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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Energy Pickup

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 10.08.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.88
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, I guess I'll join in on trainer week, especially since today's is so intriguing!

Name: Energy Pickup
Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Uncommon

Analysis: To start, this card is flippy: It only works 50% of the time... But, like Super Scoop Up and Energy Removal 2, it has great benefits. It does well in decks like AMU, but would be unnecessary with stuff like Electavire and Typhlosion. Some decks that would certainly benefit would include Garchomp and Ho-Oh, which use energy specific or diversity to deal damage. It can bring back from the dead the 1 type of energy you need to do that extra damage.

Modified: It is flippy, but it can be beneficial, and is a small way for energy acceleration. (2.5/5)

Limited: I would use it. I would. (4/5)
Jigglypuff13 10/8 Energy Pickup (LA)

Er, right then. Trainer Week's mid-week review is Energy Pickup, and one that I don't think needs much of a description or review really. Essentially, it's a flippy Firestarter for any Basic energy type and can be attached to any of your Pokémon. Now obviously, and deck that discards a lot of energies should use this card unless they already have some good energy retriever, but even then, it's still really useful. Decks that can use this card include but are not limited to Luxray (LA), Infernape (DP and LA) decks, and AMU, plus what ever other discarding decks you can think. In any of these decks, 4 Energy Pickup will be helpful, but it's flippy nature just makes a little too unreliable to really be used without any other support, but can still be used effectively, even with a little luck needed.

That's all there is to talk about really. It's a simple card and needs a simple review. What were you expecting?


Modified: It's great here. In decks that you though are going to discard a lot of energies, Energy Pickup is good, but the flippy nature of the card just makes it too unreliable for decks that don't use a lot of discarding. Also, from the flippy nature, it is esentially a 4-of or none-of card. Anywhere in between, and you are risking a little too much. 3/5

Limited: It's away of getting important energies back here, but again, flippy nature is a bit annoying, especially since you will only get 1 or maybe 2 of these maximum here. Still, it's worth the space, simply because it can be so useful if you get the heads, giving unexpected energy acceleration.
 San Bernardino,

Weeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll, I'm back in California WHOO! And I'm back (again) to the Cotds, sorry I missed yesterday, that day was full of planes and flying and watching The Office on little screens in the planes while flying!! SO, continuing this weeks trainers from Legends Awakened theme we have Energy Pickup, a plucky little tails-fails card that is basically a reverse Energy Removal 2 (THINK ABOUT IT). These days, with Pokeballs seen in competitive decks as a viable way to setup (back when we had Computer Search and Pokemon Trader, Pokeballs worked best as coasters), the whole flip-a-trainer thing isn't seen as being too terrible for play anymore. But, before i go further destroying my review with a too informative intro, ON TO THE CARD!!!!


Trainer: Obviously, the first thing to notice is that this card is a basic Trainer. This means that it can be searched out with Girafarig, and played on the turn of a Supporter. Neither of these two traits are REALLY going to be big bonuses here, although a Bebe's for an evolution, and then an Energy Pickup for that last energy can be a big suprise for your opponent. Girafarig is underplayed, and seen much less than it's four-legged, horse-like counterpart, Stantler. So no real bonuses in being a Trainer, but hey, at least there's still no Neo Gen. Slowking (*shakes head*).


Effect: Let me just say, I LOVE reviewing Trainers because there's just the one effect, NOT a Poke-Power, two attacks, it's Basics ability to draw cards/search out energy/deal good early damage. OH ONE EFFECT, YOU'RE SO GOOD TO MY SCHEDULE.......anyway. Energy Pickup is a simple card. You play it, possibly grab an energy from the discard, and move on......so, why is that good? Because, this card, with a little luck, let's you SPEED up your energy attachments. The ability to skip waiting a turn, ESPECIALLY in the early game, is a very powerful force. This card can find a place in any deck because ANY deck, even ones like Kingdra which need little energy to work, can use a little energy acceleration and energy recycling.


Combos: Like alot of these basic Trainers, this card can fit into virtually any deck, especially ones that discard attached energy for their Pokemon's attacks, like Houndoom, Magmortar/Blaziken, and Rayquaza (PARTICULARLY Rayquaza). This is a card that, once again, like Energy Removal 2, can find a place in anything at anywhere from 2-4. I've seen this card in many decks, especially those that want 3 or more energy on a Pokemon early in the game, like GG, or decks that want 2 or more energy on two or more Pokemon, like AMU. This card also combos with Felicity's Drawing, the new all-purpose discarding Supporter, in the early game before one of your Pokemon has been KO'd. The good thing about this card is that it is a painless Trainer that can fully change the outcome of a game, like many Trainers before it.



Modified: 4/5 I seriously can see this card played in 2-4s in many winning decks. It's an easy card to use with a great effect if you get the heads.


Limited: 4/5 Especially useful here, this card can grab the color of energy you need when you need it.


I'm tired, look at my older reviews if you want a joke with my email: Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com 

It's Wednesday and we continue trainer week with the card Energy pickup. This trainer card allows you to flip a coin if heads you can search your discard pile for a basic energy and attach it to one of your Pokémon. In the prerelease this card went perfect with Rayquaza and Heatran the two cards I used but in competitive play this card isn't too good and besides beginners I haven't seen it used in any deck at all. But besides that this card can be useful at times or in late game where you need more energy to KO your opponents Pokémon. The thing that in don't like about this card is that it relies on luck that is the problem but if you are lucky this card can be a useful in your deck.

Modified; 2/5- if you are lucky it will work

Limited: 25

Art; 1/5

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