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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Infernape Lv. 49


Date Reviewed: 10.20.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.08
Limited: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, it's an exciting week here, because we get to review the new previewed Stormfront cards just for you! Today we will start the week out with Infernape.

Name: Infernape Lv. 49
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare Holo

HP: (120) - This is the best out of the three options for Infernape at the moment, and 120 is not bad for any stage 2.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic+30/none) - Weakness to psychic could hurt these days, but there are a few things to get around it.

Retreat Cost: (0) - This is awesome, especially on a stage 2!!

Poke-POWER: (Blaze Dance) - This is an AWESOME power. Yes, it is flippy, but the fact is, it can potentially get not 2... not 3... but 4 energy and attach them all to your Pokemon in any way you like. This is a great way for energy acceleration.

Attack #1: (CC - Close Combat) - This attack is OK, for the energy, but it makes you defenseless (literally) on your opponent's turn.

Attack #2: (FFCC - Spreading Fire) - I like this attack because it does a good amount of damage and it automatically does 20 damage to each of your opponent's benched. Sure, it is a tad expensive, but its Power helps that. The only problem would be getting back the energy you discard, but free retreat and Typhlosion can surely aid in that regard.

Final Analysis: I could see this becoming one of the archetypes once Stormfront comes out. Blaze Dance is worth the flippiness, and Spreading Fire is a nasty attack. A lot of the Stormfront cards are more powerful than anything we have ever seen, so it will be interesting to see how this fares in the new metagame (because I'm positive the metagame will be severely altered once this set comes out).

Modified: In my opinion, the metagame is this card's to lose. (4.5/5)

Limited: Blaze Dance could prove pivotal in a close game. Stage 2 is a slight problem. (3/5)
Jigglypuff13 10/20 Infernape Lv.49 (SF)

Hello and first of all, sorry for not reviewing anything last week, but I've been very busy recently, so this had to take a back seat for a bit. Anyway, welcome to Stormfront preview week, using the cards that have already been officially revealed. First of all, we have Infernape. Now, we already have 3 other Infernapes (including the Lv.X), so this one has to be very different to really deserve any play. Just looking at the card, and you see the first main difference straight away, it's a Fighting type. Now, there will be a lot of good and playable Grass types in this set (probably), so it would've been batter if it was Fire. Also, it's given a Psychic Weakness, which in format which will gain another couple of good Psychic decks, that may not be such a great thing. Essentially, it's already a bit on the back foot. However, it does get some help for it's HP, beefing it up to a nice and average 120 for a Stage 2, which is equal to the Lv.X's HP, which is nice really. Also, it has the Infernape standard, no Retreat Cost (which is perfect), and no Resistance (which isn't so great). It's all a bit too predictable at the moment (apart from the Fighting typing and the Weakness. And the HP. OK, so it isn't all predictable then), so I would be expecting cheap attacks, 2 of them to be precise, and no Poké-Power/Body.

However, I would be a fool to think that before this English version would be released, mainly since I saw the Japanese version. This Infernape differs from the norm again with a Poké-Power and 3 fairly expensive attacks. Blaze Dance is a flippy one-shot Poké-Power, that is brilliant if it works, and rubbish if it doesn't. On Heads, you get 4 Fire energy cards from your deck and attach them to your Pokémon in anyway you like, which is brilliant. On Tails, it does nothing, which is rubbish. Basically, a Heads means you've powered up Infernape for it's second straight away, or powered something else up instead. Either way is good. Because of the flip, it's not something to rely on, and thus some other energy acceleration would be nice.

The first attack, Close Combat, is another risky element to the card. CC for 60 is great, but the attack last seen on Lucario Lv.X (MT) has the same negative side effect of increasing damage to Infernape next turn. The great thing about Lucario Lv.X was that it's Poké-Power let not take a hit for a single turn, and thus get rid of the negative side effects of Close Combat for a turn. Infernape doesn't have that, so even a single turn of using it at the wrong time could be very costly, especially considering that a lot of Psychic types are going to be able to hit the 60 damage mark, allowing them all to get a OHKO on Infernape after a Close Combat. Still, 60 for CC is nice...

Spreading Fire is possibly the least Infernape-y attack to appear on Infernape. It needs FFCC, which is double the maximum energy cost of any other Infernape, and only does 80 damage for that cost. To the active anyway. It has a discard, which is very Infernape-y, but it also does 20 spread to your opponents bench, which isn't usual for Infernape. However, it doesn't matter if it's usual or not, it matters if it's any good, and it is, it's brilliant. Against a deck running a full bench, it does a total of 180 damage, which is very nice really for what is esentially a 6 energy cost (4 for using the attack, 2 for the discard), though not brilliant compared to some other attackers (I think). even with the 4 energy attack, it can be a good donking Pokémon with the flip of a heads. Spreading fire is obviously the main attack of this card due to it's devastating ability.

However, you need a good way of getting the energies back onto the card so you can use Spreading every turn possible. There a re a couple of ways of doing this, though both are hard to set up. The first is a mix of Typhlosion (MT) and Stark Mountain, using Firestater to get the fire energies back onto the bench, then moving one of them up to Infernape before attaching one from your hand to Infernape to actually then use the attack. Admittedly, you would need a energy in your hand every turn to be able to do this (unless you do a switching combo with 2 Infernapes, but that's even harder to set up), but it would be extremely effective if you could do this.
The other combo is using Infernape Lv.X (DP) to change the new Infernape to Fire type, and thus be able to use Heatran Lv.X's Poké-Power to esentially not discard the energies for the attack. It's a little tough to do since it's a Stage 2 Lv.X and a basic Lv.X that had 4 Retreat cost, but still, it would be effective if you could do it.

Survivability, and it's about average really. Since I'm not certain what the good decks will be after SF, I'm not going to say about how it will do, but it should be alright, taking a hit or 2 against all bar Psychic Types, but faltering to all of the really powerful hits, or those after a Close Combat.


Modified: It's a nice card, but a bit unreliable due to the flip and no real consistent way of getting the energies back to Infernape for consecutive Spreading Fires. It could be a nice supporter for the MD Infernape, giving it a surprise 160 attack, but the flip just makes a bit too unreliable. It's a good card, but a bit difficult card to use well consistently. 2.75/5

Limited: Looking at the Japanese set, there is probably going to be no Chimchar/Monferno to go with Infernape, making this card useless if so. 1/5
If there are, then it could be useful, but Close Combat still isn't any good.
 San Bernardino,

WE HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU TODAY HERE AT COTD!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE REVIEWING A NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (.......uh-huh) CARD FROM STORMFRONT, INFERNAPE!!! Continuing Infernape's tradition of being ridiculously powerful, and really, really goodlooking (watch your Zoolander, kids), this card is one that is sure to be coming to a deck near you! BUT will that deck be a winning deck? Let's find out, together, because sharing Pokemon is caring....until things get SERIOUS and it'sthefinalsofyourlocalCityChampionshipsandthe
lastthingyouwanttodoiscareaboutyouropponent..... *WHEW*..So, on to the card then!!..!..!...


Stage 2: As we all know Infernape, begins as a little Char, then grows to an inferno, and FINALLY.....an..Inferno..(or a Chimp to a Monkey to an Ape HE-HAH). Infernape's pre-evos are pretty basic, Chimchar is nothing special and Monferno can either Dance an energy onto it from the discards, or hit for possible 60, both for little energy. Monferno is ok if you can't evolve it for a turn, and it has free retreat, which is always good. So all in all, a pretty good beginning for our Infernal Ape.


120 HP: THIS is new! If the next Infernape has 130 HP then I'll KNOW there playing with us (go check out the DP Infernape and then the MD Infernape.....DAH Screw it, I'll just tell you, it takes way too long to go over to Pokegym's Tower, and, besides, you might get sidetracked on the way there and never come back. The DP Infernape had 100 HP, and the MD one had 110). This is actually a really good plus for this card, as it seems ALOT of attacks can reach 100 or 110 these days, with Bucks/Plus or not. Good Bonus.


Blaze Dance: Possibly the most interesting feature of this card (there are a few), this Poke-Power can fully power this card up, OR be used like a Togekiss, and help fuel other Pokemon. Though it is a flip effect, unlike Togekiss, it is an ENSURED four Fire, which can be head and shoulders above Togekiss's randomness. I think this card would be used even if it didn't have the Power, so really it's just great gravy here. I'm obliged to also mention, just like with every other come-into-play Pokemon Power, this card is CAN be combo'ed with Super Scoop Up, but, since they're BOTH a flip, not so much as others.


Close Combat: Hmmm, I find this attack..........not so likeable. It's basically just a smaller version of Lucario LV. X's Close Combat, but without the protection of Lucario's obvious Poke-Power (sometimes you don''t need two cards for a combo). The only time I can EVER see this being used is when you've just discarded the energy for Spreading Fire and don't have the Stark Mountain or Typhlosion to get back to four energy. Granted, after KOing a Pokemon with Spreading Fire they might not be able to capitalize on the negative effect, but unfortunately, for decks like Blissey or Kingdra or even AMU, that probably is not the case. While I guess I CAN see this attack helping out late game if you're trying to swarm with just a bunch of Infernape, other than that and after Spreading Fire, this attack will probably not be used. Not BAD, though.


Spreading Fire: This attack is the big hitter for this card, and reminds me alot of Kyogre's High Tide. In fact, the only difference is the change to Fire Energy, and the cost of one more energy resualting in 20 more damage. In fact, it even has an energy acceleration ability on it, just like Kyogre. But, the difference is that Infernape, through the prementioned Stark Mountain and Typhlosion combo, can EASILY power up to use this attack every turn. You just attach an energy normally to Infernape and Firestart one onto the Typhlo', then Stark Mountain it right onto your Ape. 80 every turn, and 20 to their bench, assuming you can keep putting down the energy from the hand, which, looking at Houndoom's example and success, shouldn't be hard. This attack will clearly start an archetype. HECK, this even supports Infernape LV. X.


Weakness: DIFFERING once more from the other Infernape, this one has a potentially dnagerous Weakness to Psychic. While, in truth, a Weakness to Water would be just as much a handicap, this Infernape now has a whole different set of Pokemon to fear. Bronzong can Coat and then survive a Spreading Fire, and Mismagius can OHKO it if it has at least three energy on it (why am I even saying that?). I expect it's biggest concern, though, will be Dusknoir and Gengar. While I haven't actually SEEN either of these new cards (I happen to like being pleasantly suprised by the card itself, not some mispelled internet Japanese translation), I've HEARD they're particularly comboatious and will be highly played.


Retreat Cost: Like it's older versions, this Inferno a la Ape is fast and painless to retreat. A major bonus when damaged or intending to swarm using Close Combat.


Combos: This card is just like most of the other big Fire Pokemon, easily combined with a variety of things. It can work with energy accelerators like Leafeon, Typhlosion and Togekiss. It can work with other Fire spreaders like Magmortar. It can work with Moltres to power up big attacks quickly. It can work with Groudon to place a Fire on it, alternate between Drought and Major Earthquake, and when Groudon's KO'd have an Infernape or two to take it's place. I MEAN, it can even be used with Darkrai and Weavile to do 80 for two energy and then retreat for a different one when you need to, all the while powering up the Darkrai LV. X. A very useful card indeed, which is something everyone should like.



Modified: 4/5 I can't really tell HOW MUCH play this card is going to see, but I can guarantee it's good and will SEE play.


Limited: 4/5 Strong here to, Close Combat can actually be pretty useful here.


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