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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Poke Drawer +


Date Reviewed: 11.13.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.65
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 11/13 Poké Drawer + (SF)
Stupid spell checker. Hm? Oh, it's times for another review? And they are already rea... Hello, and welcome to the day of another Poké + card, Poké Drawer +! Now, the Poké + cards have a new mechanic. For those of you who don't know it, read either the card above, or yesterday's review. Anyway, Poké Drawer +'s 1 card effect is to draw 1 card. Not bad, it thins your deck, but PokéDex Handy 909is (DP) is a little better for looking at the top 2 cards of your deck, and then choosing the one you want to keep and the one you want to place on the bottom of your deck. However, if you use the one card effect for Poké drawer + or use the card for that effect, you are probably playing it wrong. The 2 card effect is like a Keen Eye (Furret, (SW)) in a trainer, or as I prefer to think about it, a double Computer Search with none of the drawbacks. Searching for any 2 cards from your deck is amazing on any card. It was amazing on Furret (SW) as an attack when it was released, and it's amazing on this card. You may only be able to use this effect twice per game (unless you use Marley's Request, and is a nice little combo between these 2 and Luxury Ball, which will be explained later), but what an effect. And remember, this card has no restrictions on what it can search for, so cards that otherwise need a specific starter to be searched for (mainly Farfecth'd, (SF) or other trainer searcher) can be searched out for with this trainer, and it won't just be stuff like basics or energies, it will include Rare Candy, Old Amber, Plus Powers, and whatever other Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums that you'd otherwise need a specific start to search for.
Of course, there are downsides, and the first is, the super effect can only be used twice per game, so the timing and what you grab will need to be absolutely perfect. Of course, sometimes, the choice of what you need may be reduced to only 1 or 2 cards, making the searching choice rather easy. However, there are times when you won't have such a nice choice, and thus may find it easier to use Claydol (GE) or some other draw engine or something to see if you can draw into one of the cards you need, just to make your choice a little easier. The worst downside (and I don't think I said about it yesterday) is that, if you want the best effect, you have to wait for 2 Poké Drawer +'s in you hand, and that's going to be hard when you are only drawing into them, and thus when it's in your hand, do you keep it there, or do you go and put it back in you deck with Claydol (GE) or a shuffle draw card? It's a tough one, and it reminds me a lot of Cycnthia's Feelings. However, the Poké + cards have a little more flexibility over Cynthia's due to Cynthia's being a Supporter card, and thus if you have or draw into another, more useful Supporter, you've already used it for this turn, and thus will have to wait another turn before you can use it, which may be one turn too late. Poké + cards, however, are trainers, thus if you draw into a useful Supporter after having used a single Poké drawer + to get it, you can then use it straight away. Possibly. Depends on if you've already used a Supporter or not. Also, because the timing of the super effect is dependant on what your opponent does, it may be worth while waiting for another Poké Drawer +, since luck is the only thing that will stop you from using the effect when you need it.
Oh, and that little combo I was on about earlier. Now, I'll admit I didn't think of it myself, and person on another set of forums did, and I like the idea since it's the only way of actually effectively using Marley's Request. Essentially, you use Luxury Ball and at least 1 Poké Drawer +, then use Marley's Request on those two. What does your opponent give you? Do they give you a free Pokémon from Luxury Ball, or risk Poké Drawer +, and hope you don't have another in your hand, waiting for a partner to use the 2 card effect? It's a nice way of giving your opponent a psychological problem.
Modified: I love this card. Get the 2 when you need them, and you are searching for any 2 cards, which is just fantastic. I have read that it works better in swarm decks than others, so as soon as I get a playset of them, I'll have to find out. Even if that's the case, Gengar (SF), Kingdra (LA) and even Beedrill (GE) should be able to make good use of it, among others, and at least 2 of them are hyped up to be good decks for this format. 4/5
Limited: Chances are, you will only get one. Even if that's the case, due to the complete lack of draw people will normally get, this should be used, since almost any draw is good draw. May only ever be one card per game, but it's better than most. 4.75/5
I do wonder if it's any good in Unlimited. I think it probably would be, maybe taking the spots away from Computer Search? And it's not as though there's a lack of draw to stop you drawing into to 2 at a time or anything, and Item Finder or Trash Exchange are ways of re-using it as well. Might be nice here, and I will have to try it out at some point.


Name: Poké Drawer +

Set: Stormfront
Card#: 89/100

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Trainer

Sub-Type: Trainer

Text: You may play 2 Poké Drawer + at the same time.  If you play 1 Poké Drawer +, draw a card.  If you play 2 Poké Drawer +, search your deck for up to 2 cards, and put them into your hand.  Shuffle your deck afterward.



Attributes: This is a normal Trainer card, and that is hard to believe given its effect.  It means you can use this before or after you’d use your Supporter for the turn.  That may not sound like much, but given its effect that is huge.


Effect(s): If you play one copy at a time, it is just a deck thinner, drawing a replacement card.  Not especially useful in Pokémon where draw power is plentiful.  Still, better than nothing.  The second effect is phenomenal: you can play two copies of this card at once to search out any two cards from your deck and add them to your hand.  So you could nab any two card combo you want and use it.  You could also fetch missing pieces of a larger combo.


Uses and

Combinations: Staple?  As a reminder, I am returning to the game from a hiatus I didn’t really want to take, and before that I had a low level of activity.  So it’s possible I missed where this wouldn’t be a staple, but that seems unlikely.  I mean, worst case scenario, you have three copies Prized… so you use the one copy you do have to draw one more card.  The better your deck is designed, the better that one card will be.


This is Pokémon, though, and if you have to wait more than one or two turns to get two copies in your hand, either you aren’t running a full four or you’re just unlucky.  Yes, using a search effect from a Poké-Power or attack would make sense as long as it is for a single card and you have the second copy of Poké Drawer + in hand: your search effect is essentially doubled and you thin your deck by an extra card.




Unlimited: 4/5 – I think even here this card will see play.  Why?  Thanks to the draw power available, you should be able to get two or four at a time (or just chuck extras to pay for Computer Search or Item Finder).  Or draw for one and annoy the opponent when you draw one of the dozens of power cards in your deck.


Modified: 4.5/5 – It is very potent, but not foolproof.  Occasionally you’ll just have to use it for discard fodder or the “draw one” effect.


Limited: 3.5/5 – This is Limited, so yes drawing one card is still good!  Your deck is one card smaller… unless you find you’re risking decking out so you don’t play it.  Your opponent won’t know it is a “dead” card in hand, so you can use it to bluff.  That is if you only get 1.  Once you have two or more, it instantly becomes a must run five-out-of-five!



The scores may not seem to support what I’ve been saying about this being a great card.  That is because there is a significant exception to what should run it, and it seems like such decks pop up every format and do well.  I speak of decks that are so fantastically fast that they need no search, only draw power.  They draw a card and it instantly (or within one or two turns) serves its purpose.  While such decks can make better use of the first effect… they probably won’t want to.  Such decks might as well run another, more useful card (or another draw Supporter).  There is also tomorrow’s card…




Thursday's card of the day is poke drawer + like all of the new plus cards in Stormfront two can be played at once for a better effect. Its effect is if you play one you draw one card. Now if you play two poke drawers at the same time you search your deck for 2 cards and put them in your hand. I can see some people playing this card because you can draw cards or if you play two of these and you can search your deck for 2 cards. In all there's not much to say about this card aside from the fact that it can and will see play in decks that are quick. I have also seen many beginners running this card because they lack most of the good supporters that are being played like bebe's and Cynthia's.

Modified: 3/5
Limited: 2.75/5
Art: 4.5/5

Poke Drawer+


Play 1 = Draw 1.

Play 2 = Search 2.


Any draw is good. Even for an extra card! But for playing one of these, it's effect is quite small. Better than Mom's Kindness only in the fact that it is a Trainer and doesn't waste a Supporter turn.

Playing 2 is a good thing. Searching for 2 of ANY card is definitely a good thing to do. When you need it, this card can't be beaten for drawer. You think of any card you need, Pokemon, Basic-Lv.X, Energy, Supporters, other Trainers and Stadiums. It is good.


We have the same trouble we had yesterday though, with is it worth stocking your deck with 4 of these just to play 2 of them at once in a time when you need them.

Well, it is a little better than yesterday, it has more usefulness in every game you play.


I'd say this. If you play Claydol, then you have a decent draw engine running. However, you won't always get exactly what you need, but if you come across one of these, then cycle it into your deck, unless you come across 2 or had one in your hand already. Which then gets you any Claydol'd cards you received, and 2 of your choice. Not bad :).

If you're not running Claydol. You have to hope you're lucky enough to draw two, and not want to get a single extra card in a time of need, or that you have the space for extra draw. It depends how picky your deck is.

Really, the use of this card is upto you, your deck and draw engine style.


Modified: 3/5 Using 2 lets it down, but it's usefulness cannot be beaten in trainers of this format.

Limited: 4/5 Draw is great, Trainers are great, 2 of these are magickal.


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