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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Raichu Lv. X


Date Reviewed: 11.07.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.40
Limited: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Ghost pokemon master is back and ready to review today's card is Raichu LV. X. Let's check out his stats 110HP, a poke-body, one attack, a times two weakness to fighting, a minus 20 resistance to steel, and no retreat cost. Now on to his poke-body Link Lightning which allows you on the turn you play Raichu LV.X to level up one of your Pokémon and you use the attack Voltage Shoot after that attack you can use any other of Raichus attacks. Ok this card is going to see play because it can attack TWICE in a single turn. His attack Voltage Shoot for two lightning and another energy makes you discard two lightning energy from him and does 80 damage to one of your opponents Pokémon. This attack ties into his body and is just loads of fun to play in the correct deck. There is not too much not to like about this card the only thing that could pose a problem is the times two weaknesses to fighting otherwise id say that this card is almost perfect. Overall expect to see alot of Raichu decks being played because this card is a beast.


Modified: 4.8/5- no complaints here but if you play this just watch out for the dreaded Machamp


Limited; 4.5/5


Art; 5/5

See you next week

Ghost PKMN master

Narctiss My favourite card :D And one I've been waiting for, for so very long!

Raichu Lv.X -

HP 110. Not bad for a Stage 1, but a little under-average for a Stage 1 Lv.X. 120 would have been much better.
2xFighting weakness. Bad with Machamp being played a little, and there will still be some Kabutops and possibly Armaldo decks played that will hurt it.
-20 Resistance to Steel. Always nice to have a resistance! This helps against the new Empoleon, Magnezone's and any Metagross'.
0 Retreat cost is perfect :P.

It's poke-body is broken, I think :D
Link Lightning: This allows you to use 2 attacks of Raichu (it's X or previous level). As long as the first you use is Voltage Shoot and it's on the turn you level Raichu up. There's the slight drawback of it being prevented if you're affected by special condition, but if you're up against anybody except Toxicroak or Heatran Lv.X, I'm pretty sure this won't bother you at all. Attacking twice in one turn is amazingly good however!

Voltage Shoot. 2L 1C. Attack any of your opponents Pokemon for 80 damage, and discard two Lightning energy from your hand. so overall, it costs 5 energy technically. Which is pretty hefty! However this works well in a number of ways. 80 damage for a start is pretty good, especially to be able to do it to benched pokemon! (Goodbye Claydol!), it's pretty good for 3 energy too. Having to discard 2 Lightning energy is kind of bad too, but it's from your hand, so you can search them and discard in the same turn. Plus if you did just level up, you could do this attack twice if you could manage it. KO'ing 2 on the bench, or the active and a benched Pokemon!

Combos. The main combo people keep wanting to pair this with are Electivire SW and Magnezone (all of them!). The main reason for these are because of it's previous level from S(tormfront). It's thrid attack gives 100dmg to the active, and discards three energy from ANY of your pokemon in play. So if you run Electivire, for example, you can Motor Drive energy to one/two on your bench, and then use that attack to discard from those two, and one energy you put down from your hand, every turn! And then when you Level up into this, attack twice, possibly using Voltage Shoot and then Burst Ball (the 100dmg attack), you get to do a total of 180 damage in a single turn, two a possibility of two different pokemon!!
It takes a little while to set up and is at least a T3 Pokemon. But if it can be done, it's such a good attacker, and there's not much your opponent can do about it.
In my own Raichu deck, I do use TM TS-2: Devoluter. It's a very surprising combo and always catches the opponent off guard with such a surprise KO! You can level up Raichu, use voltage shoot, and then devolute in the same turn. Sometimes it is better to damage an opponent twice, but having this option is always nice. I'm sure there are many other combos, and I'm planning to use this deck for Cities, as many others are! So watch out for this deck :)

Counters: Unown G for benched pokemon can stop Voltage shoot, anything fighting really hurts this Lv.X (Machamp, Kabutops, Mamoswine XD haha, etc)

Modified: 4.. wait.. gah, I'm so biased with this card I want to put 5! But, it does have drawbacks, so only 4. It's HP and extreme energy usage let it down.
Limited: 3 Here. I think it would take way too long to set up, and be able to get that many energies into your hand to use it's attack and then also discard two when you level up. If it would work, it'd be so broken in Limited play that your opponent wouldn't have a chance.

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