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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Drapion Lv. 44


Date Reviewed: 11.21.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.87
Limited: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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We end the week with the new dark type Drapion from Stormfront. His stats are 110HP, 3 attacks, a +20 weakness to psychic, no resistance, and three retreat cost. For a stage one I like the 110hp and 3 attacks but his retreat cost could pose a problem. On to Drapions first attack Scorpion Grapple a free attack that does 10 damage and you flip a coin if heads the defending Pokémon is now paralyzed if tails the defending Pokémon can't retreat during the next turn. This attack is ok for a free attack but both of its effects can be dealt with by simply evolving your active Pokémon. His next attack Cross Poison for two energies of any type makes you flip four coins and for each heads it does 20n damage and if two or more of them are heads the defending Pokémon is now poisoned. It's not that I don't like this attack it's because you have to flip to do damage and if you're lucky and get two heads their Pokémon is poisoned.

And Drapions final attack Derail for three energies two of which have to be dark does 60 damage and discard all special energies attached to the defending Pokémon. Now with this attack it's really basic for three energies it does only 60 damage and a possible discard of special energies and since the only special energy really being played in most decks these days is call energy I don't think many people will jump at the idea of a Drapion deck. There are many ways that this card could have been made better such as adding a resistance and only two retreat cost for starters. Drapion might have seen some play last year when gardilade was the top deck being played and we still had DRE but this card wasn't released back then so bummer. I don't think that this card will see play unless they decide to make more playable special energy cards or they reprint cards like boost energy. I don't think that this card will see play until the new Drapion LV.X is released but you never know if a card like this will see play.

Modified; 2.75/5

Limited: 2.50/5

Art; 5/5-m I love the artwork on this card


Awww… I will love you and cuddle you and call you Skorponok!


Attributes: Drapion Lv.44 is a stage 1 Pokémon that Evolves from Skorupi.  Interestingly enough, there are two Skorupi (both of course Modified Legal); one is a Grass-Type and the other a Psychic-Type.  Both have 60 HP, Psychic Weakness +10, no Resistance, and a Retreat Cost of (CC).  I like the attacks on the new, Grass-Type version better: it can prevent an opponent from retreating while doing 10 points of damage for just (C), or for (GC) it can hit for 20 and either Paralyze or Poison them, depending upon if the coin flip is heads or tails, respectively.  The slightly older Psychic version can only Poison with heads on a coin toss for (P) and does no additional damage with that attack or for (CC) flip four coins and do 10 damage per heads.  I’d say the new version is the clear winner there.  There is also an older version of Drapion, which is a Grass Pokémon that has 10 less HP than the new version but the same Weakness, lack of Resistance, and Retreat Cost.  It can hit for a 20 for (CC) with “heads” on the coin toss making it 40, or for (PPC) do 50 damage and automatically Poison the Defending Pokémon.


Now that the “background” information is out of the way, let us examine the new version of Drapion.  It is a Dark-Type, which I think is a definite advantage: being able to use the Special Energy version of Darkness Energy has always been handy.  It has 110 HP.  In Modified, I only see a handful of Pokémon that beat that score, and maybe two or three times as many that tie with it, so I’ll take that as 110 HP being pretty good for a Stage 1 right now.  If memory serves, it seems like big attacks either hit for 100 or jump all the way to 120 or more, making that last 10 HP all the more important.  The Psychic Weakness of +20 doesn’t seem too bad: a lot of Pokémon I’ve seen since I came back have +30 if they are the end stage of their line.  It isn’t great, but it seems to be within reason.  Maybe that is why there is no Resistance on this card.  I greatly enjoy Resistance as I feel it fleshes the game out more.  A lack of it is thus annoying, but it rarely makes or breaks a card to have Resistance, and if it would have resulted in a great Weakness, it might be to this card’s benefit after all.  The last bottom stat is the Retreat Cost of (CCC).  This is that tipping point where you have to accept that you’ll only Retreat this card manually when you would lose otherwise or for some reason retreating will help you win.  Find a card effect that can get Drapion to the Bench and run it in your deck.


Drapion Lv.44 has three attacks.  The first is Scorpion Grapple.  For just (D) you hit for 10, which isn’t that great.  The good news is that you get to flip a coin as well, and if it comes up “heads”, the Defending Pokémon is Paralyzed.  A result of “tails” doesn’t fail completely, either: the Defending Pokémon still can’t retreat. Factor in that the Special Energy version of Darkness Energy can reliably boost the damage done and this becomes a passable attack.  Factoring in the next two attacks almost makes it good.  The second attack on the card is Cross Poison.  Only requiring (CC), you get to flip four coins.  You do 20 points of damage for each “heads” you get, and if at least two coins are “heads”, you also Poison the Defending Pokémon.  One good shot of this and then you can use Scorpion Grapple to force the opponent to succumb to Poison or burn another card to ditch the Poison.  If you have multiple copies of Darkness Energy for the +10 it grants, and got lucky and scored three or four “heads”, that could actually work.  With just two heads, they might have the HP and the attacks to take you out before the combo is complete.  The third attack, Derail would have been huge in older formats.  Derail costs (DDC) but hits for 60 and has a strong effect: you discard all Special Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.  The last two or three formats, when we had Double Rainbow Energy and later Scramble Energy, this attack would have been huge.  Open with Derail, then either Derail again if they are low enough to OHKO, Scorpion Grapple if they have no hope of fighting back, or risk a Cross Poison.  Unfortunately for Drapion, the current metagame won’t be as profitable to Derail in: while we have several Special Energy cards, they aren’t the type to be solely powering a Pokémon.  Discarding a spent Cyclone Energy, Warp Energy, Health Energy, etc. is annoying, but not crippling.  Multi Energy is a bit worse to lose, but will almost always be the only Special Energy attached.


Uses and

Combinations:  Sadly, here is where I am least useful.  I am still so very, very ignorant of the card pool, let alone the actual metagame, that I can’t really tell you any good combos.  I can tell you what to look for, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out on your own.  Like nearly all Pokémon, you want to keep it Active and attacking.  This card seems fairly easy to set up (being a Stage 1), so you may not need something on the bench to cycle through your deck as bad as in other case.  Naturally you want to up your damage: Darkness Energy, Plus Power, and maybe Buck’s Training Method.  Disruptive cards (Absol from Secret Wonders, Team Galactic’s Wager, and Team Galactic’s Mars) will slow an opponent’s set up, hopefully preventing retaliation.  Lastly, I’d look for healing, especially re-useable healing.  On its own, healing isn’t enough: your opponent will probably KO you too fast for it to matter.  Combined with Drapion’s natural style and some disruptive helping cards, you can hopefully minimize damage to the point that they can’t OHKO you very easily.




Unlimited: 3/5 – Another card I so want to try in Unlimited, Drapion would often be fighting low HP, heavy Special Energy using cards that often expect to be able to retreat for free or are meant to be bench sitters.  And Poison gets around Focus Band.  Once again, I don’t expect it to dominate the format, but to become another one of those decks that show up from time to time, and if you ignore it, you lose to it.


Modified: 3/5 – A solid card that would have been great if there were more Special Energy cards in use.  It might be the card to prevent certain Metal- or Dark-Type Pokémon from dominating, but I don’t know if it can sneak into other decks, and as a deck’s focus I don’t think it could handle a raw, aggressive deck.


Limited: 4/5 – It has a good Basic and Special Conditions are always extra nasty here.




Poor Drapion appears late to the party, but still could be worth it in the right deck, especially if Metal or Darkness Pokémon are big in your area.




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