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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Glaceon Lv. 46

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 05.28.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Modifed - I no like it.  There are 2 Glaceons, and I'd sacrifice the 10 extra HP this one has for the awesome agility attack. Both attacks are mediocre on this thing. 2/5

Limited - A good eeveelution. If you get a couple eevee, just throw this in. 3/5
Jigglypuff13 5/28 Glaceon Lv. 46 (MD)
Now, I can guess what deck this could be used in straight away, which is Eeveelutions (natch)! However, if you are going to use Glaceon, then there is a choice, this, or the holographic one also in MD. The Lv. 46 version does have an interesting pair of attacks (kind of). Ice Shot does 30 and 10 snipe for WC. If it did more damage (either to the active or to the bench) or cost less (even if it was just CC), then it would be solid, it doesn’t, so it isn’t even worth considering. Even if it was that little bit better, it still wouldn’t be good enough to think about using as a main attack. Icy wind is a little more promising, with 60 and possible Sleep for WCC isn’t bad, but is still rather weak, and is still not worth considering using as a main attack. Auto Sleep would’ve been a lot better, but still not good enough. Not as though it matters much, since you should only be using Glaceon (either) if you wanted to use Glaceon Lv.X, and thus you shouldn’t be using Glaceon’s attacks (again, either) anyway (unless there was a really good reason). 90 HP should see it live for long enough, and that +20 Metal Weakness shouldn’t worry it. The Retreat Cost isn’t bad either.
Now, between the two Glaceon’s, the Lv. 46 version wins out on HP, yet is less of a tank. This is because Lv. 46 has only a 25% chance of stopping your opponent from attacking/damaging Glaceon during your opponents turn, and the sleep that is induced is easily countered by Switch/Warp Point/Teleportation or even evolving. However, Lv. 44 has a 50% chance, and when the heads is flipped, it can’t be countered either. The cost of the stalling attack for Lv. 44 is less than that for Lv. 46 as well. Icy Wind on Lv. 46 doubles up as it’s powerful attack, but Lv. 44 has a better on as well, since it will always be doing at least 60 damage with Speed Slide, where as Lv. 46 can do less due to Resistance or what ever else could reduce damage. Ice Shot on Lv. 46 isn’t worth considering. If you want to level one of them up to the Lv.X version, again, go with the Lv. 44 version due to it’s better and cheaper stalling attack.
Glaceon Lv. 46 is easily countered anyway, with many decks being able to do the required 90 damage to KO Glaceon, generally in one hit as well. Gardevoir (SW) may not be able to OHKO Glaceon, but Gallade (SW) will happily flip the 2 prizes, or attach a Plus Power or Strength Charm and flip one for the OHKO. Skittles and Magmortar will happily attach the 5 required energies to OHKO Glaceon, and Magmortar can also Flame Buster a benched Glaceon. Banette has some difficulty, but it can easily 2HKO Glaceon, or maybe attach a Plus Power or Strength Charm and discard a Banette to Spiteful Pain Glaceon. Many decks, archetype, rouge or whatever we get from MD (including Fossils, Eeveelutions and Garchomp) will all happily 1 or 2HKO Glaceon. Metal Weakness isn’t bad, but with Scizor (MD) probably going to see a bit of play, it could end up as a liability. No other Metal types as used that often though.
Modified: Comparing this to the Lv. 44 version, this is slightly slower, it’s less of a tank despite having more HP, it’s slightly weaker, and is just generally worse. It’s not main attacker material, and it’s not even worth levelling up the Lv.X version. When playing any deck that wants Glaceon Lv.X in it, use the Lv. 44 version instead. Still, there probably are ways in which it could be more helpful, just I can’t think of any at the moment. 1.5/5
Limited: Chances are you won’t get a Lv.X version, but here, Glaceon Lv. 46 can be quite useful. Any Special Condition here is nice, so Icy Wind can be useful. Ice Shot can weaken those slightly tougher Pokémon and quickly take out those weaker ones as well. Lv. 44 is still probably better, but you have a better chance of getting Lv. 46 though. 3.5/5
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Hello and welcome to Ness' Nest PoJo's Card of the Day!

Today's card sucks.

The bad Glaceon

You know the one. The one in the theme deck. The one that doesn't have the W for 30 attack.


Water energy.



Bottom stats

Stupid weakness, no resistance, retreat cost of one. It's no Base Gastly.

Eevee, Glaceon, Glaceon Lv.X

Here's what you do: You take this card, you rip it into pieces, and bury it in your backyard. Then you play the Eevee with Call for Family and the good Glaceon.

Run the Lv.X too, if you like. Anything but this card.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 1/5. It's not that bad. But it's like going out with the brunette instead of her hot blonde sister.
Limited: 1/5. Well done, you drafted the one card that you could get in the theme deck anyway. Step above the ubiquitous Fearow I seem to be pulling, though.
Unlimited: 1/5. Are you kidding me?

And guess who's here to give a quote on today's card? It's reigning World Champ Tom Roos. Yes, he was actually kind enough to give a quote on this hot-girl's-fat-ugly-sister of a card. The Finn doesn't have AIM, so props to Jade for getting the quote. Jade's pretty cool eh?

[01:42] Bluebluesky: glaceon sucks, i have no idea why they printed so unuseful card
Brad Valila
Glaceon Lv 46
While this Glaceon has more HP than the one we saw last week, I like this one's attacks less. 2 energy for 3 isnt fantastic, but it does do 1 to the bench; and I love to hit the bench. The second attack is too costly and its flippy. The weakness is good, since its only steel, and the retreat cost is only 1 without Umbreon.
Limited-Not much to say here, I`d rather get more for my money then this.
Alazor Glaceon (Majestic Dawn)

I can't help thinking that the only reason to play this cards is for the Glaceon lv. X. Even then you could use the other Glaceon.

Glaceon: 90 HP

WC 30 damage and 10 damage to one opponent's benched.<--- it can snipe the bench, which can be good.

WCC 60 damage and flip to see if they're asleep.<--- not even auto sleep?

weakness : +20 metal resistance: None retreat cost: 1

Glaceon: 80 HP<--- still not bad

W Snow Cloak Flip a coin if heads, prevent all effects of attack including dmage done to Glaceon during your opponent's next turn. <--- very nice attack, which makes up for lower hp

WCC 60 This attack's damage isn't affected by weakness resistance, poke-powers, or any other effects on the defending pokemon.

weakness : +20 metal resistance: None retreat cost: 1

Modified: 2.5/5 By itself. 3/5 If you're using the lv.X, the sniping is good, but the second attack isn't worth it. If you get KOed quickly and you have more than one out-- it probably means that you should stick with the other Glaceon, since it'll last longer in the field in case something goes terribly wrong and you can't get your Lv. X out for some reason.

Limited: 3.5/5 Probably won't get KOed as easily, pretty easy to get out... there are a few p0okemon weak to water but not that many. Sleep might actually help in this case, even if it is a flip.

Plusle (MD)


Modified 2/5 I guess you can use call for family, but then there's Pachirisu. But you can use this with Minun (SW) after it gets KOed and draw 2 cards. i'd rather use Volbeat and Illumis (Great Encounters).

Limited: 5/5 Better than you think, because it can use Call for Family.


Glaceon Lv.46 MD


Good morning to everyone readying this, everyone else can stay asleep =P. Anyway, today’s COTD today is Glaceon from the new MD set. Because there are two of them in this set I will compare the two. First thing to notice is the extra 10 HP, what exactly does that mean? Well, Infernape MD needs either more than 2 fire energies on it or 2 fire energy and a Plus Power or Strength Charm, Magmortar needs 5 energies on it instead of 4, and Gallade needs to flip over 2 prize cards instead of one. But, in relation to the HP being better, the attacks are clearly worse. On this card, for (W)(C) you get 30 and a flip for 10 to one of your opponent’s benched pokemon. On the other Glaceon, for (W) you get 30 plus the chance for agility! From there though it’s about the same, the 60 plus small effect for three energy, the +20 metal weakness, and the single retreat cost can be found on both of them. Here’s how it should work, if you’re planning to attack with Glaceon go with the other one, if you don’t (For some strange outlandish reason seriously not good enough.) Then go with this one!


Pros –

90 HP on an Eeveelution!

Nice evolution line



Cons –

Weak attacks


Modified – Please just play the other Glaceon. 3.5/5


Limited – OH YES! Two Glaceon and a Lv.X means if you get the Lv.X you will be likely playing it. 4/5


Well, more BR this week, lets hope my horrid luck (And Magikarp) doesn’t get in my way again this week!


“Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will choose your rest home.”

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