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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Tyranitar Lv. 61


Date Reviewed: 10.31.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.50
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Narctiss Tyranitar :D.

Watch out for this card, it will be played lots during the next format, and will definitely be a very tough contender!

140 HP on a stage 2 is pretty average, but very good! It will stick around for a while.
Weakness to fighting isn't so bad, however as with Regi yesterday, Machamp might be played and so it could hurt a little.
Resistance to Psychic is excellent with AMU and the ghosts being played!
4 Retreat is very hefty, and a huge price. I doubt you'll be moving this thing about much anyway and just keep it out until it dies. However, still have some Warp/Switches about.

Darkness Drive!
Woah. I have to say this is rather very good. If you use a Felicity's Drawing, and then your opponent decides to use their Claydol, Uxie or anything else with powers, then you get to attach a Darkness energy to it. Because it's a Poke-Body it's very good that it can also get away from all the Poke-Power attackers at the moment. This is great, it combines so well with it's first attack.
We saw this attack on Grumpig, but on here it's absolutely magical! After attaching energy from your hand normally as you build Tyran up, and then getting energy from your discard too. You should have quite a number of energy at your disposal to do a very good amount of damage with this attack, and you'll keep building from there! The best part is, this attack has no drawback. No matter how much damage you give!
Spinning Tail
This move is, well, it's okay. It is however a bit of a surprise attack in a way. Once you have all that energy set up on Tyran, you'll be using Grind a lot for some nice KO's. But if you combine Tyran with a card like Dusknoir with Spirit Pulse and it's Lv.X, you can start spreading some damage around your opponents bench quite well one way or another. Any other spread would do though I guess as long as it has some synergy, I'm just using this as an example. The, when your opponents Uxie or such isn't looking too good. Do a couple of these attacks for a few easy KO's!

That's generally it for this card. Just watch out for it at your local league and maybe even (probably) Cities! I'm not 100% sure on the combos with this, but be warned, they will be powerful. It's also nice that it's pre-evolutions have resistance to another upcoming card. Raichu!

See you all tomorrow!

Modified: 4.5
Limited: (if you can pull it off and get the energy..) 4
Arbok14 Happy Halloween!! Today we will be reviewing another new card from Stormfront, this one a dark Pokemon to go in with the Halloween theme. It is Tyranitar!

Name: Tyranitar Lv. 61
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare

HP: (140) - Very good for a Stage 2, Tyranitar will definitely last a few turns.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fighting+30/Psychic-20) - Weakness to fighting could be a problem if Machamp or something catches on, but resistance to psychic is definitely beneficial.

Retreat Cost: (4) - Moonlight Stadium should help this out, maybe use some Warp Points too.

Poke-BODY: (Darkness Drive) - This is definitely aq nice attack, especially considering how expensive its attacks are. To be able to put more and more energy on to use Grind, this is good. If you have two or three Tyranitar out, you can easily get a lot of energy back from the dead.

Attack #1: (CC - Grind) - This is a great attack for such a tank. Tyranitar will obviously stay around awhile, so a high energy, heavy damaging attack fits well. Darkrai and Special Dark Energy also help boost this attack even more, giving a 4 energy attack 120 damage with no discarding or negative side effects.

Attack #2: (DDDDD - Spinning Tail) - This attack could even be good, considering the Poke-BODY. Sure, it only does 30 to everything, but again, if you have special darkness energy or Darkrai Lv X to boost your basic energy, this attack, for its base cost, does 80 damage and 30 to the bench AUTOMATICALLY and with no side effects.

Final Analysis: This card is very strong. Add in the combo of Darkrai Lv. X to add even more damage, and maybe Weavile for energy acceleration, you have a great team. I could seriously see this card becoming a popular deck choice in the future.

Modified: So much better than the original version, I think this card will affect the metagame. (4.5/5)

Limited: Not bad, Grind is a nice attack here. (3/5)

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