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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Regigigas Lv. 47


Date Reviewed: 10.29.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.15
Limited: 2.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Today we have dug up another preview, which is Regigigas!

Name: Regigigas Lv. 47
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare Holo

HP: (100) - Pretty good, considering it is only a basic.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fighting x2/none) - Anything x2 is never good, and one to fighting is definitely never good.

Retreat Cost: (4) - Terrible...

Poke-BODY: (Regi Form) - This is what would make this Regigigas worth playing. It may not be worth having to play the other three, but if you are playing the Lv. X, I would seriously suggest using this for a cheaper attack (because having three different energy in the first place is ridiculous).

Attack #1: (CC - Mega Punch) - Really just not good at all.

Attack #2: (WFMC - Giga Power) - Definitely not worth it. This attack is so bad, I can't even describe it. Three different energy to only do 100 and damage to myself? No way!

Final Analysis: Um, yeah so its Poke-body is the only redeeming quality. Everything else is beyond terrible.

Modified: Use this one with the Lv. X, because the other two versions are even worse. This can help with the Lv. X's attack and make it more usable. (2.5/5)

Limited: Its attacks aren't really worth it, but it does have a lot of HP for a basic... (2.5/5)
Jigglypuff13 10/28 Regigigas Lv.47 (SF)

Hello, and today, we have the newest Stormfront Preview card, Regigigas! This is actually our third Regigigas now thanks to the 2 in LA, and of course, there is also Regigigas Lv.X (SF). so basically, if you want to run Regigigas, it had better be for the Lv.X form. The previous ones were labeled by almost everyone as "rubbish until the Lv.X comes out, then they become a bit better". I have to say, I was actually one of them, but that isn't the point. The latest Regigigas (which what we are actually reviewing today) is, in my opinion, the best and the worst Regigigas of the lot. OK, I admit that makes no sense, so hopefully the rest of this review will actually make some sense of that.

The basics of the card are alright really. 100 HP on a non-evolving Basic (though with a Lv.X form) is absolutely fantastic, even if it is a legendary, so should be able to survive a least 1 hit, though against some of the larger attackers, that would be all I'd expect from Regigigas. x2 Fighting Weakness isn't too bad with only Machamp being a big Fighting type that will be played, and even then, it's gets a OHKO thanks to it's first attack (unless countered by Unwon G (GE), but that isn't the point). No resistance is annoyingly common, but to be expected. However, I don't care how heavy Regigigas is, but does it really deserve a 4 Retreat Cost? Actually, probably, yeah. If you want to play this card, make sure you pack a lot of Switchs/Warp Points, otherwise you have a massive retreat cost to pay up.

Abilities, and this is the main reason why it both is and isn't the best of the Regigigases (is that right?). Regi Form is really nice, reducing your attack cost by C if you have at least one of each normal Regi (Ice, Rock and Steel for those who can't remember) in play. Actually, it probably looks nicer that it actually is since it requires the use of 3 Bench spaces to reduce on one of your Pokémons attack cost by C, it's probably not worth it, and thus probably better just to play and Energy accelerator instead. Mega Punch is rather uninspiring. CC for 30 is just plain bad, and even a C for 30 from Regi Form isn't going to make everyone go "We must play this card!". I'm just guessing Mega Punch was named for irony really. Until you get Giga Power up, this will do. Actually, I'm not sure if you'd want to get Giga Power powered up at all really. FWMC for 60 is rubbish, and the "Tonage" type effect (read Regirock Ex (HL) or Piloswine (TRR) for reference if needed) of damaging Regigigas to do more damage to your opponent is alright, but you take out almost half of it's maximum HP in one go. Regigigas Lv.X will be able to get rid of 2 lots of this damage, but I wouldn't want to waste it's Poké-Power on that to be honest. Even for WFM from Regi Form, I'd much prefer to use the Lv.X's attack. Still, it is a 100 damage when you want it, which is never a bad thing really.

Combos, well, have a guess. Regigigas Lv.X is the obvious one, as is the use of the other Regi's, though as I said earlier, it probably isn't actually a good idea. Probably best to use an Energy accelerator like Togekiss (GE) or Leafeon Lv.X (MD) with Bronzong (SF) to get the required energies.

Now for how it shapes up to it's competitors. Of the 2 A ones, the normal Rare (the Recovery Mechanism) one is undoubtedly the better of the two. Slow start can't do anything until your opponent has 3 or less prizes left (which thanks to the Lv.X, won't really be that hard), and while it's attack looks nice, you just can't have them damaged first before you do the 120. However, how does the SF one fit in here? I'd still much prefer the Recovery Mechanism one thanks to a relatively good attack and what can be quite a nice Poké-Body. What about when compared to Slow Start one though? Er, well, they are about the same really. Regi Form doesn't have to wait long before it can attack, but it's attacks lack the real power without massive side effects to make it much use. Mind you, the Slow Start one, whilst it has a lot of power, also needs to make sure it attacks the right Pokémon at the right time otherwise it's doing only 40 damage for WFMC. Which one is the worst there is up to personal preference, though I'd probably go with the Slow Start one over this (the SF) one. So that's why it's the worst, but it's also the best because, look at it like this, it's the only one that will allow you to do constant 100 damage attacks, which is great because it makes sure you will 2HKO everything (apart from a Wailord (GE) with a lot of healing, but it's never played, so you shouldn't worry about it too much).

Again, since I'm uncertain as to the really big decks of the format with the release of SF, I'm not going to survivability stuff. However, with 100 HP, it should be able to survive at least 1 hit from all by the most powerful of Pokémon..


Modified: It can do constant 100 damages with a little help from the Lv.X form, and for getting rid of most of your bench space allow you to get rid of one C energy cost from each of it's (and the Lv.X form's if you leveled this up into it) attacks. Despite this, I still much prefer to use the Recovery Mechanism one from LA. Compared to the Slow Start one, I think I'd prefer to use the Slow Start, so then I can use and abuse Electrode (SW). 1.75/5

Limited: Regi Form does nothing here, and whilst it can be a massive tank, it's just going to tickle it's opponents with (not so) Mega Punch and Giga Power being quite nice if you can get all those different energies into your deck and actually get them out and attached to Regigigas. Just don't use it to damage yourself, otherwise it's tankiness is just going to go out of the window. 2/5
Narctiss Name: Narctiss

Regigigas rave monster!!!

I'll review this card on it's own first.
By itself, this card isn't magical.
100HP on a basic Pokemon is the standard for big legendaries now, so it's good but not surprising. x2 Weakness to Fighting didn't used to be too bad, but with the new Machamp possibly being played this might be a huge problem. 4 retreat cost??.. Ehh, something also expected from something this huge. It's a mega downpoint of this card though. Pack some Warp Point/Switch!!
Mega Punch. 30 for 2 colourless? ACK! Horrible. That's bad, and such a wasted amount of energy.
Giga Power. 60... Plus 40? YES! :D.... 40 damage to yourself.... : /... Gack, no more power punching giga megatron. That is not good. Especially for the energy consumption!
Here's where things get a tiny bit better. But by tiny I mean miniscule.

Poke-Body: Regi Form. If you have the other 3 Regi's in play, then your attack cost is cut by 1 colourless! Horay! Now you need to actually want to put the other three Regi's in your deck.. Just for this! 8D... .. .. .. .. ~tumbleweed blows by in silence...~.

My advice to anyone willing to play this card, and the only reason for that being to play the Lv.X. Is Don't, unless you ARE playing the Lv.X. Mmm.. Well.. I know that Slow Start Regigigas (LA) might seem bad at first look, and it kind of is, it has more HP than this, same drawback in weakness and retreat, but can do more damage, even if your opponent needs to be undamaged. The other option is Recover Mechanism Regigigas (also LA), same stats as Regi Form (S), but it's attack is 3 colourless, and does the same amount of damage (base) as Form. I never wish to play Regigigas, so I haven't weighed up the odds properly. But in terms of getting it out and doing damage quickly, I'd probably mix and match Recover Mechanism with this one.
Why? RMech lets you do a bit of spread damage on a heads flip and gets the ball rolling. RForm takes a while to set up, but you can achieve this if you attack quickly with RMech (as fast as a Regi can..).
As for playing the Lv.X with it. RForm probably is the best to go with. It allows you to do it's attack straight away (unlike SStart), you should already have the energy attached if you powered up it's second attack, and if you have the other Regi's on your bench, then you get to attack for less.

But overall, on it's own without the Regi's or Lv.X, this card is fail. Don't play it. In a Regi deck.. It's obvious what the answer is. That's like asking if you should play AMU with Azelf LA..
In Limited, it could be a stall, but otherwise it is still a failing card and I wouldn't count on playing it and winning any PR's. Getting the needed energy before your opponent KO's you, especially when Machoke will be about at PR's, is just too difficult.

I really shouldn't have to mention any combos.. the clue is in the name...! ^_^;;

Modified: On it's own and not in a Regi-deck; 2/5
Limited: Tiny bit better, but still no good; 2.5/5

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