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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Uxie Lv. X

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 10.16.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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 San Bernardino,

Hey everyone, by a show of hands how's everyone doing? It's okay, just clap, no one's gonna think you're weird when you suddenly start clapping in your house, a Starbuck's, or public library, so go head and let it OUT! That's better! So, today's card is another piece of the Lake Trio, the all-exclusive Uxie LV. X! This Pokemon is a valued member of AMU and is showing up in other decks as well. Let's get to it then!


LV. X: On s basic, a LV. X is great. Easy to find, and pretty simple to play, with Premier Ball, this is a clear plus. Simple and quick.


Regular Uxie: Now, usually I'll go over the full pros and cons of playing either version, but with Uxie, there REALLY is only one big enough difference between the two to discuss. Their Poke-Powers. The older Uxie can stop attacks by being damaged, and the newer one will let you draw to until you reach 7 in hand. While I think the newer version is played more, I've seen the older one in many AMU decks. This choice just depends on what you're looking for through Uxie.


90 HP: A basic HP for a smaller, nongiant legendary. This can be put at 110 with Snowpoint, but, as is 90 HP isn't too impressive in the long run. I would say this card makes up for it with it's speed, though.


Trade Off: The big part of this card, Trade Off lets you gain a type of Poke-Nav every turn. You can choose whichever one you need more, adding a sense of utility to this Poke-Power. Trade Off allows for good card advantage, and many smart players are experimenting one way or another with this ability.


Zen Blade: The basically secondary attack of AMU Zen Blade can score some early prizes if let out quick enough. The attack is cheap, and the damage is good. Of course you have to retreat the Uxie after using it, but this attack is good for the quick finishing damage that Azelf LV. X usually needs. A great attack on this Uxie.


Weakness: DOESN'T really matter since Azelf will take this away.


Retreat Cost: Just the one, quick and easy is the name of Uxie's game.


Combos: I've seen this in, of course, AMU, Cresselia decks, Kingdra....Uxie is a hard force to say no to. Completely necessary with AMU, and a strong tech in Kingdra and Cresselia Spreaders, Uxie is a very flexible Pokemon that partners well with a variety of things. Try Uxie with things like Magmortar to discover what a Claydol and Uxie can do for your deck!



Modified: 4/5 A very good card, Uxie is one that will see a good amount of play in the next few months.




4.5/5 If you can get this out, then DO IT!! Uxie is a Pokemon worth having in your draft decks.


If you stare at this email address: Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com, for two hours without moving a muscle before the sending some feedback, I PROMISE a picture of a bored human looking at himself will appear! Send this to 5 friends or suffer the MUMMY'S CURSE!!!Nosendbacks! 


It's Thursday the 16th and the card of the day is Uxie lv.x. Time to look at his stats 90HP, X2 weakness to psychic, no resistance, and one retreat cost. These stats are normal and are pretty good considering how good the regular Uxie is. His poke-power trade off lets you look at the top two cards on top of your deck choose one and add it to your hand and put the other card on the bottom of your deck and you can only use trade off once during your turn. Uxie's poke-power is good but now let's look at his attack. The attack Zen blade for two energy of any kind does 60 damage but you can't use it during your next turn. Overall this card is awesome not only does it help you draw cards it can do 60 damage for two energy and on top of that the regular Uxie is seeing play in almost every deck out there.


Modified: 4.5/5


Limited:  4/5


Art: 5/5 now here's a cool looking card

Until next time

Ghost Pokémon Master

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