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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mamoswine Lv. 56


Date Reviewed: 11.20.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.65
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Today's card of the day is Mamoswine from Stormfront. Let's see his stats 14O HP, 2 attacks, a +30 weakness to grass, a -20 resistance to lightning, and a Five energy retreat cost. Mamoswines first attack Ramming strike for one fighting and two of any type this attack is really good it lets you flip a coin until you get tails and if you can start again and each time you start flipping again Mamoswine gets 20 damage. This attack is interesting because now it gets me thinking about all the crazy combos you can come up with this card. His second attack Parade for 4 energies which two have to be water and fighting does 60 damage plus 10 more for each swinub on your bench and wait it gets even better it also does 20 more damage for each piloswine and 40 for each mamoswine on your bench. Ok NOW I think this card is worth playing. With all the extra damage being done for each of his pre- evolved forms and other mamoswines on the bench you can do allot of damage if you get the right setup. I now want to make this card work in a deck seeing its potential. The only bad thing here is the five retreat cost but that's what we have switch and warp point for.

Modified: 4.25/5- I can see this card might having great potential in this format because if you get it out quickly you can really do some damage.

Limited: 3.50/5

Art: 2.75/5


If you can’t tell, I am much busier than I used to be, or else much worse at planning my time (probably both), so it should be no surprise that I won’t have time for a full-fledged review at all this week.  Probably for quite some time, actually, given that to be as in-depth as I used to, I need to be current on all cards (so past, present, and whatever we know is around the bend) as well as have time to test them out.


Still, I hope I can at least help people explore the fundamentals of the card and be a decent read, so let’s take a look at today’s CotD: Mamoswine Lv.56!  I will warn you, I have a soft spot for pigs and am interested in many prehistoric creatures (dinosaurs mostly, but also things such as mammoths) so… I really like this card.  I am planning on trying to build a deck around it.  That doesn’t mean it is good, though, just that I am weird.


Mamoswine a Stage 2 Pokémon, so it really needs to be the focus of the deck, since you really should be running at least a 3-2-2 line (along with Rare Candy) for the least stable build one can get away with (or should I say, could have gotten away with) for a main attacker.  Mamoswine has 140 HP, which is as the best for Stage 2 Pokémon… that came out before this set and are Modified Legal and of course, aren’t Pokémon Lv.X (thank you Poképedia).  It is a Fighting Type Pokémon, and this is where my ignorance of the current metagame hurts the most.  I can’t tell you whether or not this is good, bad, or average.  To figure it out, ask yourself


a)      Is there a lot of Fighting Weakness running around?  Obviously that would be helpful to it.

b)      Is there a lot of Fighting Resistance running around?  Obviously that would hurt it.

c)       Is there a lot of its Weakness running around?  Again, obviously that hurts it.


It is Grass Weak at the +30 Level, which hurts: even small Grass Pokémon score big hits.  Monday’s Vespiquen, for example, could slap you for 50 with one Grass Energy or 80 with two, and that is bad before factoring the bonus effects of the attacks or it’s Poké-Body that boosts its damage.  At least it isn’t any worse.  I like -20 Resistance to Electric Type Pokémon.  If that seems like a double standard compared to some of the last few cards I’ve weighed in on, it is: at one time the most common Resistance in the game was Psychic… then they started dropping that and it became Fighting, which lasted for years and only recently, with the DP series, has Resistance slowly started to even out.  Electric Resistance was pretty rare in the game for most of those years, so while they are probably equally useful, I found myself having to think it through to realize it.  -20 Resistance isn’t useless, but I would have preferred -30.  Given that all three Pokémon I’ve reviewed since returning have -20 for Resistance, I am assuming that is the norm for end Stage Pokémon.  Mamoswine has a massive five Energy Retreat Cost: pack something to get this big one out of the Active slot or you’ll regret it: manually Retreating will be almost impossible and always too costly.


Mamoswine Evolves from Piloswine which in turn Evolves from Swinub, all cute piggy Pokémon. More importantly, both the new versions have at least as solid of, if not better, attacks than the other currently legal versions.  Of note, I like how Rouse lets Piloswine payback an opponent for a pounding, then remove 4 damage counters from it.  There is also a previous Mamoswine available from the Legends Awakened set.  Although it is a Water Type Pokémon, both cards use Fighting and Water Energy in small amounts, so it should easily fit into a deck with today’s CotD.  That could be helpful, diversifying your strategy and adding more type-matching opportunities.


Mamoswine has two attacks itself: Ramming Strike and Parade.  Both attacks use familiar mechanics for the Pokémon game, but seemingly “Evolved”.  Ramming Strike is perhaps the “flip until you get tails” kind of attack.  You have a pretty hefty Energy investment for it: (FCC).  For that much Energy on a Stage 2 Pokémon, one would expect something like 60 damage, flat or more likely 40 or 50 damage with a pretty solid effect.  Half the time, this attack will do zero damage, and half the time, at least 30… that doesn’t seem very good.  I mean, sure its “flip until tails”, but you’re only getting more than 30 points of damage one in four times.  Fortunately, there is a “restart” option: you can void the previous results and try again.  In fact, you can try again and again and again… but each time you restart it places 2 damage counters on Piloswine.  There is one restriction to restarting; you can’t use this option if it would knock Mamoswine out.  I like this change to the “flip until tails” attacks, except there is a definite problem here: Either the damage per flip needed to be higher (and another Energy requirement added to the cost for game balance) and this functions as the cards “big attack”, or it needed to be one Energy less, and probably left as is.  Mamoswine really needs an inexpensive attack to start out with while building for its big attack, but it has one “medium” attack and a big attack.


The second and “big” attack, Parade, lets you hit for 60 damage plus 10 more for each Swinub on your Bench, 20 more for each Piloswine, and 40 more for each fellow Mamoswine.  This attack is also an update for the classic “swarm = more damage” formula.  With an Energy cost of (WFCC), a lone Swinub would mean you’re barely getting your Energy’s worth.  A Bench with three Piloswine would yield a solid 120 damage.  If you have three more Mamoswine on your Bench, you’re hitting for a fantastic 180 damage.  If you can keep at least one Mamoswine on the Bench while another is attacking, anything after that is gravy.  This is the attack to build the deck around, I’d say.


So Mamoswine looks to be a “swarming Fighting Type” that could work with some Water Pokémon as well (including a copy or two of the other currently legal version).  If you can keep two or three copies in play at one time and of course power it up for the big attack, you’ll be scoring a nice string of knock outs that will put the hurt on the opponent.  The main concern will be type-matching after that, I think: if you pair it with other Water or Fighting Pokémon, try to avoid overlapping the Weakness found on this and the other Mamoswine (it had an even more severe +40 Weakness to Metal-Type Pokémon).  I believe the main thing standing in the way of this card is speed: without some energy acceleration, it can’t reliably swing for four turns!  It definitely needs something to mess with the opponent in the meantime.


To close, let me say this thing would probably be a blast in Modified… if you are lucky.  Not only on the flips, but on your pack pulls: the normal restriction of “four of a card” don’t apply here, so if you managed to pull a lot of these, you could do crazy things like have a Bench full of Swinub, Piloswine, or even Mamoswine (the latter of which would make everyone think you cheated). ;)




Unlimited: 1/5


Modified: 3/5


Limited: 3.5/5



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