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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Delcatty Lv. 46

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 10.02.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 10/2 Delcatty Lv.46 (LA)
Hello, and today is a curious a little card in the form of the latest Delcatty. Before going on to it's serious abilities, the basics. First off, 80 HP on a non-evolving Stage 1 is ever so slightly below average. I wish it had 90 HP, but 10 HP isn't a massive problem for the card, since even with 90 HP, it wouldn't be too much more survivable. + 20 Fighting Weakness isn't that big really, since the only Fighting Pokémon that may end up being played as main attackers this format are the Gliscor line (holo and Lv.X, LA), Ryhperior Lv.X (LA) and Gallade (SW), and apart from Gallade and Gliscor Lv.X (which isn't going to be attacking much anyway), they would need the effect of their attacks to get a OHKO or need Lake Boundary. No Resistance, well, how many cards actually have a Resistance anymore? 1 Retreat Cost is about average really, thus isn't too bad really.
Now for abilities, and first, Attracting Body, which is a nice, passive way of inflicting of possibly Confusion on your opponents active. The catch? You need Delcatty active and to be damaged. With only 80 HP, chances are, you will only be able to Confuse one Pokémon per 2 Delcatty's since Delcatty will probably get OHKOed, thus have a 50-50 chance of inflicting Confusion per damaging attack. Confusion is probably the worst of the special conditions because it's incredibly easy to get out of without suffering any major drawbacks, but if you can get it from a Poké-Body, then I have no grumbles about getting that, and could set up a Pester attack or something similar (such as for Gliscor (LA Holo)), though I still don't like the trigger. Energy Assist isn't as bad as the attack may first seem. Yes, it requires an attack to do it's otherwise fantastic effect, but for 1 energy and doing 30 damage in the process, you can't grumble that much really. It may only get a Basic Energy from the attack, but since it's any Basic Energy card you can get, it might be quite useful in some situations. Early game with the aid of a Felicity's Drawing or Lunatone (GE), you can get some helpful energy acceleration early game, though it use does tapper off later on in the game, even when there are lots of energy in your discard pile, since you'll only really get one use of Energy Assist before Delcatty gets KOed, and even then, that will make up for the energy you used to pay for the attack in the first place, which makes it completely useless.
Combos, and I've said the main 2. The first uses Energy Assist with the discarding prowess of Lunatone or Felicity's Drawing to power up your main attacker. However, to really make it useful, it needs to be a real energy hog that you are trying to power up. Also, this is a nice combo that can get around Electivire Lv.X's (MT) Poké-Body. The second combo is to place Delcatty active, let it get damaged, hopefully flip heads for Attracting Body, then use a Pester or similar attack. Of course, this is rubbish way of using this Poké-Body since it's flippy, and basically requires a sacrifice in order to do it. If you want to use Delcatty, go with the first combo.
Survivability, and obviously, once your opponent gets their main attacker out, it's essentially as good as KOed. Kingdra (LA) may not get a OHKO with a single fully Dragon Pump without help from previous sniping or a couple of Plus Powers/Buck's Training. Even without any sniping, an 8 energy powered Aqua Stream will get a OHKO. Luxray (LA) will get a OHKO with Shock Bolt, but even then, Plasma gets a 2HKO, though with a Lv.X out, it will get a 2HKO instead. AMU can obviously use Mesprit Lv.X (LA) to use Supreme Blast to get a OHKO, but the other 2 AMU Lv.X's should get a 2HKO. Azelf Lv.X (LA) has the big advantage of not being effected by Attracting Body. Skittles will only need 4 different Basic Energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) in order to get the OHKO on Delcatty, though with the aid of a Plus Power/Buck's Training, Togekiss (GE) could possibly get a OHKO, otherwise it's a solid 2HKO. Eeveelutions will obviously get a OHKO with the aid of Leafeon Lv.X (MD) and having 5 energies in play, or using Jolteon (MD) and the discarding of it's Lightning energies for a OHKO as well, otherwise it's going to be a 2HKO (unless you use a 70 damage dealing Eeveelutions and a Plus Power/Buck's Training). Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will just use Cyber Shock or a 3 Metal energy powered normal Magnezone (DP) attack for a OHKO.
Modified: I like the card, and can see it has a number of uses for retrieving energy, though probably better early than late game, since late game will just see Delcatty get OHKOed, and thus be prize bait. Attracting Body is a nice little extra, but I would've preferred something a little more useful. Energy Draw would've been nice (now where have I seen that before?), but with a single energy attack like Energy Assist, you can't complain that much really. 2.75/5
Limited: Energy Assist can be of major use here, even late game as a way of getting energy back onto the field, which after a couple of your Pokémon have been KOed, will probably be quite useful. Attracting Body can be useful here, as just about any Special Condition is really helpful here. Also, only needing 1 energy is quite helpful as well. 3.5/5
 San Bernardino,

WHEW! I'm taking a day off today from doing another section of my State of the Metagame series, mostly because my recent trip from Los Angeles to Davenport, Iowa was SO muddled and mishandled by the THREE airports I ended up having to work through, that I only have enough patience points to do a nice, short review, and not a twenty deck concept marathon. Anywayz, today's Pokemon is Delcatty, a delectable kitty who has some big shoes to fill, looking back at Delcatty's older incarnations. Is this new cat on the block up to the task? On to the Catty!


Stage 1: Delcatty, like all Delcatties, is an evolved Pokemon. It's basic, Skitty, is pretty meh, so it won't really be helping Delcatty's case. The neccessity to evolve into Delcatty is actually a pretty bad drawback, considering the nature of it's attack. You want to be able to put it down and start having it bring back energy immediately, and not worry about having to find an evolution. This is a real -1 for this card.


80 HP: KINDA low for a Stage 1, but not TOO bad. It's not as low as a nonlegendary nonevolver, but it is still low enough that it WILL be OHKO'd 90% of the time. This is bad concerning the use of the Poke-Power, but I'll get to that. Most likely, this Catty's one life will be spent while it's active.


Attracting Body: This Power.....seems kind of just thrown on here. You'll probably only get to use it once, and even if it's heads, in coinciding with it's attack, whatever you bring up should be able to KO your opponent's early attacker. If you're building energy double time on something, it should at least be able to KO a whatever killed the Catty. I don't think this Power is very good on this card. Maybe on something with more HP?


Energy Assist: Ah, the main reason, if any, you'd play Delcatty. Like I said, depending of you have enough energy in the discard pile, this attack lets you put two energy in one turn onto one of your Pokemon. The only problem is, you have to evolve to do this, and Rotom, a Basic, can put TWO onto a Pokemon for free! The only reason you'd play this over Rotom is if you value the damage this thing can give out early game over the more clear-of-purpose Rotom. Not many people, or decks, do, unfortunately.


Weakness: This can be bad. Gallade doesn't have to flip anything over to KO it, and if Riolu hit the Skitty, Lucario will KO this thing T2 also. It's fragile even if they don't play fighting, though, so I guess this doesn't matter too much.


Retreat Cost: I'd want no retreat cost here, but this Delcatty isn't really about recieving what the player wants.


Combos: This card combos with many decks, but the problem is Rotom combos with them even better.



Modified: 2.5/5 I didn't want to give it below average, but it really is. Maybe if the newer Rotom wasn't made it would see a higher rating, but it still wouldn't see a higher amount of play.


Limited: 3/5 A lot better here, where it can't be easily KO'd, and it's attack could provide energy where it's really needed.


If you would like to talk about the review or any of the deck concepts in my State of the Metagame (I swear it's like my GOOD child), I'd be happy to chat if you send it to Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com. Or, if you're an airport, and like to be personally attacked and ridiculed you can also reach me at the above address.

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