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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Regigigas Lv. 48

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.18.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/18 Regigigas Lv.48 (LA)
Hello, and welcome to a card that somehow managed to be a theme deck card. if only there was a good reason for it. First of all, the basics, and the HP (100) is really good on a basic, so it should be able to survive the odd hit or 2. And that's where the good points end. Next, we have a x2 Fighting Weakness, which isn't so good due to Gallade (SW) (which, admittedly, won't be played too much any more) and the 2 main new Fighting Pokémon we got in LA, Gliscor (holo LA) and it's Lv.X (LA) and Ryhperior Lv.X (LA), all of which will happily get a OHKO on Regigigas. Next, no Resistance, which is annoyingly average. Finally, it has a 4 Retreat Cost. 4 Retreat Cost on anything is bad, but it's also bad if you get a Retreat Cost higher than the highest attack cost on the card, so the retreat cost is terrible.
Ok, now for Recovery Mechanism, which is maybe an alright Poké-Body. In this format, removing Special Conditions is quite a useful Poké-Body since there are a lot of Special Conditions in this format, mainly from Gliscor (holo and Lv.X, LA), Bellossom (LA), Vileplume (LA) and Magnezone Lv.X (LA), which is quite useful really. However, in order to trigger it, you have to attach an energy to Regigigas, which isn't so good, especially if you have 3 or maybe even 4 energies attached to it (you should have the former, thus you should be able to use Recovery Mechanism once and not be a fool for doing so). It's a nice idea, but it won't work in practice. Gigaton Punch is a rather average attack as well. CCC for 60 rather average, and the chance of doing an extra 20 and a 20 snipe isn't that great either. Basically, it averages out at 80 damage (70 to the active and a 10 snipe), and thus should 2HKO most Pokémon, but only if you get at least 1 heads flip. 75% chance of doing so, but it won't always happen.
Combos, and basically, the only combo is with your folder.
Survivability, and it will be 2HKO at worst mainly. Kingdra (LA) can get a 2HKO from 2 Dragon Pumps (of which one needs to be fully powered), but 20 snipes will reduce that number. Luxray (LA) gets a OHKO from a Shock Bolt. AMU can either use Mesprit Lv.X (LA) to get a OHKO from Supreme Blast (natch), or can use Zen Blade from Uxie Lv.x (LA) and then an attack that does 40 damage to get a 2HKO. Eeveelutions will get a OHKO with 7 energies in play thanks to Leafeon Lv.X (MD) and Verdant Dance, but others can get 2HKOs (though Joteon (MD) can get a OHKO if it discards it's energies and has a Plus Power/Buck's Training to help it). Skittles needs just 5 different basic energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) to get a OHKO, though Togekiss (GE) can get a 2HKO if needs be. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) gets a 2HKO from Cyber Shock, but the Paralysis can be cured for no reason what so ever. Actually, the shocking thing is, if you have a Plus Power/Buck's Training to help it, then Claydol (GE) can get a OHKO against Regigigas, which is great fun, if you are the one attacking with Claydol that is.
Modified: There is no reason to use this card. Even when Regigigas Lv.X gets released, there will be another normal Regigigas, and one which is a lot better than this one. Seriously, this is rubbish, so burn it/bin it/shoe box it/whatever, because it is completely useless. If you get one in a pack, sorry, basically. I wish I could give this a 0/5, but since I'm not allowed to... 1/5
Limited: If you can power this card up, it might be quite powerful here, and should get a OHKO or 2 here, and Recovery Mechanism can be useful here since there will be more Special Conditions here. However, it's still not good to attach more energies to it than needed. 3.5/5
 San Bernardino,

Heya all you Bug Catchers, Pokemainiacs, Hikers, Flower Ladies, and Cool Trainer Girls and Cool Trainer Boys out there!!! Before we get to today's card, how about a little Pokemon Trivia, ay? no?! WELL THAT'S TOO BAD I'M DOING IT ANYWAY YOU CAN'T STOP WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE!!!! Hahh! *sigh*......SO, can anyone tell me what Pokemon weighs the most? Hmmm? Yes, that's right, Wailord. And who can tell me what pokemon that stands on two feet is the tallest? Anyone? YEP, you got it it's Palkia! But, neither of these pokemon, nor any other Pokemon that weighs over 1000 pounds or is taller than thirteen feet is the COLOSSAL POKEMON! Only REGIGIGAS deserves this honor, and HE is our card for today!


.........Wait, did my intro to the card just turn into an episode of Dora the Explorer?

Well, at least it wasn't Blue's friggin Clues.....and for that matter, looking at that show and Scooby Doo, do all cartoon dogs have to be DETECTIVES?


Basic Pokemon: So, Regigigasis a Basic Pokemon, which is good because he can be grabbed by Dual Ball (when it comes back into this format) and Roseanne's I'M-SO-TIRED-BECAUSE-I'M-SO-OVERPLAYED-CAN-I-PLEASE-PUT-DOWN-THE-DIARY-AND-THE-STUPID-PIPLUP-I-DON'T-EVEN-LIKE-PIPLUP-I-WANT-TURTWIG.......Research. Check your card art people. Hanyway, obviously this is a good thing because you don't need a Phione or a Bebe's Search to find it easily. The drawback to this is that sometimes you'l have to start the game with it, and when you don't have a quick way of putting energy onto it this can be quite bad.


100 HP: GREAT, and pretty basic now for a legendary non-evolver.


Recovery Mechanism: ....A good poke-body, but then again all poke-bodies are helpful these days. When it's hit with a status, if you don't have a Warp Point (you dang sure ain't retreating it), you'll have to use this. Of course, this ability won't come into play every game, and there will be times where even when you'd want to use it that energy NEEDS to go somewhere else. But when you're 'Gigas with two energy just got put to sleep by a Froslass, and you missed the flip, you'll be happy this card has that line of text.


Gigaton Punch: The meat and potatoes of this card. Gigaton Punch is basically a three energy 70 damage attack that does 10 to sumthin' on the bench. About as good as older Empoleon, a little less than Manectric, better than Floatzel and yada etc. yada etc. Bottomline I'd say is this: this attack on basic is strong as long as you can build it on the bench or Togekiss the energy onto it as an active. It does enough damage, and two tails isn't devestating, and two heads can be for your opponent.


Weakness: WHHHHY?! It has promise, why dilute it it's not even a LV. X so why 2x. If they're playing fighting, your screwed. It's a simple as that, even fighing basics can 2HKO the COLOSSAL pokemon. Sad, really.....


Retreat Cost: The only way this will ever be a good play is if you already had the three energy attached, had to use Recover Mechanism, and can retreat for a fully powered whatever. USE THE WARP


Combos: I've actually been eagerly awaiting this part because I have recently seen a deck utilizing this card quite well. It used all the Regis (Regice, Regirock, Registeel, snd Regigigas for the looking-it-up impaired) teamed up with Togekiss and Pachirisu (to grab Togepis and the occasional Regi), with Snowpoint Temple, alot of shuffle-draw supporters to take advantage of the other Regis Poke-Powers, and a good chunk of Water, Steel, and Fighting Energy. The deck is actually pretty strong, with 'Gigas usually being the first hitter, Regice, providing some good disruption, Regirock being a quickly powered up about 60 damage a turn hitter, and Registeel, being a good end game. The deck is clearly not mainstream, but I would vouch for it's strength.



Modified: 3.5/5 The card isn't game changing, at least no until it's LV. X comes out. But it is solid, based in good stats.


Limited: 4/5 It's a pseudo evolution that can take any energy. Pick it up.


Scientist have determined that the economy's health is directly linked to the amount of feedback my reviews receive. Unless you want to be eating Spaghetti O's for breakfast.........and thas it for the day, I suggest you STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION!!

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