stalling attack here, and Psychic can get many 2HKOs and even, against really low HP Pokémon, a nice OHKO. I still wish it has more HP though, so it wouldn't be so susceptible to being 1 or 2HKOed itself, and it's still a little slow. 3.5/5
Arbok14 Hello, today we have the new Legends Awakened version of Mewtwo!

Name: Mewtwo Lv. 42
Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Rare Holo

Type: (Psychic) - A pretty common type, fits well in some decks.

HP: (80) - Not bad, but not as good as the other Mewtwo. Obviously, the Lv. X can help this out.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic+20/none) - This weakness is better than the other Mewtwo's, but it can still be OHKOed by a lot of psychics.

Retreat Cost: (2) - Not a good retreat cost for a basic. You really would not want to spend this to retreat.

Attack #1: (C - Hypnoblast) - This attack is cheap, but not very good. The other version of Mewtwo helps to set itself up with its first attack.

Attack #2: (PCC - Psychic) - This attack could be good against stuff like Leafeon, Magmortar, etc, but it will do horribly against Kingdra.

Final Analysis: This Mewtwo, in most aspects, is not nearly as good as the other option from Majestic Dawn. Psychic would be the only reason it could be better, but really, the Lv. X would really just be used for the attack of 120. I like the other Mewtwo's ability to get energy back from the discard for free.

Modified: This Mewtwo it OK, but not the one I would use if I were to use the Lv. X. (1.5/5)

Limited: This could be pretty good in limited because of the cheap first attack and the second one only needing 1 specific energy. (3.5/5)
 San Bernardino,

Well, HELLO there little fella! Don't be shy. Did you come all the way here for a review? Well, then it's you're lucky day, because I have just one more in my big bag of reviews (don't worry i'll get it filled back up by tomorrow)! Unfortunately, though, my last one is gonna have to be wasted on a terrible card like this. Sad it is sad it is, me and this card...but at least this will be a quicker one. So hopefully painless. Well, onta it.


Basic: Mewtwo is a basic yada yada yada searched out with Roseanne's or Pachi yada yada yada not really worth it though yada.


80 HP: This is low for a legendary, but as it's not a bigger legendary (it has roughly the same dimensions as a football player, NOT a soccer player, they're more like Mew), it makes sense. It has less than the legendary birds, though, so I guess the big bad movie villian can't take more hits than Big Bird.......s. Regardless, the HP is lower than it's counterpart, and even without the x2 Weakness it will still crumple up to a Psy Lock.


Hypnoblast: I didn't think I'd ever see an attack that was on a JIGGLYPUFF on a MEWTWO (CG Jigglypuff, go ahead GOOGLE it). I guess they shared alot during their time on SSB Melee. Still, though, it's not a very good starting attack, and it really has no place on a Mewtwo. It fails considerably.


Psychic: It's a weakened version of the Mismagius attack. I guess if your opponent has the usual three energy on their active, it will do 10 more than the other Mewtwo's Psyburn, but that really is the ONLY reason you'd ever want this more than the other Mewtwo. And if you're up against Kindra or something with less than three energy, that teeny adavantage is gone. Even against a Blissey, it won't KO and will just do good damage for three energy.


Weakness: It has +20 instead of the other's x2. Still not enough to warrant any play.


Retreat Cost: All Mewtwos now have 2 retreat. Nothin' special about this one.....


Combos: IT doesn't!!! It doesn't combo with it's LV. X (trust me, Hypnoblasting your way back to three energy is not gonna work), and it's attacks won't lend anything to any strategy. This card is far and beyond worser (didn't know that was how you say it I looked it upo for this article I always thought you just put more worse) than the other Mewtwo, and I can see NO redeeming qualities in it. I'm sorry if you pulled one maybe you can "tech" one in, if you don't have the other Mewtwo.....




Modified: 2/5 I hate handing out below average scores but this thing deserves one it's terrible sorry


Limited: 3/5 Not so bad here, as it is a Big Basic Pokemon, but it still won't really devastate anybody here.


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