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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Deoxys - Normal Forme Lv. 50

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.15.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, welcome to a new week of Legends Awakened reviews!! Today we have the new Deoxys (normal forme). Battle Roads are coming up, so I hope these help!


Name:   Deoxys Normal Forme Lv. 50

Set:   Legends Awakened

Rarity:   Rare Holo


Type: (Psychic) - A common type right now. Oh, and it is double weak to itself.


HP: (90) - This is pretty good for an unevolvable basic.


Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic x2/none) - :O Not good. No, not good at all...


Retreat Cost: (1) - This isn't back-breaking, but I can't see this lasting a turn to be able to retreat.


Poke-POWER: (Form Change) - This is the basic form change to find the right Deoxys for the situation. If your opponent uses few energy, switch to Attack Forme to do a quick 80. Gain some HP and protection with Defense Forme. Do bench damage with the Speed Forme.


Attack #1: (PC - Energy Crush) - This attack is really good and really cheap for the possibilities. I can see this as a tech in certain decks to combat Leafeon, Magmortar, Sceptile, Gardevoir (weakness), etc. Um, but yeah, watch out for Kingdra and Mewtwo.


Final Analysis: This is an OK card. It has good HP and a great attack, but its weakness absolutely kills it. A lot of Gardevoir decks still exist, and AMU and Mewtwo are popular as well. Mewtwo is immune to this, and AMU uses little energy. This could be an OK tech in some decks. I wouldn't use this to combat with Gardevoir and Gallade, etc, but for stuff like Magmortar and Leafeon. A good partner for this (if you want to build a deck for this) is Tentacruel.


Modified: Usable as a tech, not as much as a main attacker. (2.5/5)


Limited: This will be great in limited. It has a good, potentially big attack and good HP. (3.5/5)


Chicago, IL

Deoxys Lv. 50 - Normal Forme


Forme sounds so foreign. I just do not understand why it could not of been called "form" instead. ugh.


Well whatever, Let's check out this card before that forme thing annoys me again later. 90 HP is pretty good for a non-evolving basic.

Double weakness to Psychic is a pain in the butt mid game but Azelf Lv. X can get rid of the weakness which is nice. Resistance to nothing, oh well. A retreat cost of one which is nice since most Legendary's have a retreat cost of 2 or 3. Stat-wise, it is pretty good even with a double weakness.


Oh now they want to be American, Form Change. Form Change allows you to change you current Deoxys in play with another one from your deck.

The new Deoxys keeps everything it had on it like energies, tools, damage, effects. It is like the Deoxys never changed almost. This power is actually decent when you are playing with Deoxys Speed Forme so you can free retreat the chosen Deoxys.


The attack, Energy Crush, just sounds cool. For a Psychic and another energy, this attack does 20 damage plus 10 more for each energy you opponent has in play. This card goes berserk when faced against most decks that are energy consuming. This attack will not be that effective early game but near mid game, the attack can average about 60-100 damage from one shot.


This card on its own is a good tech card against certain decks. This card comboes so well with Tentacruel which is pretty nice. Setting up your opponent with unnecessary energy is nice and using that to your advantage with this card creates nice synergy. It's not even that bad if you have to start with this card even though there is no way you can attack turn one.


Modified: 3.75/5. I think it is a bit too high but it is so versitile how it can fit in a deck. It is just a problem that it can not be as effective earlier the game is.


Limited: 3/5. There are a lot of Psychic types in this format so it poses a problem to this card. Plus this attack can not get strong enough as it should. But it is still a solid pokemon with a solid attack.


"In America!"

Jigglypuff13 9/15 Deoxys Normal Forme Lv.50 (LA)
Right, short review today, and it's about the first (and only holographic in the set) Deoxys, the Normal Forme to be precise. Basics of the card, and the 90 HP on a basic that doesn't evolve is pretty good really, so it may be able to survive a hit or 2. Weakness, and x2 Psychic Weakness is rather bad due to being a x2 Weakness, but Psychic isn't a well played type, with only AMU and the occasional Gardevoir (SW) will get a OHKO. However, you can use Azelf Lv.X (LA) to get rid of the weakness. No Resistance is no Resistance, and the single Retreat Cost is average really.
Now, the attack and Poké-Power, and first of all, Form Change, and it allows Deoxys to switch itself for any other Forme you like. This can allow you to change your strategy to fit whatever situation you are in (well, whatever the Deoxys can do anyway), so you could end up using Normal Forme if you want, or go with Attack Forme for a single shot of high damage, or Defense Forme to try and stall, or Speed Forme for sniping. So, you can adapt your strategy, but what can Normal Forme do? Well, it's damage can increase depending upon how many energies your opponent has in play. This means it's damage will increase with every turn your opponent plays an energy, and could work as a nice anti-Leafeon Lv.x (MD) tech.
Combos, and it could be used as a tech against Leafeon Lv.X (MD) like I've already said, but will have to fight against Azelf Lv.X (LA) for the title of the best anti-Leafeon Lv.X tech. Deoxys has a base damage, meaning it will always be able to do damage, but Azelf places damage counters and can snipe. Azelf Lv.x is probably the better one, by Deoxys Normal Forme is a cheaper alternative. Next, Deoxys Normal Forme can be used with all of the other Deoxys Formes! Bet you never thought of that one. They are all basics, all have Form Change, and all have roughly the same stats, the main differences are the attacks, a slight change in HP, and a change in name, allowing for up to 4 of each forme in a single deck. A Deoxys deck could be quite fun, but I wouldn't expect it to be very competitive, but they can all use Snowpoint Temple to increase the relatively low HP of the Deoxys.
Survivability, and a lot of main attackers can get a OHKO, so I'll just talk about the ones that can't. Also, remember Snowpoint Temple can increase the HP, and thus increase the following figures. Firstly, Kingdra (LA) can use 2 fully powered Dragon Pumps to get a 2HKO (or 1 and a non-powered up Dragon Pump), but Aqua Stream can get a OHKO with 9 Waters in the Discard Pile. AMU can get OHKOs from Uxie Lv.X and Mesprit Lv.X (both LA), and Azelf Lv.X can do the same, but the normal forms probably can't really. Eeveelutions can use Leafeon Lv.X (MD) to get a OHKO with 6 energies in play, but that allows Deoxys to be quite against Leafeon Lv.X. Gleaceon Lv.X (MD) can get a 2HKO from Avalanche, but will also stop Poké-Powers at the same time, stopping your Form Changes. Other Eeveelutions get a 2HKO, but Espeon (MD) gets a OHKO from it's attack, and Jolteon (MD) can get a OHKO if it discards it's energies. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will need a Plus Power/Buck's Training to get a OHKO with Cyber Shock, otherwise it will just Paralyze Deoxys and get a 2HKO.
Modified: It is a nice anti-Leafeon Lv.X tech, but it has a superior rival in the form of Azelf Lv.X. There are other Deoxys, allowing for a rather cool idea of a Deoxys deck, but it's probably a little to weak and maybe a little too slow (2 energies is the smallest attack cost) to really be competitive. Still, could be quite fun, and is a cheap alternative to Azelf Lv.X. 2.5/5
Limited: Let your opponent to power up enough, and this becomes a real power house, OHKOing most of what you find. Get other Deoxys, and you can get a rather cool Deoxys deck here, which would be very fun. 90 HP is quite nice here as well, so it should be quite good. 3.75/5
One final comment, while is Forme spelt that way and not, say, Form?
 San Bernardino,

 A pokemon that changes it's DNA? ITS GOT to be cool....and IT IS!!! Deoxys has one of the most creative abilities (shared with Castform and old Ditto) in not just the pokemon tcg but in any card game. So, without further words to take up more space (hahaha), let's get straight to the card!


Basic Pokemon: Easily fetched these days, non-evolving so it's gonna have stats alot higher than a Buizel.


90 HP:...I'd like to say low, but it seems this is as good as it gets these days for Non-LV.X basics (that aren't named Chansey or Snorlax)


Form Change: THE point of playing Deoxys. You're going to need all copies of it to take full advantage of this. It really is a strong ability given the range.


Energy Crush: This attack....is very situational. It can be good when you're opponent has two pokes both with their three energies, but even then 80 damage is not going to KO the big beasties of today. It's a good two enrgy attack, though, for earlier in the game.


Weakness:IT'S BAD. Get over it. Just take comfort in the fact that, unless it's AMU, you'll be doing more damage to their psychics too.


Retreat Cost: Meh. Basic Retreat, not too big, but not free.


Combos:.....not many haha. It seems that, even with the range, this card is not very powerful. Maybe combo'ed with Mewtwo for a Legendary Psychic Haymeker?



Modified: 2/5 FOR THIS CARD. I made sure to only talk about the Normal Form because we might be rating the others later on.


Limited: 3/5 Can be a powerful starter, especially if you have any other Deoxys in your deck.


Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com...... because you KNOW you want to.......write me some feedback

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