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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Heatran Lv. 47

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.19.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.67
Limited: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, sorry I missed the review you yesterday, but I've made it back for today's, which is Heatran. 


Name:   Heatran Lv. 47 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare Holo 


Type: (Fire) - This is not a terrible type right now, it obviously has its advantages against Leafeon, Sceptile, and the like. 


HP: (100) - Pretty good for a basic Pokemon. 


Weakness/Resistance: (Water x2/none) - :O Not good. You will fail against Kingdra and Empoleon. 


Retreat Cost: (4) - :O Not bad. It's terrible. 


Poke-POWER (Flash Fire) - This is a decent power that can be even better when played with Typhlosion and Stark Mountain. If you pick up 2 energy per turn and send them both up to Heatran, you can easily do 80+ damage a turn. 


Attack #1: (Magma Storm) - This attack is not bad. You can technically do at least 80 damage for this attack. This is a lot of energy though, so it may be tough to build up and keep built up. 


Final Analysis: This Heatran is a cool idea for a card, but its bottom stats make it virtually unplayable. Water is just to popular right now, and its retreat cost keeps it solidly in place. 


Modified: I won't give it a 1/5 simply because the only reason it isn't good is because of its bottom stats. So, how about a (1.5/5)  


Limited: Probably not a good idea for limited play. It needs way too many energy and it cannot retreat easily unless you want to waste 4 precious energy. (1.5/5)

Jigglypuff13 9/19 Heatran Lv.47 (LA)
Final day of the week already? That went quick. Mind you, it's just a shame we can't leave the week with a good card. To start, the basics of the card, and 100 HP is good on a basic (like I said yesterday), so that is a good start. x2 Weakness to Water is possibly the worst weakness you could have right now really since all of those popular Water Pokémon (Kingdra (LA), Empoleon (MD), Glaceon Lv.X (MD), any others that may be used) will OHKO Heatran. No Resistance is, well, I'll gloss over that, but the Retreat Cost is something that can't be glossed over. 4 Retreat Cost on anything is really bad but it is ever so slightly better here than it was on Regigigas (LA) yesterday because the attack needs 4 energies to use it. Still rubbish though.
OK, abilities, and Flash Fire is a nice looking Poké-Power really. Essentially, it's a Fire typed Stark Mountain that can be used just for Heatran, which is quite nice really, giving him some pseudo-Energy Acceleration. Combed with Stark Mountain and enough energy in play to feed it, you could get it powered up in 2 turns (or 1 if you use an Energy Switch and do a normal attachment to Heatran), which turns an otherwise slow card into a nice fast one. Mind you, I'm still not sure whether you would actually want it to attack with Magma Storm or not. FFCC for 40 isn't a promising start, but discarding Basic energies to deal more damage is still maybe a little bad. However with the right combo (explained next paragraph), you can easily do 80 per turn, and when Heatran Lv.X comes out (next set), it should be able to do 120 per turn, which is a lot more respectable.
Now, combos, and the only combo for it (and I mean realistic combo that can actually be used) is with Stark Mountain and Typhlosion (MT). Essentially, you use Magma Storm to deal 80 damage, then next turn, you use 2 Fire Starters (preferable, but a normal attachment could be used instead of one of them), then move them to your active Heatran from Flash Fire and Stark Mountain. This means, if you get it set up, you will be doing 80 damage per turn, which is alright, but not really that great. When Heatran Lv.X comes out, then it becomes 120 with that out, which is maybe a bit better, but I'm not sure whether it would be any good or not. For the moment, shove it in your folder, that a good combo with Heatran for now.
Survivability, and it's roughly the same as for Regigigas (LA) yesterday, only worse. Kingdra (LA) only needs to power up Dragon Pump, or just use a Plus Power/Buck's Training on a non-powered Dragon Pump for a OHKO. Luxray (LA) will happily Shock Bolt it for a OHKO as well. AMU will happily use Mesprit Lv.X (LA) to Supreme Blast it for a OHKO, but a combination of over attacks should get a 2HKO which is quite nice. Eeveelutions will need 7 energies in play to get a OHKO from Verdant Dance from Leafeon Lv.X (MD), but it shouldn't be attacking Heatran when Vaporeon (MD) and Glaceon Lv.X (MD) get a OHKO thanks to Weakness, and won't be threatened by Heatran's typing either. Skittles will happily attack 5 different Basic Energy cards to Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will get a 2HKO from Cyber Shock, and Paralysis will take away the fear of Weakness for 1 turn at least (unless they selfishly use Switch or Warp Point).
Modified: It has a combo, but at the moment, it isn't a good one. Until Heatran Lv.X comes out, your probably best leaving this in the binder. When it does, you could use the combo for Heatran to be a main attacker again, but you are probably more wowed by Heatran Lv.X's supportive abilities for other cards, and thus just use the today's Heatran for leveling up. Probably for the best really, since Heatran isnt a good attacker, if with help from the Lv.X. 1.5/5
Limited: 4 turns to power up (unless you get them all out early, then Stark Mountain/Flash Fire them to Heatran) a 40 damage attack isn't great, and needing to discard energies to do more damage isn't very good either here, meaning you will be doing 60 damage per turn if you attach an energy every turn. Energy Pick-Up could allow you to do more damage on 1 particular turn, but still isn't enough to redeem it. 1/5
 San Bernardino,

Weeelllllllllllll, first thing's first. I'd like to say  "hey, my bad" on that little pokemon trivia thing yesterday. I messed up on the facts in it, and you guys let me know I did......numerous times throughout the day hahaha. But what you don't know.......I..I MESSED UP FOR A REASON! THAT'S RIGHT!! I MEANT TO DO IT TO SEE WHO WAS SMART ENOUGH TO CATCH IT!! So, good job for anyone who found my mista....I mean, who beat me at my little fun game!


Anyways, onto my man Heatran from the mountan...hehe..Alright so Heatran is another Legendary Pokemon, which lately we seem to be dealing alot with, and, like others, he has the whole Giant HP, Giant Retreat Cost, One Pokepower One Attack set up. But is Heatran useful enough to be played....On to the card!!!


Basic Pokemon: Like many Legendaries, if not all of them, Heatran is a basic. And like those too, you don't want to start with him because he's a bit of an energy hog....and in this case will also get killed by something like a Buizel rather quickly. So, it has the usual benefits and drwbacks: Easy to search out from your deck, but terrible to start with.


100 HP: Also a staple of the bigger Legendaries, the 100 HP. It's pretty high for a basic, about double the HP of a normal basic, and it'll be high for the early game. But, in this card's case, not high enough against any water poke.


Flash Fire: Alright, onto the main card. Flash Fire is the way to put energy onto this big guy. With this it can absorb early starting pokemon's energy, damaged pokemon's energy, and, which is going to be the most obvious combo with Heatran, Typhlosion's Firestarter energy. So, basically, Heatran has the ability to drop down, power up, and hit with good damage from out of nowhere.


Magma Storm: Why, oh why couldn't they have upped the damage by like 20? Heatran's one and only attack, this supposed "Magma" "Storm" hits for 40 to 120 (if you ditch all the energy that's powering it). Sadly, it's a very underpowered attack, and I'd expect more form a Legendary like Heatran. I mean, everyone knows pokemon HP and attacks have increased darastically from where they were during the Base Set to Neo days. But Heatran's attack is stuck in the past; case in point, Magcargo from Neo Revelations has the SAME attack as Heatran...for an enrgy LESS! I'm sorry, but I think this attack prevents this Heatran from ever seeing more than a possible one copy of himself in a Typhlosion-using deck, at least until the LV.X for Heatran arrives.


Weakness: OUCH!!! Against  water pokemon, Heatran effectively turns into a 50 HP Weedle. This Weakness will make it a dead card against water-type decks, ESPECIALLY if they're utilizing Palkia. Just shut down from water by that Weakness.


Retreat Cost: It's huge. We all know it would be huge. No suprise: pack Warp Points.


Combos: I see only one combo with this Heatran, and it's kind of just as a tech. In a Typhlosion Deck, depending on what you're using with the Typhlo, you can play a copy of this to get an instant refillable attacker late game. It won't do much damage, but it is refillable, so you can get some 100s out of it if you have enough Typhlos and in-hand energy. Other than that, UNTIL THE LV. X COMES STATESIDE, this card has no place in any other deck.



Modified: 2/5 I think this is the first time I've rated a card under average....*sigh* If only they would have increased the attack damage, or at least added another effect....


Limited: 2/5 Not very good here either as you'll have a tough time powering it, and it'l probably be stuck to doing 40 to allow you to build something else. It can take a hit though


Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com is the party e-mailbox of the YEAR!!! SO don't get left out! Reserve a place at the the party by sending your feedback!   

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