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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Metagross Lv. 58

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 09.13.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.80
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey all, sorry about my lack of reviews, but I've been really busy this week. Nonetheless, I will give you at least one this week. Today we have Metagross.


Name:   Metagross Lv. 58

Set:   Legends Awakened

Rarity:   Rare Holo


Type: (Metal) - Metal is not necessarily a bad type these days. It is becoming more playable, especially with cards like this, Magnezone Lv. X, Probopass, and Scizor.


HP: (120) - This is pretty good for a Stage 2; it should stick around for a few turns.


Weakness/Resistance: (Fire+30/Psychic-20) - Weakness to fire is not bad, especially with water dominating as it has. Resistance to psychic is very good.


Retreat Cost: (3) - This is... not so good. Use some switches or warp points... or Magnezone!


Poke-POWER: (Magnetic Reversal) - This is what makes this card playable. Essentially, this is just like Erika's Victreebel (I know, that was about 8 years ago!). You get a 50/50 chance of a Gust of Wind, and better chances when more of these are in play. This is a fantastic power, especially considering Magnezone Lv X's ability to transfer energy, and Magnezone's attack which can do any amount of damage with enough energy. This is a stage 2, which is a fault for sure, but this could certainly work in the right Magnezone deck.


Attack #1: (MCC - Extra Comet Punch) - This attack is...eh. It can possibly do 100 damage which is great, but there are a bunch of things your opponent can do to get around this. I'll have to research a bit more for this attack...


Final Analysis: Really, its only downfall is the fact that it is a Stage 2. It has a great Power and a decent attack. This can really do well in a Magnezone deck. I'm really considering playing a deck like that (when I get a chance unfortunately).


Modified: Look for this... It can be dangerous. (4/5)


Limited: Stage 2's can be difficult to get out, but if you get this guy out, you have pretty much won the game. (4/5)


Chicago, IL

Metagross Lv.58


"When two Metangs love each other very much (yada yada yada) Metagross is born and starts to stomp the yard."


Let check out this card's stats. 120 HP is average for a Stage 2. A

+30 weakness to fire is not all that bad as it seems since this card

will most likely not see battle unless it is needed. Resistance to anything is always nice to have and having it to Psychic is pretty cool. A retreat cost of 3 is big for this card since it needs 3 anyways to attack and no less. It's a pain in the butt to get it out of the active spot.


The Poke-Power, Magnetic Reversal, is flippy. If you are able to get at least one heads out of any amount of times you had to use this power, you gain control of the match. Imagine using this power and pushing up your opponent's Claydol into the active spot or a Pokemon that can be Ko'ed in one shot or unloaded up main attacker of their deck. It is amazing.


Extra Comet Punch (should be called Meteor Mash if anything) is an actual decent attack. For a Metal (or Multi) and two random energies it does 50 BUT after the first shot, it does 100 after that for each hit Metagross does until it stops attacking. It's a great attack but it takes too much time to set up Metagross.


Metagross is the new Dusknoir of how it can be played. It can be played as a 1-0-1 tech in any deck. It disrupts your opponent the same way Dusknoir does but Dusknoir is more guaranteed of what it does compared to Metagross. This card can be combo'ed well with certain decks like Probopass, maybe Kingdra (Regice does it less effectively but easier to use), or just as a piece of hot tech.


Modified: 3.5/ 5. It is a great tech but you would have to find room to fit it in and some rare candies if you do not run it already.


Limited: 5/ 5. If you can bring this out, you win. No question.

Jigglypuff13 9/12 Metagross Lv.58 (LA)
Hello, and welcome to the end of the week, and we have another great card here in the form of Metagross, which has been quite below the radar, for reasons that I'm still not quite sure of. First, the basics of the card, and 120 HP on a Stage 2 is about average really. Expect to take at least 1 hit, but just expect that something may come up to OHKO at some point in the tournament. Mind you, if you really are worried about that, Special Metal energies should help sort that problem out. +30 Fire Weakness isn't too bad. Chances are, there will only be one big Fire archetype in the form of Meatloaf (Leafeon Lv.X (MD) + Magmortar/Lv.X (SW/MT)), with any others being rouges (like more Magmortar (SW) decks and Infernape (MD) decks). -20 Psychic Resistance isn't too bad either, providing help against AMU and Gardevoir (SW), but not much else to be honest. 3 Retreat Cost is a bit hefty really, so make sure you pack some Switches and/or Warp Points (probably Switches for reasons explained later) to get it to the bench, or use Magnezone (DP).
Now, Magnetic Reversal, and the reason not to play the often better Warp Point. Basically, it's Pokémon Reversal (UF) (if you can remember back that far), but in a Poké-Power, and one that can be stacked, which is just brilliant. Don't like that Claydol (GE) sitting on the bench of your opponent? Use Magnetic Reversal. Don't like any bench sitter at all? Magnetic Reversal them. Basically, it's your answer to everything, be it big, nasty active attacker, or soft, vulnerable bench sitter. However, it is only a 50% chance of working, which is going to be a bit of a problem. However, if you swarm Metagross, then the chance of failure becomes significantly less (25% for 2, 12.5% for 3 and a meagre 6.25% for 4). Just remember, it can still fail, just you have to be supremely unlucky (like me really) to have it happen. Extra Comet Punch isn't too bad as an attack, which has been seen on a couple of Pokémon before, could leave it as a main attacker. Basically, so long as you use one Metagross's Extra Comet Punch every turn, the one will do 50 damage, but will be 100 damage from every subsequent turn, with for MCC is actually quite good, and should 2HKO most without any real difficulty.
Combos and uses, and Metagross has 2 uses. The first is as a tech. I like this idea as it becomes a great way of removing threats from the active position for at least 1 turn, or bringing up a really weak bench Pokémon. Also, if you have an problems with Froslass (LA) using Destiny Bond, then Magnetic Reversal becomes a great way of getting rid of the effect. The second use is as a main attacker in a swarm deck. admittedly, it might be a bit tough to swarm them and get all the energies needed onto them, but it can work. Magnetic Reversal becomes better than it already was due to the increased amount of times that you get to use it, and Extra Comet Punch becomes a rather nice attack. With Metagross, you should run the obligatory Claydol (GE) and a tech or 2, like Magnezone (DP).
Survivability, and these figures are going to be based on not having any Special Metals attached, so the figure could quite easily be raised. Kingdra (LA) will have to settle for a 2HKO from 2 fully powered Dragon Pumps, but the snipe it causes could reduce this figure. Luxray (LA) will only get a 2HKO so long as least one of the attacks is Shock Bolt, unless you have a Lv.X in play (which might be slightly unlikely), at which point it becomes a OHKO. AMU will always get a OHKO from Supreme Blast from Mesprit Lv.X (LA), but other attacks struggle to get more than a 2 or 3HKO thanks to that Psychic Resistance. Eeveelutions gets the advantage of stopping Magnetic Reversal thanks to Glaceon Lv.X (MD), but Glaceon will have to watch out for Metagross thanks to that Metal Weakness (unless Umbreon (MD) is played), but Glaceon Lv.X can get a 2HKO from Avalanche, but the 20 spread could reduce this figure. Leafeon Lv.X can get a OHKO, but would need 9 energies in play to get the OHKO. Other Eeveelutions would get a 2HKO at best (apart from Flareon (MD) wil Lake Boundary (MT) in play), though Jolteon (MD) is probably the best of these thanks to it's Metal Resistance. Skittles just need 5 (or 4 and a Plus Power/Buck's Training) different Basic energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) to get the OHKO. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) and Cyber Shock will get a 2HKO, but the automatic Paralysis will stop your active Metagross from doing anything, unless you Switch it.
Modified: It's brilliant, and just because of Magnetic Reversal giving you a Pokémon Reversal you can use every turn, making it a brilliant tech. Swarm them, and it becomes even more likely to work every turn. As an attacker, it's fairly decent, but there are better attackers. Still, it can work as a main attacker. I think other people haven't really noticed it too much, or just don't like it, but I think this will become a very good and popular card once people start using it. 3.75/5
Limited: Magnetic Reversal is still quite good here, but the swarming capability is extremely limited, so your going to have to live with the 50% chance of success and failure. Extra Comet Punch, after the first turn at least, becomes extremely powerful here, OHKOing most of what you should see here, but only if you can get basic Metal energies from your TO, otherwise, you won't be able to attack with it. 3.25/5
 San Bernardino,

oHow ya'll doing?........GREAT!!! Well, welcome to an all-new Cotd, featuring that big metal beastie Metagross. Will METAgross be changing the METAgame? Only we here at pojo know, so let's get going! On to the card!


Stage 2: First things first.Metagross is a stage two that evolves from Metang-Beldum. Neither of these pokemon are very impressive, but Beldum can grab an extra Beldum when a Metal Energy is attached, and Metang is not that bad if evolved from an Acitve Beldum. Truthfully, I'd say either version of Beldum and Metang are alright, since they both don't offer anything special (one energy Collect on Beldum/ Metal for Beldum on other but no one energy attack, both Metang have decent two and three energy attacks). Whichever one you have is fine.


Magnetic Reversal: The calling card of the whole line, this Poke-Power can be devestating. Obviously, you're gonna want to raise Metagross like caddle on your bench in order to be able to reliably use this (think back to Slowking). The more you have, the better the chance. This powers strength lie in it's ability to bring up unfavorable pokemon to the active spot, i.e. starters, already beat up pokeys, bench sitters with low HP like Spiritomb and possibly Claydol. When your opponent sees the Beldum, though, he'll start thinking twice of what he's dropping down. And remember, Dusknoir and Metagross don't return each other's phone calls.


Extra Comet Punch: This attack is actually REALLY good. Even starting out, 150 for two attacks is not bad, and it's probably all you'll need. 100 for three energy is simply great. I gotta say, I actually like even the MECHANICS used on this  Metagross. It's just a well made card.


Weakness: Fire types are a common sight, especially big damaging fire types. Although many can't CONSISTENTLY OHKO  Metagross, if it's attacked at it's earlier stages, it will be going down with one blow as a Metagross. There's really no card out there to help against this, save Bubble Coat, which I'm not sure is even worth it. But, remember, pokemon with Metal weakness, like Froslass, are out there, so I'd say it balances it out by enough.


Resistance: This is pretty good. Prevents it from being KO'd by two 60s, so it is a worthwhile bonus. Metagross being resisted by Lightning types doesn't really MATTER though, since he'll still do enough to 2KO them.


Retreat Cost: Honestly, I expected this to be higher. I mean, the pokemon weighs close to a ton! But I guess it's mobile enough to warrant this. Low enough to pay when you need to, but high enough that you won't be hitting with it next turn if you needed to.


Combos:......alot. Hahaha. This guy fits into many decks that have the space or support to run him. The best partner I think for Metagross is Magnezone, actually. They complement each other's abilities well. Another excellent partner is Probopass. Relatively quick, Probopass can put damage on the bench which will lead to easy KO's for Metagross, who can even pick his victims. Other than that, options like Garchomp and Mewtwo should keep you enticed with this Iron Legged dude.



Modified: 4/5 Metagross is a powerful pokemon who can easily team up with a lot of pokes out there. You'll see him at least once, I guarantee it


Limited: 4/5 Stilla killa in Limited, he can drag up easy prizes from the bench


Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com: for all your feedback and illusionary needs! 

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