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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lumineon Lv. 38

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 11.25.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.33
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 11/25 Lumineon Lv.38 (SF)
Right, quick one today on one of Machamp (SF)'s favourite partners, Lumineon. First of all, the basics, and 80 HP is not good on a fully evolved Stage 1. Might survive a hit if you are really lucky. Shame it has +20 Lightning Weakness as well since then, Raichu (SF) will only need a sinlge Plus Power/Buck's Training to OHKO this Pokémon with it's second attack (which I have momentarily forgotten the name of). No Resistance has been covered so many times before that I won't bore you with details of it now. It's one redeeming feature here is it's free Retreat Cost, allowing it to get to the bench quickly when in danger, which is always.
Abilities, and first of all, don't think you are going to make a good rouge with this cards attacks. Quick Swim does a nice and solid 20 for free on anything, isn't effected by Weakness or Resistance, which is nice, but is effected by Metal Energy and other such effects. Admitedtly, there aren't many Metal decks at the moment apart from Magnezone Lv.X (LA) decks and the odd Bastiodon (MT) deck. Also, you will have to watch out for, well, Bastiodon stopping your sniping. Not sure how many decks will use it, but it's always a bit of threat, so just remember about it. Elegant Swim is a semi-useful attack for trying to keep Lumineon alive. 30 for W is not bad on it's own, but then you get the possibility (50% chance to be precise) of getting the Agility type effect, of preventing all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Lumineon during your opponents next turn. Not bad and does make up for it's low HP, but it's flippy, and if you are like me, you will almost never see this working. If you are any good with flips though, then this could be your card.
Now for it's main attraction, Fin Luster. When Lumineon is active, you can have a look at your opponents hand if their bench isn't full, see if you can find a Basic, and if so, put it on your opponents bench, then switch it with your opponents active. How great does that sound, but how bad does it sound as well. You force your opponent to have a Basic active that can't attack, but then, what is likely to be a main attacker is sent safely to the bench, ready to be recharged or something. Not great sounding, but does, essentially, give you a free prize.
Now, this Poké-Power does have some combos. he first is Machamp (SF). What you do is use Lumineon to put a Basic active, retreat, then use Machamp's Take Out to get the OHKO on the basic, then rinse and repeat. Sounds nice, but there are a couple of flaws here. First, it involves retreating twice per turn which, unless you've not looked at the rulebook recently, is not allowed, so you will need a lot of Switches and/or Warp Points, or just use Gardevoir (SW) and it's Lv.X for Teleportation, whilst also getting a free draw engine from Telepass.
The other combo for Lumineon is with Dusknoir (DP). How this works is to place your opponents main attacker to the bench and fill it up while dragging the basic active, then use Dark Palm to shove their main attacker back into their deck whilst also maybe KOing the basics, depends on how many of their main attacker they have out. Can be quite devestating, but if you go for the KO option, you will need to try and make sure your opponent will have a bench of size 4 or higher constantly, which isn't always easy. Also, if you go with the KO option, you will need to retreat twice per turn again, which means you will need those Switches/Warp Points or whatever again.
Survivability, well, if you leave it active and it stays alive for at least 1 turn, then your opponent is clearly playing a stall deck. 80 HP just makes it prize bait in all honesty.
Modified: Has a nice couple of combos here, both of which could be quite devastating, but also a bit annoying because they need a fair bit of set up, including finding some retreating substitute. Apart from as either a tech or a main supportive line in those Machamp or Dusknoir decks, it will not see play. Don't even think about a main attacker Lumineon because that's just going to be really bad. 2/5
Limited: I suppose dragging a pointless basic out of your opponents hand might be quite nice, and the attacks could be quite useful, especially sniping, which is otherwise quite rare. However, it's still got quite low HP and a very low damage output, which is just going to be this cards downfall. Try it, but don't expect Lumineon to be that useful. 2.5/5


It's the final card of the day before Thanksgiving and the card we will be reviewing is Lumineon from Stormfront. Now let's see his stats

80HP, 2 attacks, a +20 weakness to electric, no resistance, a poke-power, and no retreat cost. Lumineons poke-power Fin Luster is awesome because it can pull basic Pokémon from your opponents hand onto their bench but the downside is that Lumineon has to be your active Pokémon.  The one combo that I can think of with this card is using it in a deck with the Dusknoir from DP and using Lumineons power each turn than you use Dusknoir to return their best Pokémon to their hand. His first attack QUICK Swim a free attack does 20 damage to any one of your opponents Pokémon not applying weakness & resistance. With this attack you can snipe the bench and best of all its free. Now onto Lumineons last attack Elegant Swim for only one water energy it does 30 damage and you flip a coin if heads prevent all effects of attacks done to Lumineon during your opponents next turn ok I love this attack it's so cheap 30 damage and possible protection for only one water energy a great attack I must say. The only downside to this card is that it has no resistance and only 80HP but for a stage one it's a very balanced card.


Modified: 4.25/5 use is card with the DP Dusknoir for great results


Limited: 4/5


Art; 4.75/5


Happy Thanksgiving


Ghost PKMN Master


Super short on time, but I did submit a late CotD for yesterday almost as short as this one.


Even more time crunched than normal, I’ll be brief about Lumineon Lv.38: if you run this small Stage 1, it will be for its Poké-Power, Fin Luster. While Active, Fin Luster lets you forcibly Bench a Basic Pokémon from your opponent’s hand and then make that into the new Defending Pokémon.  It won’t work if there are no Basic Pokémon in your opponent’s hand or room on your opponent’s Bench.  When you play this card, your opponent will be forced to fill their Bench or empty their hand of Basics.  You still get to see their hand, and that isn’t bad to know what is coming.  A free Retreat Cost means you can use Switch to get Lumineon Active by Benching your “real” attacker, since this card is weak in that position.  Lumineon itself has a free retreat cost, so Retreating then is easy.  The best use I can think of is to run this with Dusknoir from Diamond and Pearl: combining Dark Palm with Fin Luster, you should be able to force the opponent to do what you want with respect to their Bench.




Unlimited: 1/5


Modified: 3.5/5


Limited: 3.5/5



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