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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Poke Blower +


Date Reviewed: 11.14.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name: Poké Blower +

Set: Stormfront
Card#: 88/100

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Trainer

Sub-Type: Trainer

Text: You may play 2 Poké Blower + at the same time.  If you play 1 Poké Blower +, flip a coin.  If heads, place 1 damage counter on 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon.  If you play 2 Poké Blower +, choose 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon and switch it with 1 of your opponent’s Active Pokémon.



Attributes: This is another normal Trainer card, like its siblings earlier this week.  Easy to play, easy to run, that is the Trainer way.


Effect(s): If you play one copy at a time, it is a big gamble for a little bit of damage.  Still, if it’s a 50% chance of taking a prize for that last 10 damage… well we all played Pokémon Reversal and that was just a 50% chance of getting the Pokémon up front to KO it with an attack.  Speaking of bench manipulation, the effect when playing two copies at once is… Gust of Wind!  That is right, one of the ancient “power cards” is amongst the new “Poke Trainer +” series of cards.


Uses and

Combinations: Staple?  As a reminder, I am returning to the game from a hiatus I didn’t really want to take, and before that I had a low level of activity.  So it’s possible I missed where this wouldn’t be a staple, but that seems unlikely.  Yes, that is exactly what I said about Poké Drawer +, but it is just as true here.  Gust of Wind was named Gust of Win for a reason.  Well, probably a two reasons: someone mistyped it once and then someone else realized it was cleverly true.  I can’t imagine decks are so all powerful now that they have no Pokémon they want to keep benched or set up a bench full of attackers so that forcing up front an underpowered Pokémon can no longer stall.


This card is why I was so uncertain of how many copies of Poké Drawer + to run: I can’t tell if you’d run four of each card, eating up an enormous eight slots in your deck, or two of one and four of the other.  In Unlimited, you could get by with just two Gust of Wind because you had both Computer Search to fetch it directly from the deck and Item Finder to recycle a spent copy.  That kind of combo doesn’t exist to my knowledge in Modified (and I glad it doesn’t) so I don’t know if I’d run four copies of this so that I could fake a Gust of Wind twice or if I’d run four of Poké Drawer + so that I could set up faster and/or trade them for two copies of Poké Blower +.




Unlimited: 2/5 – Unlike the last two cards, Bench Manipulation has always been heavily available here.  You have Gust of Wind, Double Gust, and combos that recycle your cards to never really need to run two to four “half” copies of Gust of Win.  In fact, the first, smaller effect may be handier here: retreating a Pokémon that just survived via Focus Band isn’t unheard of.


Modified: 4.5/5 – Like I said, its predecessor was nicknamed “Gust of Win” for a reason: bring out the easy kill, or force them to work to get another beater up front and going.  The real question is if you’ll risk just running two or work hard to cram two more into your deck.


Limited: 3.5/5 – It scores so well here because you can almost guarantee something will be critically injured and hiding on the Bench… so even that first effect is golden in spite of it being flip based.  So a single copy is well worth playing.  Any additional copies just makes it a must run.



Ah, to run four of this and two of Poké Drawer +, or two of Poké Blower + and four of Poké Drawer +?  One really might have to make room for four copies of each in a deck.  Having what amounts of two Gust of Wind will pay for the card investment, as I imagine would two “double” Computer Search, even if it is harder to pull off in both cases.  I will add that since it can actually earn a Prize directly, the first effect here may be the strongest even though it is a flip and often would be the least helpful.




Poke Blower+

The final +!


1 = Heads flip, a dmg counter on any opponent's Pokemon.

2 = Gust of Wind!


Same old story.

1 is okay, but not great. A flip of the coin really lets this card down. In the right situation, a heads flip could be the winning move for your game. Or just a wasted card for a tails.

2 isn't bad! But there are Pokemon tech's that can do this, and sometimes better, or worse. Metagross has this effect on a flip. But it's a Stage 2 tech some don't like to fit (but 3-4 of these cards takes up just as much room..). Palkia X has a Poke-Power that uses this, but also Gust's your own Pokemon at your opponents choice, so possibly defeating the point. The same applies for Warp Point but at you and your opponent's Own choice. Lumineon S also does this effect, but only if your opponent has space on their bench, and a Basic Pokemon in their hand at the time of using it's Poke-Body, which then becomes the active.


It depends what your strategy is and whether you like to be sneaky and hit a bench sitter as an active, or if you just want to get your opponents current active out of the way, in which case Warp Point may be more effective. Sometimes a single damage counter can be all you need for a KO too.


A lot of decks currently rely on bench warmers, which makes 2 of these cards in one effect pretty good as a counter measure. But filling up space in a deck for a card that might not always be used is bad. It's all down to personnal strategy once again, and whether you'd want to use this or a teched Pokemon with a similar effect.


Modified: 2/5 I'm not too keen on this card in honesty!

Limited: 3/5 Trainers are still good, there are lots of bench warmers trying to set up, and I've seen games won (and lost!) on a single flip of the coin.


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