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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Plusle Lv. 27

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 05.29.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.71
Limited: 3.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Modified - Terrible. Use Pachirisu. 1/5

Limited - A little better here since if you have a certain evolution in your hand, you can search for that evo's basic. Does decent damage with Minun in play. 3/5


Plusle Lv.27 MD


Mornin, today’s COTD today is Plusle from the new MD set. Just like the last Plusle and Minun, these Plusle and Minun are better when not played together (Best when not played to all!) The CFF attack is weak it’s like Pachirisu divided by 3… Why on earth would you want to start with this again? Anyway, the second attack sticks almost as bad, 2 damage for (L)(C) is horrible, and 40 for (L)(C) if Minun is on your bench is hardly better… Not only does it stink because those two things are worse than Pachirisu but, the HP is 10 lower, The weakness, resistance and retreat cost are all the same too!


Pros –

Umm… Err…


Cons –

Weak CFF

Horrid attack

Lower HP than Pachi

Can’t evolve


Modified – Alright, I’m giving this card a ‘Stay in the binder’ award. 1.25/5 almost total uselessness


Limited – Lifesaver! Getting a basic here isn’t so bad. 3/5


Just use Pachirisu if you want to grab basics, please?


“New ideas pass through three periods:

- It can't be done.

- It probably can be done, but it's not worth doing.

- I knew it was a good idea all along!”

Jigglypuff13 5/29 Plusle Lv. 27 (MD)
I’m not too sure where to start with Plusle, mainly since it‘s all quite bad really. I’ll start with Call For Family, which is an attack that many decks like to start with, though generally from Pachirisu (GE) rather than the likes of Plusle. Why? Because of the number of basics it can get. Pachirisu can get 3 basics. Plusle gets 1. Obviously, if you had the choice of starting with one of them, it would be Pachirisu. Call Energy is better than starting with Plusle as well, and can be used by any Pokémon, weak or strong. Then there’s - Boost. 20 for LC is not good, with the fact you actually need a certain type of energy in addition to a colourless really crippling the number of decks that that can attack with - Boost. The + 20 is nice, but needing Minun on the bench to do it is just too much effort, especially when most decks will do that 40 damage or more for less work. 60 HP isn’t bad for a none evolving Basic, but the + 10 Fighting Weakness is bad, meaning Gallade (SW) will happily always KO it. Other starters may struggle with the KO-ing of Plusle, but they all get their starting duties done with a lot earlier than Plusle, so have more turns to KO Plusle than the Plusle player to KO what ever their opponent has active at that time.
Then there’s the fact that there are better versions of both available already, the to SW version of this is better than this MD version due to their helpful Poké-Powers, that can be used all game long for recovery rather than the this MD version and it's opening “power”.
Other starters outclass Plusle massively, with Pachirisu already being said about. Tauros (CG), which is teched into many decks, gets 1 more basic as well. Corsola (SW) will Rally for 3 different types of basic Pokémon. Even if they have to be different types, it is still likely to get at least 1 more basic than Plusle. Stantler (SW) can Lead for any supporter to get set up with, though most likely to be Holon Mentor or Roseanne’s Research, and then gets at least 1 more basic than Plusle again. I would even prefer to play Absol (SW) in this format than Plusle to start with, and that’s even with almost every deck playing Claydol (GE) now. Call Energy (which I will tell you now I don’t really like that much) is better than Plusle, and I’d much rather play 4 of then than 4 Plusle to act as my starter. I won’t go on about big decks KO-ing Plusle, since they all do with great ease.

Modified: It’s terrible, as a starter and as a damager, with a single basic Call For Family being one of the most pointless attacks in the game. - Boost requires you to play Lightning or Multi energies and 2 rubbish basics to work well. And the worst thing ever is that it’s a rare. If you get this in a rare in your pack, I’m sorry, and is something I don’t want anyone to suffer from. If I could give a score of nothing then I would, but I can’t. 1/5
Limited: Any starting sort of card here is nice, so getting 1 basic can be very useful early game. - Boost is nice, but only if you get a Minun as well. If you start with it, then Call For Family is a really good attack, but it gets worse later. 2.5/5
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Jermy101 is a genius.

Enough banter, let's talk about Plusle!


Proof that all Pikachu clones must have a CFF attack for a colorless.


Minun, obviously. The Secret Wonders Minun has a really good (well, relatively) power. Though I can't see why you wouldn't rather combo Minun SW with Plusle SW than the new Plusle.


This is where the card is slightly better than the SW Plusle. CFF is always nice, although you'd obviously rather use Pachirisu instead of Plusle. You could skip the Pachirisu and count on Plusle's CFF if you're comboing it with Minun, I guess.

The second attack is 1L for 40 (with Minun). Not terrible.

Bottom stats

+10 Weakness to Fighting means that Gallade can have a DRE and still OHKO you without flipping a prize. Resistance to Metal is just unnecessary; what are you going to play against, Charizard d? IT EVEN HAS A RETREAT COST! Terrible bottom stats. 60 HP doesn't help either.

Plusle, Minun

You should really play the SW Plusle and Minun. Their MD counterparts are pretty crap. Bad basics in this format are ubiquitous.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 1/5. It's really not playable at all.
Limited: 3/5. CFF will come in handy.
Unlimited: 1/5. I can't even comprehend this card being played in Unlimited.

And today to contribute his valuable opinion, is the world's most flexible Pokémon player. *wink wink nudge nudge*

(11:34:07 AM) PoJoMOTL: What do you have to say about Plusle MD, if anything?
(11:34:49 AM) ridcully85: Plusle MD can SMD
Brad Valila
Plusle Lv 27
Oh how I love callers :). Being able to search for any basic and bench it is great. -Boost is overall very useful; 2 energy for a base 20, but, if you were thinking ahead you would have "call for family"d a minun turn one. 2 energy for 4 is a great starter. Fightning weakness is never friendly right now, and 1 retreat cost for a basic brings this score down.
Limited-If you have the minun use it, it could go a long way.
Modified 3/5
Alazor Leafeon (Majestic Dawn)

An OK first attack, but a terrible second attack. A good retreat cost.
I would really just play the other Leafeon, since it has 90 hp, a cheap 30 damage attack and they can't retreat for only 1 energy. It's second attack doesn't do too much damage, but it reduces damage as well. Both have resistance to water, which is nothing to cry about. Both evolve into Leofeon lv. X which is kind of like the new Metanite.

Modified 1.5/5 The other one is better almost always. This Leafeon just isn't as key or even as good of an alternative - maybe if you get Sceptile out fast.

Limited 3/5 It should do OK, since it has a heal attack.
Milk Man

Plusle lv. 27


Hey Pokeguys and Pokegals, I just wanna say that I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of the world famous Pojo COTD! Today's card is Plusle from the Mystic Dawn set. Like most Plusle in the TCG world this one would be of most use in a deck with it's counterpart Minun, and true to suit is plays best when both are in play. The card doesn't seem too bad if you're set on making a Lightning deck mostly because of call for family, this card may seem more play in Lightning decks as opposed to Pachirisu from Great Encounters if comboing with Minun is your intent, a little more damage than Pachi, but in that case you would need both cards and an extra energy. Long story short stick with Pachirisu.


Modified- 2.9/5 (3.5/5 if comboed with Minun)


Limited- (c) to fill your bench is great for early game, decent hp for a non-evolving basic, go for it! 4/5

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