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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Luxury Ball


Date Reviewed: 10.28.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.45
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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10/28 Luxury Ball (SF)
Hello, and today, we have a brilliant new trainer card, Luxury Ball! When I say brilliant, I mean a run in almost every deck sort of brilliant. The reason? Well, in case you haven't actually read the card (why not, it's just a little bit above the reviews for today!), I'll tell you what it does. It searches your deck for any non-Lv.X Pokémon. That's it. At the moment, the only reliable any Pokémon search we have is Bebe's Search (MT), but being a Supporter, you can obviously only use 1 of them per turn, and has the downside of having to put a card back into your deck from your hand. Luxury Ball, however, has a totally different downside, but it has so many upsides that it almost doesn't matter. I mean, it searches for any non-Lv.X Pokémon in a normal trainer, so when played in the same turn as Bebe's Search, you can actually search for 2 Pokémon in a single turn. Doesn't sound exciting, but it is extremely useful.
However, the downside (and I'm not on about the not searching for Lv.X's since Premier Ball already covers that), and it's that if you already have 1 Luxury Ball in your discard pile, you can't play another Luxury Ball. Essentially, unless you want a load of useless cards to be stuck in your hand, you can only really play 1 in your deck. However, it isn't as bad as it sounds, since then, we have what many people ended up playing last season, which was 4 Celio's and 1 Bebe's. Now we have 4 Bebe's and a Luxury Ball. Not quite as good, but being able to play 5 searching cards in a single deck is incredibly helpful. Now why did I say almost every deck should use this card? No idea, since every deck should this card really. I can't think of a single one that shouldn't.
Modified: If you aren't using one of this card in every deck, I just hope it's because you don't have enough for all of your decks. The not searching for Lv.X's and the fact that you can only really use one of these per game (unless you use Marley's Request for some unknown reason (actually, there is a reason. I'll tell you when we review the other card needed for this mind aching-ly strange combo)) doesn't hinder it much at all. It's not perfect, but I was really tempted to give it a perfect score. 4.75/5
Limited: Use it. Search for any Pokémon with no hindrance (you will probably only one anyway), so there isn't a reason to not use it (unless you don't actually get one, that is). 5/5
Jigglypuff13 Hey, today we are reviewing another Stormfront card, Luxury Ball.

Name: Luxury Ball
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Uncommon

Analysis: OK, let me start of by saying that this card should be in all decks with evolutions. How many in each of the decks? 1. This card looks great, and it is, but the drawback is that you can really only ever play one. You can replay it though, if you have Marley's Request or some other discarded trainer retriever. It is very useful and can help you get exactly what you need (excepting Lv. X) to possibly save you or just break a game open.

Modified: This should definitely see a lot of play. Don't waste your money trying to get more than 1! (4/5)

Limited: Play it if you get it! Luxury Ball is so clutch here! (5/5)
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
I decided to pop in and do a COTD. Yeah. Miss me?

Luxury Ball

Unlike EVERY OTHER ____ BALL CARD EVER PRINTED, this card is actually quite good! No flips, no looking through top/bottom 7 cards, just getting whatever Pokémon you like! Except for the Lv.X ones. Who needs those anyway?


Pokémon cards. It can search for them, so there's your combo.

Sarcasm aside, there are actually quite a few combos with this card. Only problem is, they're not Modified legal. Oops.

Item Finder: Discard 2 cards from your hand, and reuse Luxury Ball! Woo!
Recycle: Flip heads, and Luxury Ball is back in your deck!
Old Rod: Flip two tails, and Luxury Ball is back in your hand!

I could go on, but you should get the point by this point. Point.

You can reuse Luxury Ball. You just have to get it off your discard pile. Which isn't very likely, but hey, you could.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 5/5. It's simply a fantastic card. Put 1 in every deck.
Limited: 5/5. Short of Double Full Heal, you should treat any Trainer you draft like cheese. Assuming you really like cheese.
Unlimited: 4/5. It's great in Unlimited as well! Look at past COTDs to see if I ever said that before for a DP-On card. Probably not, but then again, I have a really bad memory.

In summary: Luxury Ball is a fantastic Trainer card, and you should put 1 in every deck. Just like former Australian national champion and all-around psychopath madman serial killer cosplayer nice guy Jason tells you to:

(8:51:23 PM) [Jade]: only one copy is enought for a deck, nuff said, Kthxbai.
 San Bernardino,

Heya all you Pokefreaks and Pokefreakettes out there, we've got a card today that sits in the lap of Luxury (AAHHHH!!! A PUN! KILLITKILLITKILLIT!!!). Yep, it's really a card that everyones going to be gunnin' for in these next few weeks. So without further witless banter, let's get to it!


Trainer: First, of course, is the type of card. Luxury Ball is a trainer, which, again, isn't very hated or supported in this environment. It can be grabbed by some starters, and it ACTUALLY has the power to warrant this. So, a small but significant plus. The other thing it has going for it is that it can search out Pokemon without taking up your Supporter play for the turn. Obviously, as you can see from the amount of play of cards like Pokeradar, Poke Ball, and even Quick Ball, that is a VERY good thing. Luxury Ball finds another plus for it.


Effect: Luxury Ball is an awesome card. That's all that needs to be said. The ability to grab ANY Pokemon from the deck that's non LV. X and STILL play a Supporter to grab that needed energy or supporting Pokemon's Evolution is one NO deck should pass up. SERIOUSLY, this card belongs in EVERY deck in the format (I don't care if you're playing some wierd Darkrai/Cresselia/Glaceon mix with all those LV. Xs, you STILL need this card) at least at 1. The thing is, anything higher than about 2 is pushing it. Because of it's uselessness after the first time, extra copies drawn, unless used with something like Felicity's, is useless. Sure, you can kinda combo it with Marley's Request to give your opponent a tougher choice, but losing a draw on a worthless card is always painful. Though, in a faster deck, the speed this card contributes can be worth it.


Combos: Like I said before, and I'll say it again, BELONGS IN EVERY DECK! Every deck out there can use one, it's like a surefire Poke Ball with a small restriction. I'd actually recommend two for most decks, since you want it to be KINDA consistent at least, but if you keep at one that's perfectly understandable, too. This card is easily one of the better cards to come out in the past few YEARS. It seems with cards like these and Azelf LA, the Pokemon TCG is really cranking up the utility and playability of recent cards.



Modified: 5/5 At least one in every deck, no excuses unless some super weird combo deck comes out and even then  I'll bet you'll still want one.


Limited: 5/5 DEFINITELY grab a copy it will help




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My first ever review. Awww.
Enough! Haha.

Luxury Ball: A very nice card at first look I have to say.
Search for a Pokemon and put it into your hand (Works well with rare candy!). The fact that it's a trainer is a HUGE  advantage over the current searcher supporters. Minus the Lv'x draw, it beats Bebe's and Roseanne's. UNTIL, you realise only one can be used if another is in your discard pile...
Ah. Not so great.
A lot of people have been considering playing Marley's Request (Supporter) with this and hoping to be able to draw it out of the discard that way. But letting your opponent choose which card you get from your discard, and packing extra, probably un-needed, cards into your deck isn't a good idea. Even if you were lucky enough to get this and Marley's T1 (Starting second).
The best way to use this card is to only ever put no more than 2 into your deck. When you need this card, it will be the best thing to happen since sliced bread (Don't deny it!). If you're lucky enough to get this, a Rare Candy and a Roseanne's Research in your hand, with no Luxury Ball in your discard, you're set for getting a surprise stage 2 pokemon on your bench.

Premier Ball and Bebe's will take care of your Lv.X, no worries.

In conclusion:
Run 1, maybe 2, of these in your deck if you have room. You'll thank yourself for it later.
Don't bother running anything to draw one out of the discard, it's waste of card space. Just use something like POV, Claydol's power or something alike to put it back into your deck if you get the second after using your first.
I guess that's all! There's not much else to say about this card. Except that it's a Trainer, horay!

Only able to use if your discard doesn't have a Luxury Ball in it and no Lv.X means it's not perfect. But should still be used
Any trainer is priceless here. This card helped me so much at my pre-release (I won, btw. 6-0, so take it from me. It helps!).

If you must get it out of the discard, combos:
Drifblim (S) Stormfront.
Marley's Request.
And I believe Zigzagoon? But that's just silly.
There's probably more. But it's really not worth teching or piling your deck with cards to retrieve this in my opinion. Just pack another Bebe's or such.

That's all I guess!
I hope my first review went well. See you tomorrow! (I hope..)

Modified: 3.5
Limited: 5

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