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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Poke Healer +


Date Reviewed: 11.12.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.88
Limited: 3.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Poke Healer+! Our first in the set of + Trainers.

Play 1 and get 1 dmg counter removed and 1 special condition. In ways better and worse than Potion and Full heal respectively.
Play 2 and remove 8 dmg counters and all special conditions. Yay.
Both times from the active Pokemon.

Playing two sounds great! 8dmg counters removed AND all special conditions?! Woahhh... ... But it stops there.
It will work well when you're in a pinch, have a lot of damage, need to be un-paralyzed or else and it'll also help if you're up against Heatran Lv.X. If you have no way to retreat, that is (especially for Raichu X if you can't retreat for some reason, since it's Body is stopped by conditions).
Although, are you really hurt for 80 that often without a backup plan, or hit by special condition so much? No and No. Mainly because most will do more than 80 to you and special conditions aren't often played (At least one's that last forever..).
So is stocking your deck with 3-4 of these a great idea? :D
No, no it's not.

If you're really worried about your HP, special conditions, etc. Then go ahead, but in most games this card will be a wasted stock. It's a very nice effect. But won't be used much and is too costly for a one use kind of thing.
I like this card, I really do! I just can't see it being the best thing to fill a deck with.

Modified: 2/5
Limited: 3/5 Any trainer is good!

11/12 Poké Healer + (SF)


Hello, and welcome to a card with one of the latest game mechanics, the first of the 3 Poké + cards, Poké Healer +! For those who don't know about the Poké + mechanic because either a) you haven't read the card, at which point, scroll up a little, or b) you've been living in a cave for the past , er, 6 months (I think) or so since the Japanese spoilers were released, and the card scan won't load for you, at which point, I shall explain the mechanic. Essentially, these cards can either played as a single Trainer like every other trainer released, or, if you have 2 in your hand, you can play 2 at exactly the same time to get a fantastic effect (seriously, just wait until Poké Draw + for probably the best one, though Poké Blower + will bring back memories for people who have played since Base Set). Today's one is Poké Healer +, which, as I think you may be able to guess from the name, is used for healing your Pokémon. If you just play 1 of these, you get a Heal Energy effect of removing 1 damage counter and 1 Special Condition from one of your Pokémon. Actually, that's worse than Heal Energy because that could remove all Special Conditions from the Pokémon you attached it to. However, who on Earth would want to use that effect when you get such brilliance from playing 2 at a time. Play 2, and you get to remove all Special Conditions from one of your Pokémon and 8 (8!) damage counters. The last trainer to remove loads of damage counters was Life Herb, and that was a flip to remove only 6 damage counters. Just imagine Poké Healer + in a stall deck (a Torterra (DP) based Torterra/Sceptile deck), and you've got the right idea.


Of course, there are downsides, and the big one is that, if you want the best the effect, you will only be using it twice a game at most. However, you will still be removing up to 16 damage counters from 2 of your Pokémon, which is still great. And, of course, only stall decks or ones that focus on healing will be able to make good use of this card, with aggro or sniping decks much preferring either of the other 2 Poké + cards.




Modified: Out of all of the Poké + cards, this has probably the least useful in most decks. Butterfree/Cherim and Torterra/Sceptile decks, along with another other good healing/stall decks you can think of. The other two are all more useful in more decks, but I doubt they can be as annoying as seeing 80 damage counters of hard work removed.  2.5/5


Limited: Chances are, you won't get more than 1, but healing here, even if it is only 1 damage counter, can be quite helpful here, leading to an extra little survivability. The other two are still more useful here though. 2/5


Greetings readers!  I haven’t been able to review in a long time.  I haven’t been able to attend League lately, let alone any tournaments and even my online opponent’s just kept disappearing (I think because they got lives).  So I am reviewing mostly “for fun” as I struggle to get back into the game.  This means my reviews will be sort of half-newbie, half-veteran, and all ignorant of the current metagame.


Name: Poké Healer +

Set: Stormfront

Rarity: Uncommon

Card #: 90/100

Type: Trainer        

Sub-Type: Trainer

Text: You may play 2 Poké Healer + at the same time.  If you play 1 Poké Healer +. Remove 1 damage counter and a Special Condition from 1 of your Active Pokémon.  If you play 2 Poké Healer +, remove 8 damage counters and all Special Conditions from 1 of your Active Pokémon.


Attributes: Is there a card that punishes use of Trainers?  I did a quick search on Poképedia, and it didn’t show any currently legal for Modified play (though Stormfront cards don’t appear to have been added yet).  If not, then the fact that this card is a Trainer is, of course, a good thing: you can save your Supporter use for something else.  I know that listing this as a “Trainer Trainer” in my text spoiler seems redundant, but the card itself lists that it is a Trainer twice, hence so did I.


Effect(s): I like cards with variable effects.  A single copy of Poké Healer + will let you get out of an annoying Special Condition like Paralysis or Poison and shed a damage counter.  Many cards can do something similar, and usually better: Potion has been with this game since Base Set, and it removes up to two damage counters.  Several cards can remove all Special Conditions, with only a few being limited to a single (usually specified) Special Condition.  Decks that layered on multiple Special Conditions have never been common.  Even when it proves a sound strategy, Confusion, Paralysis, and Sleep all replace each other.  So the most you could ever be afflicted with was three Special Conditions at once (one of the aforementioned plus being Burned and Poisoned).  So this first effect is weak, and probably just there since having nothing is of course worse.


When you can play two at once to trigger the removal of a massive eight damage counters and all Special Conditions.  That is fantastic.  Pokémon is a game of either big hitters or nasty effects.  As long as the nasty effect isn’t blocking out Trainers, a lot of the more technical fighters just had the meat of their attack erased.  Heavy hitters… probably still OHKO you.


Uses and

Combinations: Unless the nature of this game has radically changed, this card probably won’t be huge, because healing has only mattered in key decks and in such decks they required total healing.  Still, this card should and will see some use.


First, healing cards are the ultimate “filler” when deck testing: they prolong a game you’d lose long enough you can still learn.  Second, I remember a group of players who were very budget conscious, and I always kidded them that they’d main four copies of Potion.  After a while of them winning (not all the time, but enough battles against even the better players) I found out that some decks can use even that tiny healing from Potion to great use.  Pokémon has always been a math oriented game, even if its just basic addition and subtraction for damage.  So when a single Potion changes the amount of turns their big hitter was up and running… it’d throw me.  I mean, who ran Potion?  In many ways, it is the same principle as Plus Power, but less effective.


The hard part of utilizing this card will be finding something that truly benefits from the extra turn this card should provide.  Either it needs to be something that is a veritable wall, or something that spreads the damage around or creates some kind of “lock”.  In the case of the former, instead of flushing away the effect of “one” opponent’s attack, you’ll be getting rid of the accumulated effects of two or three.  In the case of the latter, by surviving just one more turn you should be attacking for multiple prizes at once (or some similar power play).




Unlimited: 2/5 – In a select few decks, this could matter: many Pokémon in this format have 80 or less HP, so its yet another Pokémon Nurse or Scoop Up but you get to keep your Energy.


Modified: 3/5 – This card isn’t especially good or bad, though I doubt the top decks will be running it unless they fit the criteria I gave above.


Limited: 4/5 – Trainers are precious in this format.  Draw/search cards are automatic “must runs”, and healing isn’t far behind.  A single damage counter or removal of a Special Condition” is great.  Still, I’ve scored it high because of the chance you can run two.  If you have two, it will be amazing in your deck here.  So basically one copy is really a three out of five, two is four out of five, and any more should be treated as a five out of five.



This is one of the new crop of “Trainer +” cards that have one “better than nothing” effect if used as a single and some truly amazing effects when used two at a time.  This is the weakest of the three in this set and as far as healing goes, its one of the best options we’ve had in a long time.




Ghostpkmnmaster here with another card of the day today's card is poke healer +. This trainer card is one of the new cards from Stormfront that you can play multiple copies of to get a better effect. The effect you get if you play one of this card is remove one damage counter and all special conditions from your active Pokémon. Now for the better effect if you play two of these cards at the same time remove 8 damage counters and all conditions from your active Pokémon. I don't know what kind of deck you will see this card in that is being played in the current format but you can bet if you play against a deck with 4 of these you will get frustrated. In all poke healer + is a very annoying card when played in twos and I bet someone will find some crazy deck that this card will work wonders in.

Modified: 4/5- if you play this card use 4 of it because removing 80 damage can go a LONG WAY

Limited: 3.5/4

See you next time
Ghost PKMN master

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