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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Bronzong Lv. 46


Date Reviewed: 11.24.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Narctiss Bronzong S, Lv.46

HP90 - Not too bad for a stage one, it can survive a little bit.
+20 Psychic Weakness: Worrying with all of the psychic being played right now!
-20 Fire Resistance: Any resistance is good. Although the extent of how many fire decks there will be makes this obsolete almost.
3 Retreat Cost: Ouch! Switch/Warp Point/Moonlight Stadium are required! I see Bronzong being a bench sitter mainly because..

Poke-Power: Cycler!
Choose any card from your hand, put it to the top of your deck and search for 2 basic energy cards to go to your hand. Shuffle afterwards (no special conditions allowed!).
This is why Bronzong may well only be a bench sitter and tech card.
Ideas have sprung up for this to be used in Raichu Lv.X decks to assure being able to use it's 'Voltage Shoot' attack.
It's obviously pretty good for choosing what energy you need, when you need it (Garchomp and Ho-Oh decks? If not the superior Togekiss).
It might be considered that Claydol is a better choice. Claydol is faster, and gives you other cards to choose from, however it has less HP (and so is in OHKO range of Raichu X) and doesn't confirm the energy you need in certain decks.
All the same, it's the user and decks choice.
It's also funny how you could always put an energy back into the deck, to draw out that same energy and a new one!

Strange Spin: PC
20+ 40 more and confusion if your hand has the same amount of cards as your opponent.
The Poke-Power helps out with this attack (within reason), and with the right situation it can be quite nice, but it's nothing special.

Heavy Potential: PCC
Put a number of damage counters on each of your opponents Pokemon equal to the number of * in that Pokemon's Retreat Cost.
Spread damage! :P
There are a few Pokemon about in the current format with reasonable - high retreat costs. Multiple use of this attack could cause some serious spread damage. Combined with Bronzong MD, there's quite a nice spread deck Pokemon if you can build it up.
The attack states that you do this attack after applying effects to the opponents Retreat Cost. If you have another pokemon such as Ariados MT, you get to add an extra damage counter to the attack! Have more benched Ariados for heavy spread damage!

Bronzong S is pretty good as a tech card and as an attacker, but it's not brilliant and it won't last long in the active position.
As part of a deck's strategy with spread decks (Froslass/Bronzong), then this card will fit in nicely if you can get the energy to it, otherwise I doubt it will see much play unless as a rogue deck with Ariados and more.
It's weakness also lets it down to decide to be played less, since Dusknoir would eat it for breakfast and AMU close behind. On the note of AMU, Azelf could nicely fit with a rogue Bronzong deck to remove the weakness and snipe the bench for some fun surprise KO's.

Modified: 3/5
Limited: 3/5


Bronzong Lv.46 is a strange card.  It can be a Bench Sitter to reliably get Basic Energy cards from your deck into your hand.  That is a solid ability.  You’ll probably need a way to get those Energy cards from the discard pile back to the deck, though.  Its first attack, Strange Spin, is actually a strong attack if you can play well enough to match your hand size to the opponent’s.  Heavy Potential is phenomenal if you run into something with a Retreat Cost of three or more.


This card will be a Bench sitter for a few decks, but unlike some it will be something to watch out for as the odd attacker as well: everyone will have to watch hand size, and if your deck is based around something with a huge Retreat Cost, you’d better take this out right away.


Lastly, this might be able to tear up Unlimited.  While most attacking Pokémon are dainty things with one or zero Energy Retreat Costs, almost all common Bench Sitters are big ones: Neo Genesis Slowking has a three Energy Retreat Cost, and that is the magic number.  Three damage counters on all their (now Benched) “Baby” Pokémon means Prizes without a Flip.  The danger is you’ll either have to run a Pokémon that has a Gust of Wind like Pokémon Power or else hope you get past said Slowking’s Mind Games with the actual Gust of Wind Goop Gas and Pokémon Flute can set up for multiple KOs at once.




Unlimited: 3/5

Modified: 3/5

Limited: 4/5



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