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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mewtwo Lv. 51

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 05.27.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.17
Limited: 4.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Modified - If this card was printed like 15 sets ago, it would be good.  Now there are just too many cards that overpower it. It's hard to get energy cards in your discard pile on turn 1. Removing 6 damage counters won't do anything with Mewtwo getting OHKOed left and right. 60 damage is too mediocre for 3 energy. 1/5

Limited - Recover is great here with the limited amount of damage pokemon do in this format. A nice solid basic. 4/5


Mewtwo Lv.51 MD


Hello, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day yesterday! Today’s COTD today is Mewtwo, this guy was a pain in the prereleases due to the healing effect, but I don’t quite see it working in modified. 90HP is easily OHKOable, there isn’t much of a chance late game that this guy will stay out long. Which makes his recover attack almost useless, how can you recover something that’s KOed? Energy Absorption is nice, but would have been much better if it could be place on pokemon other than Mewtwo. Psyburn isn’t worth is really, there are too many good pokemon that do more than 60 for 3 energy… The heavy weakness and 2 much retreat cost just puts a few more nails in Mewtwo’s coffin.


Pros –

Nice HP

Energy Absorption is nice

Healing is always good


Cons –

Doesn’t evolve

Recover doesn’t recover enough damage

Psyburn isn’t worth it

Horrible weakness

2 large of retreat cost


Modified – I think that’s the largest list of Cons I’ve ever seen on a card! 2/5


Limited – Dude, self healing AND energy attaching attack? This rocks here. 4/5


Wait to use this thing until Mewtwo Lv.X comes out someday…


“Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.”

Jigglypuff13 5/27 Mewtwo Lv. 51 (MD)
Looking at this card, it reminds me a lot of movie Promo Mewtwo from the first movie, just a bit more powerful, a bit more HP, and an extra attack that, to be honest, isn’t very helpful. I’ll start with Recover, and, for P, isn’t too bad, but, unfortunately, Mewtwo doesn’t really have enough HP to warrant it’s use. Energy Absorption is still a nice ability, but does use up your attack, which basically now allows your opponent to take a prize by KO-ing Mewtwo during their turn. Psyburn, for a basic, isn’t bad due to being able to do 60. With Energy Absorption, you can end up doing 60 on turn 2. While that doesn’t sound too good, how many other decks can do that? Well, Skittles, which can easily do that 60 or even more with a bit of luck on T2 or 1, but that isn't the point.
Mewtwo isn’t the hardest hitting Basic, isn’t the quickest, and isn’t the most durable. Everything is looking bad for Mewtwo at the moment, and it gets worse. There is no deck it can work in. That 60 damage can easily be done by main attackers in every deck, and generally with other effects or more damage. Of course, since it has to be used as an attacker, this isn’t good news for Mewtwo. If there were any other good Big Basic Pokémon, and if there were great trainers like back in the Base Set to Fossil days, then I could see Haymaker working again (though a couple more Big Basic Pokémon would be needed). However, there aren’t any good Big Basic Pokémon any more, and there are no great trainers like Bill or Oak any more, Haymaker just won’t work, and thus Mewtwo just won’t work.
But wait, you’ve just thought of some great way of using Mewtwo (and if you haven’t, don’t worry, I doubt anyone has), which is great. But I’m going to have to rain on your parade now, since Mewtwo just can’t survive the metagame. G&G decks will happily have Gardevoir (SW) Psychic Lock Mewtwo for a OHKO, or toy with you and use Gallade (SW) to Psychic Cut Mewtwo. Magmortar (SW) will happily load 5 energies on it to KO Mewtwo, or Flam Buster a benched Mewtwo using the Lv.X version. Banette (SW) with KO it with a Banette in the discard, or even without it with a Strength Charm or Plus Power. Ho-Oh (SW) will need 5 different energies to KO Mewtwo, and that’s quite a simple thing for Skittles to do. Just about every deck can and will do the required 90 to easily KO Mewtwo, with or without weakness including whatever new archetypes we get with Majestic Dawn. It’s 60 damage attack will barely 2HKO the weakest of main attackers, the 110HP ones, so is just rubbish really.
However, there is Unlimited. I don’t know a lot about Unlimited, and I don’t know if Haymaker is still a big deck here. If it is, then this Mewtwo is better than the old Movie Promo Mewtwo due to the extra 20 damage for the same energy cost, plus still has Energy Absorption, plus Recover which may or may not be useful here. If Haymaker is big, and you are using it, and you are considering Mewtwo in the deck, use this one.
Modified: Oh dear. It’s weak, it’s slow for it’s damage, it has low HP, there’s no way of using it, it’s just pointless here. 1/5
Limited: If you can discard the 2 Psychic energies quickly, it will happily power itself up and start powering through every thing with 60 every turn, and being able to heal itself almost totally whenever it needs to. It is great here. 4/5
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Happy late birthday Greeny!



In case you aren't one of the cool kids who have been playing since the game first came out, this card is basically an upgraded version of the Movie Promo Mewtwo. Yes, a basic that had 70 HP and could do 40 was considered broken back then. You kids and your Gallades and Leafeon Lv.Xs. Back in our time, we had to walk through snow-covered mountains just to get to league. Twice.


Mewtwo Lv.X, but it's not out yet.

Energy Absorption

Mewtwo may not be able to abuse DRE, but Energy Absorption makes up for it.

So you lost the roll (wait, you're not supposed to high roll to see who goes first anymore. Call a judge!), and are going second. You open with Mewtwo, attach a Psychic, Felicity's away two more Psychic, and Energy Absorption. Your first turn is over, and you already have a Mewtwo with 3 energies. You can power up your Mewtwo as fast as DonkHatter Skittles does Ho-Oh.

You can also pull this off with TV Reporter, Sableye's Excavate, Computer Search, and Holon Adventurer; anything that lets you discard your energies can be used with Energy Absorption. Mewtwo makes a great opener, as it can threaten beatings T2.


Remember how great Gold Berry was? Those guys probably don't, as 5 of the 6 don't play the game anymore.

Simply put, healing has been long gone in the game. When the only viable healing card in the format is Potion, you know there is something rotten in the state of Denmark Pokémon.

For a single Psychic energy, Mewtwo can remove 6 damage counters! Now, this isn't something you want to count on, because there are lots of cards in the format that can OHKO Mewtwo; however, when they bring up something like Absol or Pachirisu to stall while they're building a main hitter at their bench, you can sneak a Recover in.

One point of note is that Recover is amazing in limited. You will literally make your opponents cry.

Attacks (Wait, didn't we already do this?)

"But MOTL!" I hear you cry; "can this thing actually attack?

Yes, yes it can. Psyburn knocks out Gardevoir with a Lake Boundary, Gallade with a Lake Boundary and a PlusPower/Strength Charm, and Gardevoir Lv.X with a single PlusPower/Strength Charm. Try saying that three times fast.

60 damage is nowt ubiquitous, though. If only it did a smidgeon more damage! 70 would THKO almost everything, but alas, that's not the case.

Bottom stats

Terrible. An x2 Weakness on a basic will just invite more OHKOs; Gardevoir, Espeon, Banette, even something as random as Mismagius will OHKO Mewtwo. Mewtwo itself OHKOs Mewtwo.

Two retreat is pretty bad as well, but the weakness kills Mewtwo. Better tech in that Blastoise d.

Mewtwo Lv.X

Not out yet, but you can find the translations everywhere. Its Poké-Body will come in real helpful against the new Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit Lv.Xs, but Cessation Crystal will put a stop to all that. Not that Crystal Guardians won't be rotated or nuffin'.

The attack does 120 for 1PP, and you have to discard all Energy attached to Mewtwo. You can't hope to skip a turn without doing damage in HP-On (and DP-On), especially as virtually everything has 130 HP. The combo with Energy Absorption is nice, but giving up a turn to Energy Absorb is another turn for your opponent to do a BILLION damage.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 3/5. When Mewtwo Lv.X comes out, bump it to a 4/5.
Limited: 5/5. Recover is excellent in Limited.
Unlimited: 2/5. If you're still running Sponge, this is a step above the Movie Promo one; but seriously, why are you running Sponge?!

Today's quote comes from another former National Champion, one from down under.

(11:20:28 AM) PoJoMOTL: What do you have to say about Mewtwo MD, if anything?
(11:21:00 AM) [Jade]: Mewtwo is an awesome card but still going to be a beast for the next format. For all of these pixie fans, you will be in a really painful battle next season since, this Mewtwo will be a reallystrong autoloss for you. With two Mewtwos in play, its GG for yourpixies, as all disruptions wont work for you. 'nuff said.
(11:21:37 AM) [Jade]: LONG LIVE MEWTWO Lv.X
(11:22:31 AM) [Jade]: ( Legend Awakens, coming August 2008 ).
Brad Valila
Back after the US long weekend!

As a place to start, a 0 energy attack is always useful. You get to bring back two energy and attach them. This works great sonce recover makes you discard off of Mewtwo to recover 60 HP. Psyburn is subpar, but you can easily be doing 6 on turn 2 if you got some energies into the discard somehow. 90 HP on a basic is always great. However, 2 retreat cost and the old style x2 weakness hurts. Especially for physic.
Limited-Healing that much on a basic and being able to recycle energy = great.
Alazor Mewtwo (Majestic Dawn)

This guy looks like the old Movie Promo Mewtwo but better! Recover might let you stall for a couple of extra turns. I'd play him with some TV Reporter or Felicity's Drawing, Computer Search, or Holon Mentor. You could also use Super Scoop Up or Scoop after getting special energies from the discard. I'd play him right now, but I'd also wait for Mewtwo lv. X from the next set.

Modified: 3.5/5

Use with Felicity's drawing and get him doing damge T2, T3. Again should be better with the lv.X.

Limited: 4/5

Nice basic, but watch out for Scizor. Probably use him with Unown Q for discard.
Super Scoop Up and Special energies would be nice with him. Chatot also helps.

Unlimited: 3/5

Gold Berry, Scoop Up able, Gold Berry, Computer Search, Energy Removal, Super Energy Removable, Briney'd, Focus Banded, Swoop!able.
When Mewtwo lv. X comes out, it might make Vileplume ex run for their money. It might stall out against Clefable (Jungle), but Sneasel I'm not sure about unless you can counter their stadiums and run lots of Energy and Super Energy Removal. I'm adding him to my old stall deck-- might also work in Mewchu (Mewtwo and Pichu (Neo Genesis).) Maybe could stall agianst Raindance but there are so many different kinds.

Overall a pretty nice card, new Mewtwo ex, just not an ex, which was short-lived.

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