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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Magnezone Lv. 44


Date Reviewed: 10.27.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hello everyone, we are starting a new week, and this week we are continuing our previews of Stormfront cards. Today is one of the two new Magnezone coming out in the set! (this one is the metal-type)

Name: Magnezone Lv. 44
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare Holo

HP: (120) - Not bad for a stage, plus the Lv. X can always add more.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fire+30/Psychic-20) - Weakness to fire could be a problem, but the psychic resistance is definitely nice.

Retreat Cost: (2) - I seriously had a double take when I saw this. How does Magnezone only have a 2 retreat cost?! The DP Magnezone gets rid of it anyway, but I thought this was awesome, at least for a Magnezone.

Poke-POWER: (Magnetic Search) - This is a good Power, it would be better if it attached it (enabling you for energy acceleration) but what can you do? This is nice is you use Night Maintenance that turn to get an energy back.

Attack #1: (LC - Speed Shot) - This is a decent bench hitter, obviously not the best out there, but you can pick off something your opponent just retreated.

Attack #2: (LCC - Crush Volt) - This is like a less damaging version of the Lv. X's attack, but with one more energy requirement and one less energy discard. And no paralysis...

Final Analysis: If you are going to use this, I would hope that it would be solely for the Power, because neither of its attacks are very good.

Modified: I could see putting maybe 1 in for the Power, but the other one in this set might be a better choice. You would definitely want the DP version for the free retreat. Not bad, not great. (2.5/5)

Limited: This would be pretty good in limited, especially with the power and bench hitting attack. (3.5/5)


We start off the week with the new steel Magnazone from Stormfront. Let's see his stats 120HP, a poke-power, two attacks, a plus 30 weakness to fire, a minus 20 resistance to psychic, and two retreat cost. His poke-power Magnetic Search lets you search your deck for a lightning or steel Pokémon and add it to your hand. This is a really useful power because it can get you all the Pokémon you need and get them quickly. Magnazone's first attack speed shot for one lightning and one other energy lets you choose one of your opponents Pokémon and does 30 damage to that Pokémon not counting any weakness, resistance, powers, bodies, or any other effects on the Pokémon. His next attack Crush Volt for one lightning and two of any other type does 80 damage and you discard energy attached to Magnazone. I like this Magnazone better than the new lightning one because it has only two retreat cost and a resistance to psychic and magnetic search is really good and will help allot of steel or lightning decks. Overall a very good card and it is also very balanced with its attacks and its stats.


Modified: 4.5/5- in the right deck this card will do wonders

Limited: 4/5


Art: 3.5/5

Until next time

Ghost pkmn masteR

Jigglypuff13 10/27 Magnezone Lv.44 (SF)
Hello, and sorry once again for my lack of reviews. I'll try to do more than 1 this week. Hope you all had a good weekend and a good set of pre-releases. Anyway, today's card, and it's another preview from Stormfront, and one of 2 cards of the same name, Magnezone! Now, as you may (or may not) know already, there are 2 Magnezones in this set, one Lightning and Metal. In case you haven't been bothered to look at the above picture, you should today's one is the latter. The basics of this card aren't too bad. 120 HP on a Stage 2 is about average at the moment, so should be able to survive a hit or two. +30 Fire Weakness isn't too bad, with there probably being very few good Fire types at the moment (Infernape (any bar SF), Magmortar (SW) and Rapidash (SF) being the main ones, and even then...), but those that are around will probably get a OHKO quite easily. -20 Psychic Resistance is a brilliant Resistance at the moment, with Gengar (SF) and Dusknoir looking as though they are probably going to be real forces in the format, and maybe with the chance of AMU still being played (though I wouldn't count on it). 2 Retreat Cost is average again, but with help from Magnezone (DP), you can easily get rid of the Retreat Cost.
Abilities, and Magnetic Search is a very good Poké-Power. Being able to search for a Lightning or Metal Pokémon every turn is great, though whilst being a bit like Invitation on Nidoqueen d (DF), it is too restrictive to be very widely used. The worst thing about it is the fact that it can't search for Claydol (GE) or Uxie (LA or Lv.X) (unless they have turned into Lightning or Metal types over night without me knowing), which are going to be vital due to the fact that they are probably going to be the main engine in your Magnezone deck. Still, Magnetic Search is nice in a Magnezone deck of almost any variety. Just a shame the attacks aren't quite as good then. Speed Shot will always give do 30 damage to one your opponents Pokémon, but a single 30 snipe just doesn't cut it for 2 energies. Crush Volt isn't too bad I suppose, giving a solid 80 for 3, 2HKOing most Pokémon, but the discard can be a bit of pain without a good recycler, and why use it when you can just Level Up and use Cyber Shock instead, doing the same damage for the same number of energies after discard (3 + 1 for discard = 2 + 2 for discard, though the required types do make the Lv.X a little more costly) and do automatic Paralysis (unless the Defending Pokémon is going to get KO’ed anyway, at which point Crush Volt makes a bit of sense) at the same time? Maybe I'm just being a little too harsh on Magnezone here.
Combos, and it has to be in a Magnezone Lv.X deck to really be effective. However, there are 2 other Magnezones fighting with this one over 3 (or, even worse, maybe only 2) slots, so is this one worth a space or 2? Well, first of, you will want at least 1 of the DP Magnezones. Free Retreat Cost on any Pokémon just by having a Metal energy attached is too good to pass up on. So lets say you go with 2 (which I probably would), that means you have to go with either of the new Magnezones. This one has it's brilliant searching ability, but the other one has Super Connectivity, which if you can remember all the way back to DX, you can get a Metal or Lightning Energy (Lightning is new for Magnezone) back from your discard pile and attach it to your active all for the cost of putting a damage counter on said Pokémon. It's attack is rubbish, but still, that Poké-Power is almost too good to pass up on. Almost is the key word there. You see, Super Connectivity is great, but with Electivire (SW) and Conductive Quarry (SF) in the format, it's a lot easier to get the energies back than it used to be, so the searching ability of today’s COTD is probably a bit more useful. But even then, with 4 Bebe's a 1 Luxury Ball in your deck, along with probably at least 1 Azelf (LA) (and don't tell me you definitely won't play them, because they are deck staples), along with you main draw engine (Claydol or Uxie), you will probably find Magnetic Search going a little over board on the finding Pokémon front. Considering this from both sides, I'd probably go with the Super Connectivity one and leave this ready for if I think the deck is lacking a little in the searching department. However, it's up to personal preference really, so those are just my opinions.

Survivability, and thanks to it's Metal typing, it can abuse Metal Special Energies. However, since I'm not certain what the biggest decks in the format will be at the moment (though I could probably guess), so I won't give any accurate numbers at the moment. However, it should be able to survive a hit or two from your opponents Pokémon.


Modified: It's generally quite a solid card, with nice basic stats, a brilliant, if a little unnecessary, Poké-Power, and 2 attacks that are generally quite bad really. It can be a good attacker, it can survive a for a couple of turns or so, and it can be a brilliant searcher, but it's just a little too weak to be a good attacker, a little to weak with it's average HP, and making you have a bit too much searching ability when combined with your deck staples. It's good, but I prefer the other one in this set. 3/5

Limited: Unless you get a lot of Lightning and Metal Pokémon in your boosters here, the Poké-Power is going to be completely useless here. Speed Shot is still too weak, but Crush Volt is great here for getting OHKOs every turn you have another Lightning energy in your hand. Conductive Quarry helps a lot here for getting discarded Lightning energies back every turn. Hopefully. 3.5/5

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