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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Yanmega Lv. 47

Diamond & Pearl
Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.02.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/2 Yanmega Lv.47 (LA)
Right, another short review today. Yanmega has received a fair bit of attention, mainly as a spreader, but also as a hit and runner. Sonic Wave is how it can be a spreader, happily dealing 10 to everything and forcing a switch. This is obviously great with the other spreading and take advantage of spreading cards. Yanmega is a nice spreader, and the extra effect of the switch can be quite disruptive, but the role of spreader has got some many great alternatives that it's not even funny anymore. However, most other spreaders can't do so without cost, which makes Yanmega that little bit more special. Pursue and Turn is a rather expensive form of a hit and runner. 60 for GGCC is rubbish really. If your done 2 spreads, then it turns to 80 and a free switch. There aren't many Pokémon that can do the same sort of thing, but those that do are maybe less powerful, but they are at least quicker.
90 HP on a non-evolving Stage 1 is quite average really. Should survive a hit earlier on in the game, but the later the game gets, I wouldn't count on it surviving. +20 Lightning Weakness isn't too bad really, due to not many Lightning Pokémon being around in the metagame (probably), with Electivire (SW) and Luxray (LA) probably seeing the most play. -20 Resistance to Fighting isn't that great either to be honest, with Gallade (SW) and maybe the odd Rhyperior Lv.X (LA) being the most played Fighting types. No Retreat Cost is very nice, though if you ever end up trying to get Pursue and Turn up and running, it may be necessary to have it really.
Combos, and first, spreaders and cards that can take advantage of it. To be honest, I've probably said about these sorts of cards so many times, you'll remember them straight away (unless this is the first review of mine you've read, at which point, you may want to look back at a couple of spreaders from about a week or 2 ago). However, there are a couple that I really like the idea of. Brozong (MD) and Omastar (MD) to make what is esentially a deck that requires no energy. This is probably the only deck that can do something like this, so it's definately unique, and could be quite good, just don't count on it. The other sort of deck is a hit and run deck, using Pursue and Turn to switch into something that won't be harmed (or at least, might not), such as Mr. Mime (MT), Shuckle (SW) or Jumpluff (SW). There are alternatives to Yanmega that require less energy, and are, to be honest, probably better at it, but it's always an option.
Survivability, and, well, don't expect too much. I would go over all of the big decks, but if they don't get a OHKO, it will always be a 2HKO. Mind you, Pursue and Turn does help a bit, allowing it to take to the relative safety of the bench. Also, another counter is Bastiodon (MT), due to stopping Sonic Wave's bench damage, thus making it a largely ineffective card, though, ironically, would help in hit and run variations of Yanmega decks to keep Yanmega from being sniped itself.
Modified: It is a excellent spreader thanks to it's no energy cost, and Pursue and Turn is an alright secondary attack, or hit and runner, just it takes so long to get it set up. The idea of an energy less deck is quite appealing though, and should be quite fun and odd at the same time. Basically, it's probably better as a spreader than a hit and runner, but could be quite effective in either role. 3.5/5
Limited: Again, it can work in either role here, though don't expect too many other spreaders or cards to take advantage of spread to be found here, and there is nothing here that would be worth switching in for Pursue and Turn. Mind you, 60 or 80 here is nothing to say no to, even if it does cost 4 energies. 3.25/5

Sup all you poke-people! I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day by not doing labor. I, on the other hand, was, under pain of being digested by a Wailord, forced to write this (should I have gone with Snorlax instead?). ANYWAYS, today's card is Yanmega, the evolved form of our old pal Yanma, who saw relatively no play when he was released back in Neo Discovery. Hopefully, Yanmega will change that. Actually.......HAHA Yanmega's first attack is almost exactly alike the old Yanma's! Check it out! Don't worry, I'll give you time..............................alright ready? On to the card!!!


90 HP: Weeeeelllll, it's good I guess for a Stage One, but Yanmega, with a four energy attack, is gonna want more. At least it can retreat easily when damaged, though.


Sonic Wave: A GREAT free attack, damage spread and a forced switch. It's really a very good fit for this Pokemon and lets you apply instant pressure on turn two.


Pursue and Turn: Despite being strangely named, this attack is actually pretty strong. At first glance, it looks terrible. 60 Damage for FOUR ENERGY and then an 80 and a forced retreat? That'd only be about 70 for four and then I gotta retreat something to attack with it again? But then you may notice again it's first attack, retreat cost(or lack thereof), and the wheels should start to turn. Yanmega with no energy up attacking, building Yanmega on bench, and another Yanmega or free retreater on bench. Soooooo, Sonic Wave until death or retreat when close to death, bring up powered Yanmega, P and T, and then tag out for damage-free free retreater. If you played during the Neo days, you'll probably realize this is very similar to the old Donphan-Rapid Spin-put up a Focus Banded Baby trick. Personally......I LIKE IT!!


Weakness: Shouldn't be too big of a deal. While I believe the new Luxray will see play, it would OHKO a Yanmega anyway, and with the switching of P and T, it's unlikely you'll get plasma'd twice.


Resistance: It's that old flying-fighter hate. Ummm, ya, Probobass, Lucario, Rhyperior, Machamp etc. etc......hehe, when I first started playing and the whole Flying resistance to fighting thing mattered, I always used to imagine a Hitmonchan trying to jump up punch a Pidgey out of the air..


Retreat Cost: Yanmega will beat any advertised retreat price, or his retreat cost is FREEEEEEE!!! Apparently, Yanmega can never afford to lower his prices, and always gives his retreat for free......Anyways, like the original Yanma, this thing has no retreat cost, which allows all the Yanmega attack, retreat, attack again craziness to even exist. The card would be ten times worse if it even had a one retreat cost, but it doesn't so yay.


Combos: FROSLASS MUTHATRUCKA! Yanmega and the new Froslass combine to make a great Damage Spread deck that uses the Froslass/energyless Yanmega to attack and stall, and then switches to a P and T engine. Even if all your Yanmegas get destroyed, Froslass can actually close that game with that cheap but powerful attack of hers. Seriosly, the little add ons to that forty damage are pretty crazy for just two measly energy.



Modified: 4/5 This will most likely see play, so be prepared for it


Limited: If you can build this thing, or even use it to buy time to build something on the bench, this guy is a monster.


As always, send any complaints to Pojo, and any all praise to Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com. Thank you

Chicago, IL

Yanmega Lv. 47


I like this card better as a Non Holo Rare than a Reverse or a regular Holo version. Solely for the background since I believe looks great.

Ok, to it's stats. 90 Hp is ok for a stage 1 that cannot evolve any further. It is weak to lightning by +20 which is average for a stage 1 even though it's basic form, Yanma, has the same weakness and by the same amount so that's pretty good. It is resistant to fighting, which is always good to have as a bit of safety. It's retreat cost makes this card better because how you use this card, the only energy card that should ever be attached to it is a call energy but other than that, you never have to attach an energy to this card.


It's first attack is really good. For no energies, Sonic Wave does 10 damage to all pokemon your opponent has in play and it forces your opponent to switch after the attack. Spreading 10 for nothing is great especially with this card being able to be KO'ed in two shots mid game. The second effect is a bit situational. You do not want your opponent to have the ability to Lv. X a pokemon they had on the bench without having to retreat for it but it is great when your opponent has to push up a Claydol.


The second attack, Pursue and Turn, is really bad and it should not be used at any point. It takes too long to set up that attack and for the damage it is dealing, it is not worth effort to set up for this attack seeing as this card has the HP to support it.


Yanmega is a pretty good spreading card and it could fit in any deck with a 1-1 line. In the metagame, I doubt this card would see that much play unless it is in a damage spread deck with spiritomb, froslass, empoleon, laturn, tentacruel, etc.


Modified: 3/5. This card is good but there are better options other than this card. (froslass). This card is always fun to use and can find some great use in the future.


Limited: 4/5. With this card, you can focus on other cards to put in your deck energy wise. Plus forcing your opponent to bring up their high retreat cost pokemon with one to none energies (regigigas, rayquaza, etc.) is always a plus.


Hey everyone, welcome to a new week of COTD's. Most everybody will be in school now, so that means less free time. I'll try to get these in every day to save you guys time when looking at new cards. Today we have Yanmega, the new evolution to Yanma. 


Name:   Yanmega Lv. 47 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare Holo 


Type: (Grass) - Grass is probably the most common type out there. I'm pretty sure that there will be nothing resistant to grass with the new format. Also, Yanmega's weakness makes it very intriguing. 


HP: (90) - Certainly not the best HP for a Stage 1. 90 is not horrible, though. 


Weakness/Resistance: (Lightning+20/Fighting-20) - OK, Yanmega is a grass type, which is weak to Lightning. I like that combination, because if you play Sceptile, Yanmega is a nice tech for weakness protection. I'm not saying that weakness to lightning is necessarily good, but it is much better than fire. Oh, and fighting resistance is just about the best you can get! 


Retreat Cost: (0) - Its bottom stats just keep getting better! A+++ 


Attack #1: (0 - Sonic Wave) - This move is great! It does 10 damage to all of your opponent's Pokemon... for FREE! Then it has your opponent switch its active. A lot of times this is a good effect, sometimes not. I do like this attack though. It makes Yanmega extremely techable. 


Attack #2: (GGCC - Pursue and Turn) - This move is expensive to say the least. BUT... Sceptile helps Yanmega a lot. So, for 2 grass energy, this huge bug can do a potential 80 damage. You also get to retreat for free, so you essentially hit and run. I like it. 


Final Analysis: OK, like I said, the lightning weakness makes Yanmega very interesting. It also has a great attack for free. Those combined make Yanmega not only a great tech in grass decks, but in many other decks of different types. I'm a big fan of damage spread, too. Pursue and Turn will only really be useful in Sceptile decks. Its retreat cost and resistance to fighting only make it that much more valuable. The 90 HP is really the only downside and is a big obstacle to overcome. Yanmega can't take many, if any, hits from the big guns out there today. 


Modified: Extremely techable. I like it especially in Sceptile/Leafeon decks. (3.5/5)


Limited: Free retreat cost, a good resistance and a free attack that spreads damage. Just about as good as it gets in limited. (4.5/5)

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