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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Empoleon Lv. 52


Date Reviewed: 11.05.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.90
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hello to everybody, today we are reviewing the new metal-type Empoleon!

Name: Empoleon Lv.
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare Holo

HP: (130) - Pretty average for Stage 2's these days, but it is still pretty good.

Weakness/Resistance: (Lightning+30/none) - Not terrible. Trust me, there are much worse weaknesses.

Retreat Cost: (2) - Not terrible, but you would probably want Warp Points to have to avoid the retreat cost.

Poke-POWER: (Emperor Aura) - This power is really good, especially early game, like on turn 2. To be able to prevent your opponent from attaching energy that early, that is nice and opens windows for you to pull ahead in the game.

Attack #1: (CC - Steel Wing) - For the cost, this attack is really good. I like the Buffer Piece/Defender effect always, especially when it also involves doing damage. And remember, if you have special metal energy attached to Empoleon, you defend yourself even more. I just wish it cost more so it could do more damage.

Attack #2: (WCC - Whirlpool) - This attack is pretty average. It would be much better with an automatic discard.

Final Analysis: This version of Empoleon could certain fit in decks, mainly for the Poke-Power. It is useful early game, but it could have problems if you have trouble getting it early. Also, it wouldn't be as effective against low energy decks and stuff that can replenish energy. It could possibly find a fit somewhere with something that discards energy, to create an energy-destroying deck.

Modified: Not the best thing in the set, but the Power can lead to nice possibilities. (3/5)

Limited: The first attack would be worth it, and Whirlpool would even be nice. (3.5/5)
Jigglypuff13 11/5 Empoleon Lv.52 (MD)

Hello people reading this review! Today, we are reviewing the final preview card from Stormfront, Empoleon! Remember, Stormfront has been officially released today as well! There's even more stuff to be excited about and put exclamation marks after in the news over the last few days, but I can't be bothered to mention it here. Anyway, Empoleon, and the basics of the card are alright really. 130 HP on a Stage 2 is a little over average at the moment, so Empoleon should be able to survive a few hits, especially considering it's Metal typing, and thus Metal energies helping it's survivability. +30 Lightning Weakness could be it's downfall, thanks to Raichu (SF) having a massive chance of being on of the biggest decks in the format, and can do the magical 100 damage, which unless Special Metals have been used, will get a OHKO against Empoleon. No Resistance, well, considering it's a Metal Pokémon, it is a little disappointing, but still, it is more of a Water type, so I'll let it off. 2 Retreat Cost is alright, and is average, but Switches and/or Warp Points may be wanted anyway.

Abilities, and Emperor Aura is extremely nice. Evolve your active Prinplup (or Piplup) into this and your opponent can't attach any energies from their hand to any of their Pokémon. There are ways round this, such as using a Deck or Discard orientated Energy accelerator, such as Electivire (SW), Togekiss (GE) or Typhlosion (MT), but considering you can't attach your normal energy per turn and maybe can't use Hand orientated Energy accelerators (I'm not certain about this, though it seems to make sense), that is fantastic really. However, it only lasts a turn, but you can't really expect much more to be honest. It's just a shame the attacks aren't quite so good really. Steel Wing does an unimpressive 40 for CC. Sure, it reduces damage done to Empoleon by 20, but it's still just average, though the idea of loading Empoleon up with 4 Special Metals and using Steel Win every turn is tempting, reducing all damage done to Empoleon by 60, and thus needs to be hit for 190 damage for a OHKO against it. However, the downfalls are if Empoleon is KOed, you loss all of you Special Metals, and you won't be KOing anything quickly yourself. Still, with a few more stalling cards, does seem like a fun little stall deck. Whirlpool, on the other hand, has no real potential. 60 and possible Discard for WCC is again, alright, but I still wish there was a little more damage. Mind you, if you can pull it off on the same turn as Emperor Aura, it could make for great energy denial, but still lacking a little, but without Energy Removal 2 or similar, I don't think it would work well.

Combos, well, I like that Steel Wing idea, though you need a way of getting the Special Metals back. The best way I can think of is using Aggron (MT) to get the Metals back into the deck, though if you realise one of your Empoleons is going to be KOed, Energy Link is a nice way of moving the energies to another Empoleon. To be totally honest though, I'd much prefer to use Empoleon (MD) rather than this one, with this new one maybe being more a tricky Empoleon, wanting more subtle effects to win through, but it stills doesn't match MD Empoleon in my opinion.

Survivability, and since I still don't know what the biggest decks will be (though I can probably guess a couple), so I won't put here how it does against the biggest decks, but needless to say, it will probably have a hard time against Raichu due to the OHKO it can cause without any Special Metals being attached. Also, Pokémon that place Damage Counters are nice to get round Steel Wing and Metal energies. Gengar (SF) and Dusknoir (just about any) are goood at this.

Modified: I don't think it will be that good to be honest. It has a nice couple of effects in Energy denial and damage reduction, but it's lacking a lot in doing any real damage or anything to really build a good deck around. Mind you, I could see a good rouge using this card, using some combo I just haven't seen at the moment. 2.5/5

Limited: Energy Denial is great here, and with 130 HP and 20 damage reduction it's a massive tank. Still not hitty, but it doesn't need to be here, it just needs to wear your opponent down. 3/5
Narctiss Steel Empoleon (Haha, penguins..).

Steel Type. There aren't that many pokemon around that you'll encounter with Steel weakness besides Froslass. There are a few with resistance though..
HP: 130 for a stage 2, Good! Will last a little.
Weakness to Lightning. Not so great! With the new Raichu LvX, it will be hurt quite badly whenever facing one of these opponents. Especially since he's one of the currents with Steel resistance.
No resistance is... Nothing really. It'd be nice to have one though...
2 Retread costs is a little high for a penguin, but I suppose with some warp point's + Switch's this could be okay. Just keep attacking until it KO's! OR...

Poke-Power: Emperor Aura.
When you evolve into Empoleon, you can stop your opponent from attaching energy to his/her pokemon, from their hand, during their next turn :P. This is pretty awesome. It can ruin an opponents setup if they have an energy costly attack, or one that relies on having a lot of energy (Tyran, Leafeon (for more damage), Raichu (slows it down), etc..). On top of this, we'll look at how this combos with it's second attack shortly!
P.s. This is pretty good :P It's a shame it's only one use... ... .. SSU? ^_^;;

Steel Wing. 2C - 40dmg. Not so great! -20dmg taken next turn. Okay, but, still, it's a little costly for what it's worth. I doubt it's an attack you'll be using often.
Whirlpool. 1W2C - 60dmg. The damage given for 3 energy seems a little weak in the current format. However, it's condition of flipping a coin and the possibility to remove an energy on your opponents defending is actually quite nice! Couple this with it's Poke-body and you may well set your opponent back a couple of turns :P

Will it be played? Mmm. Difficult to say. The current MD Empoleon is such a good attacker and spreader that most players that use Emperor Penguin decks will be pretty set on playing that one. You might see one or two teched into Empoleon decks as a bit of a stall to the opponent, maybe some SSU too to repeat it's effect, or to just use it, stall your opponent, and then attack with the MD Empoleon.
This card could combo with other energy removers like Vaporeon, who, if I remember correctly, has an attack very similar to it's own. You could also use Tentacruel (if you're lucky enough to get a lot of heads and discard some energy). You could attack with this Empoleon, discard some energy and disturb the opponents setup, then SSU, bring out MD Empoleon and spread some damage, then use Tentacruel to reattach some energy and maybe get some bench KO's.
It doubt it'd work too well though XD I just couldn't think of a better combo! I don't like this card too much personnaly. I think it's a little too weak. A good disruption, but I don't see any decks based around it. I could be proven wrong!

Modified: 3
Limited: 1. Why? Because there are no Piplup/Prinplup in this set! (otherwise it would be 2)

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