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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Froslass Lv. 46

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.16.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Today we have Froslass, the new evolution of Snorunt. 


Name:   Froslass Lv. 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare Holo 


Type: (Water) - A pretty common type right now. Watch out for Leafeon. 


HP: (90) - This is decent HP for a stage 1, but certainly not the best. (Wailord killed it with 200... ;) ) 


Weakness/Resistance: (Metal+20/none) - Not a terrible weakness, but Magnezone and Metagross will make serious bids for decks. 


Retreat Cost: (1) - Not a bad retreat cost, it can definitely be overcome. 


Attack #1: (P - Destiny Bond) - Base Gastly... You have returned!! Well this could lead to a lot of stalling... Maybe? I'm not sure if the effect goes away if Froslass is sent to the bench? Oh, well, I wouldn't use it for this attack anyway. 


Attack #2: (WC - Icy Breath) - This is what makes Froslass worth something. This attack is absolutely filthy, and it will find a place in many damage-spreading decks. For two energy, it does 40 damage and puts a damage counter on each of your opponent's benched. This can get around bench-protectors. Oh, and it puts your opponent to sleep. This is a very cheap, effective attack. 


Final Analysis: I definitely like this card. Froslass can find a place in many bench-hitting/damage-spreading decks. It can fit into many decks... You could probably build something half-decent that revolves around this. 


Modified: A good card. I would expect to see this around. Not the hardest hitting, but good nonetheless. (4/5)


Limited: Great here. Simply great. Don't use Destiny Bond. Please. (4.5/5)


Chicago, IL

Frosslass Lv. 46


Since I have not seen this pokemon outside of the TCG, I can't think of anything to joke about this pokemon. ......................Dang it...


Let's just check out this card. 90 HP on a Stage 1 pokemon is decent for a pokemon that cannot evolve any further but it will not get that far either. +20 weakness to steel is alright since there is no playable pokemon that use steel as their attacker. Well maybe Magnezone but not yet. So yes, Weakness does not pose a problem to this pokemon. There is no Resistance. It also has a retreat cost of one which is good for a pokemon like this that does not use that much energy in the first place.


Destiny Bond. I used to loved this attack sooooooo much back in the day with Base Gastly. What it does is that for one psychic energy and discarding it, you can knock out the pokemon that knocked out this card. It was so effective then but in a format where everyone plays Warp Point, it is not that effective nowadays. It can help to stall your opponent out for a turn or force your opponent to play a Warp Point so that they do not have to worry about Frosslass being KO'ed.


Icy Breath. For a Water energy and one other energy, it does 40 damage and puts 1 damage counter on all of your opponent's benched pokemon.

Not only that, it also puts your opponents active to asleep status.

This attack is great. You have the 50-50 chance of making your Frosslass to survive another turn. This attack does so much for so little energy. This is a great attack by any means for what it can do.


It is a low energy consuming pokemon. It is great to use in Spread Decks or in Empoleon Variants where Frosslass can set up your opponent for easy KO's later on in the game. This card may be seen in a couple of decks this season and from experience, this card can get really annoying if set up quick enough.



Modified: 3.5/5. It is great early and late game to start picking off pokemon that have low HP in the bench. Mid game is where I believe where this card cannot survive because your opponent would be doing about 60 per turn by then.


Limited: 1/5. No Snorut equals no Frosslass. This card would be a beast here if snorut came in this set as well. Even if it had like 30 HP with craptacular attacks, Frosslass would be great no matter what.

If there was a Snorut here, I would score this a 123523412211423423432.54/ 5 and thats scoring it a bit low.



"I hate rolling for Sleep condition so much."

Jigglypuff13 9/16 Froslass Lv.46 (LA)
Hello, and another short review, which is quite annoying really since I really like this card today, Froslass. Basics first, and 90 HP on a non-evolving Stage 1 is quite good really. I do wish it had a little more HP to help it survive another hit, but 90 will do nicely really. +20 Metal Weakness just means Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will get a OHKO, and for Magnezone (DP) to only need 2 Metals attached for a OHKO, and that's about it really. No Resistance is, well, no Resistance really, annoyingly average. Same goes with the 1 Retreat Cost.
Now, the attacks, and these really make the card. First of all, Icy Breath (yeah, it's the more expensive attack, but this should be talked about first), and this is fantastic. For just WC, it does 40, auto-Sleep and a spread to your opponents bench that gets round abilities like Bastiodon (MT)'s Poké-Body. This is such a brilliant attack, and features such a brilliant spread, that it out classes so many of the standard spread cards like Yanmega (LA), who even have no attack costs. It is a brilliant attack, and should be the focus of the card. Destiny Bond reinforces this idea, being quite a nice final attack. Depending on how old you are, you may remember Gastly from Base Set, and the attack is the same as it was back then. Basically, if you use the attack and get KOed in your opponents next turn by damage from an attack, then both get KOed. It's a brilliant last ditch attack, and the great thing is, Retreating or Evolving don't get rid of the effect. However, placing damage counters or getting KOed by a Special Condition, then effect goes away. However, if you are struggling to get round Destiny Bonds effect, I like the idea of using Metagross (LA) and Magnetic Reversal to get the active (and Destiny Bond-ed) Froslass to the bench, and then start pounding the new active. It requires a flip, but it could work quite nicely really.
Combos, and again, it can be used with any other spreading card you like basically. Esentially, use it like any other spreading card, only this one will be able to get round effects like Bastiodon (MT). Personally, I like the idea of Froslass/Bronzong (MD) due to only ever placing damage counters onto the bench. If you don't like/have Bronzong (MD), just use any other spreading card you like basically. Froslass may be able to work on it's own as well, but I don't know how effective it would be.
Survivability, and really those that don't OHKO it will get a 2HKO instead (well, so long as they do at least 50 damage anyway). However, all of these Pokémon are then extremely vulnerable to being Destiny Bonded. This includes the likes of Kingdra (LA), and Luxray (LA) that uses Plasma, any non-Jolteon (MD) or Leafeon Lv.X (MD) Eeveelutions, and basically anything else that can't do 90 damage. AMU might be in a bit of trouble as well if they don't use Mesprit Lv.X (LA) and Supreme Blast, but use Uxie Lv.X (LA) and Zen Blade instead, then they could be Destiny Bonded as well. However, the can use Azelf Lv.X (LA) to get the KO instead due to being able to place damage counters for the KO.
Modified: It's brilliant here. Icy Breath is brilliant and annoying at the same time, and Destiny Bond can make things very tricky for your opponent. I think this is a brilliant card that should've been hyped more, and will be used. Those that it can't Destiny Bond will give this card a lot of headaches though. 4/5
Limited: No Snorunt in LA = no play here. 1/5
Reviews will be back to normal from me from tomorrow!
 San Bernardino,

STEP RIGHT UP, STEP RIGHT UP TO SEE THE AMAZING CARD RATER GUY!!!! Watch as he slowly takes his time to judge every symbol on the piece of cardboard and painstakingly rates it!!.......kay maybe it's not that exciting, but ata least I grabbed some attention (a soft type of hold, not like a strong hard grasp). Anywayze, today, just for you, we have Froslass, an Ice/Ghost pokemon that evolves from a little Snorunt. This card should be making some waves soon, and let me explain why:


Stage 1:Froslass comes from Snorunt, who is a poor starter, unfortunately. Just a collect and  a possible 20 from the little guy. Not impressive, but manageable considering it'l be a Froslass soon.


90 HP: Seemingly standard these days for non-evolving Stage 1's. Wish it were higher, but you should take what you can get.


Destiny Bond: An attack that many people have many opinions on. In the end, it's just a possible stall tactic if Froslass is damaged and you won't be giving it more energy for Icy Breath. Even after using it, you're opponent might still attack because they'll STILL get a prize. This attack is not meant to be a complete ward for knockouts.


Icy Breath: The focal (thankfully not fecal) part of the card [YES I KNOW I MADE A POOP JOKE!]. This attack is so strong do to all the add-ons it has. 2 Energy for 40? Bad. 2 Energy for 40 and 10 to tnhe bench? Good. All that AND  sleep? Froslass, I don't know what kind of mints you're using, (I will guess Altoid though) but THEY ARE WORKING! This attack is one you will be hearing called out alot in the future I believe.


Weakness: MEH City. Not really gonna be a problem, even against Bastiodon.


Retreat Cost: Being a ghost, it should just teleport back to the bench. But I guess ice slows one down. The retreat is just average and livable.


Combos:................WOW, there are alot of these. Kingdra, Empoleon, Bronzong/Cresselia (this could be a monster), Luxray, MY MAIN BUG YANMEGA, hell, even SWAMPERT could use this card for a quick attacker with takeable energy. This pokemon seems to be friends with everyone. Seriously, try it out with your favorite Pokemon line, even if that's Purugly, and ry to tell me that it isn't a strong combination.



Modified 4/5 This card WILL see play, so plan on seeing it over Glalie haha             


Limited 4/5 This thing can set up easy KOS for any of your other evolved pokes. It's definitely worth the pick.


Don't be a Froslass, be a warm chum, and send me some feed for my back at Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com.

(OUCH! That hurt my self-respect as much as it hurt your eyes)


Ghost PKMN master here today with the card of the day Froslass the snow land pokemon. Lets look at its attacks Destiny bond, and Ice breath. Destiny bond is a great move for the cost of one psychic energy if Froslass is KOed during your opponent's next turn it takes down the enemy with it! What a great move. Now onto Ice breath for one water, and and any other kind of energy it does 40 and puts them to sleep and does 10 to each of your opponent's benched pokemon. Froslass is a good card it has 90HP, one retreat cost and is a stage one. The only gripe I have here is the plus 20 weakness to metal but otherwise not many other problems.

Modified: 4 out of 5

Limited: 4 out of 5

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