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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Glaceon Lv. X

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 05.23.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Glaceon LV. X


Modified - Great body. Stops a lot of decks in their tracks. Only problem is it's tough to get into play, seeing that it's a stage 1 LV.X. 100 HP is pretty low, but Espeon can boost it up a bit. Avalanche is great if you flip heads often. 4/5


Limited - I doubt you can get this into play, but if you do it's decent. 3/5




Name:   Glaceon Lv. X

Set:   Majestic Dawn

Rarity:   Super Rare Holo


Analysis: This card is definitely good and surely something worth building a deck around. Having said that, though, this is not the best Eeveelution Lv. X out there. 100 HP is OK, considering that it is like a Stage 2. Espeon can fix that. Weakness to Metal and a Retreat Cost of 1 aren't the end of the world. Umbreon can fix that anyway. Chilly Breath is great and can't be stopped with Windstorm like Cessation Crystal. Avalanche is great... if you can flip heads. Flippy, but worth playing. Team it with Empoleon.


Modified: Worth playing, but it needs a lot of support to be great. (3.5/5)


Limited: Good luck getting it, but if you do manage 1 and its regular form, play it! (3/5)

Jigglypuff13 5/23 Glaceon Lv.X
End of the week already? Man that was quick. At least today’s card, Glaceon Lv.X from Majestic Dawn, is a good one to end with.
This is a rare beast in being a good, main attacking Eeveelution. Not only that, but it’s also a brilliantly disrupting one as well. Chilly Breath just devastates many decks, from G&G decks to many Banette variants, every deck that likes to use Poké-Powers to search, draw, discard or whatever, are seriously hampered by Chilly Breath. The first 4 or 5 archetypes that that I think off are all hurt by Glaceon Lv.X because of the large use of Poké-Powers this format. The metagame so far has been one centred on Poké-Powers, though mainly Gardevoir (SW)’s Telepass and Claydol (GE)’s Cosmic Power. With some many decks relying on Poké-Powers, this just goes and changes everything (well, almost since there are simple ways of stopping Chilly Breath, but I’ll get onto that later).
However, Glaceon Lv.X has to be active to use it’s brilliant Poké-Body, so at least it also has a great attack to go with it. Avalanche is, at worst, a solid 70 for 3, which will 2HKO most of the format’s most dominating Pokémon. At best, it will also do 20 to each of your opponents bench Pokémon. That spread, if you flip enough heads, will quickly turn your turns into KO fests. There are a lot of cards that will happily take this spread, and either do more of it (Empoleon (either) is probably the main example) or use it to your advantage (Omastar (MD) is a good example). Of course, if you want to concentrate on this 20 spread every turn your flip a heads, you have to be prepared not to use DRE, which is alright since the earliest you an get out is turn 3 anyway (unless you go second and use a Rare Candy, at which point I have to ask, is there any real need?).
However, it’s not all good. One thing is that because of this card (and couple of others from MD), people are going to think about trying to counter Chilly Breath, and the main way is from Lati-Lock. Many decks relying on Poké-Powers will be teching Lati-Lock to counter this brilliant Poké-Body. One good thing from this, however, is that if you see they are stopping Chilly Breath, you know you will be able to spread with Avalanche on a heads because the 3 main techs that stop bench damage are evolved and use Poké-Bodies, so people have to stop one or the other. Consistency may be a bit of an issue as well since it is a Lv.X. The line used is going to be important to try and make the deck as consistent as possible to actually get Glaceon Lv.X out. With the right line (which is probably going to have to be a 2-2 split of Glaceon and the Lv.X form), it shouldn’t be too much of a problem since other Eeveelutions can take up attacking as well if needed. The weakness isn’t bad compared to other weaknesses at the moment, but more people are going to start teching Metal in with the release of Scizor (MD) due to the large number of Special energies that are played. So long as you don’t attach a Special Energy to Glaceon Lv.X, or use Umbreon (MD) or maybe even Flareon (MD), Scizor shouldn’t be much of a threat. A couple of the big decks like it's relatively small HP, with Gallade (SW) enjoying only having to flip 2 prizes to KO it. Magmortar and Skittles decks need 5 energies (or 4 for Magmortar Lv.X) to OHKO Glaceon Lv.X, though they both fear Glaceon's Water typing. Banette needs a Banette in the discard and a couple of Plus Powers/Strength Charms for a OHKO, but it will probably try to KO Eevee or normal Glaceon before the Lv.X even comes out.
Modified: This is definitely one of the best Eeveelutions, and can act as a disruptor and a main attacker at the same time. The disruption is very useful due to the large numbers of Poké-Powers being used, and even a possibility of spreading is always nice. There are annoyingly simple ways of countering Chilly Breath and Avalanches chance of spreading, but you know only 1 will be countered at any one time. Being a Lv.X is slightly annoying, but that doesn’t detract from how great this card is. 4.5/5
Limited: Actually getting a good Lv.X line is hard enough here. If you can, it’s disruption isn’t going to hurt too many since few Pokémon here have any Poké-Powers, and the ones that do are unlikely to see much play. Avalanche is still nice due to it’s spreading, and with no way of stopping it, it’s a nasty effect. It will survive a long time as well, and OHKO many Pokémon found here. 3.5/5
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
It's Friday! Whoo!

Another Eeveelution for you lot today. In fact, it's a Level X.

Glaceon Lv.X

Interesting Poké-Body, Eeveelution combos, but is it good enough to win tournaments?


Espeon is a must with Glaceon's low, low 100 HP. Unless Charizard d becomes huge in your metagame due to an influx of 6 year olds, you shouldn't need an Umbreon to cover the weakness. Leafeon Lv.X will help it attack faster (side effect of evading the one-energy-per-turn rule. Amazing, I know), and Holon WP will help you evade Bring Down.

You could go for the damage spread combo and stick this in an Ampharos/Aerodactyl/Shiftry ex deck, but you'd lose all your games, not the least because the damage spread is on a flip. Stick this in Eeveelutions.

Chilly Breath

Chilly Breath is amazing!

Gardevoir: Chilly Breath takes out Gardevoir and Claydol. If they haven't got a Gallade built, a successful Wager will leave Gardy seriously hurt.
Magmortar: The look on their face when they realize that they can't Energy Draw, Firestarter, or Cosmic Power should be the cause of sheer hilarity on yours. Assuming you're a sadomasochist.
Feraligatr: Ditto Magmortar, but watch out for Breaking Tail.
Ho-Oh: If they haven't got a Togekiss up yet (or they just whiffed on energy), you win.

So now that you counter all these decks, you should sell off your Magmortar Lv.Xs and go buy Glaceons off eBay, right?

Latilock, Cessation, and the works

Latilock will not only shut down Glaceon Lv.X, but also Espeon and Umbreon, leaving you with a 100 HP active that is very much vulnerable to Psychic Cut, Rainbow Burn, Verdant Dance, and anything else that could one shot Glaceon. Cessation Crystal does the same thing, and even shuts Leafeon Lv.X off, leaving you with a bunch of 80-110 HP stage 1 Pokémon that do entirely too little damage for entirely too much energy.

Chilly Breath requires Glaceon Lv.X to be active, meaning that a Warp Point will let your opponent can use their Powers if they get one. Chilly Breath is not permanent, you should never ignore the possibility that your opponent is entirely able to use their Powers with a few cards.


1WW for 70 is entirely reasonable, although it will still need a Lake Boundary to knock out most Fire types, including the ubiquitous Magmortar. You didn't think that I wouldn't be using that word, did ya?

The attack's 20 damage spread to bench is on a flip, although the lack of a suicidal self-bench-damage-spread option on a tails will let you rest easy. The effect is simply the icing on the cake, tails doesn't fails, and you only need 4 heads to knock out those pesky Claydols.

Bottom stats

You can ignore the weakness. The retreat cost of 1 shouldn't be a problem, but you would want to get Umbreon out in any case.

Eevee, Glaceon

Jermy told me that he'd take more direct measures with those using the Sand Attack Eevee, including something he calls "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mixed with Mongolian Wrestling." Use the Call for Family Eevee if you value your life.

There are two Glaceons. You use the 80 HP one, not the 90 HP one.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 4/5. It's an interesting card. Close to being broken, but doesn't quite make the grade. It won't (and shouldn't) be the main focus of your deck.
Limited: 4/5. If you actually manage to draft the Eevee and Glaceon, more power to you. This card would do wonders against Infernape, if you can take out all 3.
Unlimited: 1/5. There are very few cards that you could run in a competitive Unlimited deck. This card isn't even close.

Glaceon Lv.X is one of those cards that come so close to glory, yet fall short oh so painfully. You know that's true, 'cos it rhymes. Today's quote comes from none other than the reigning National Champion, a man who is almost as good looking as I am; and ladies, he's single!

(3:49:28 PM) PoJoMOTL: What do you have to say about Glaceon Lv.X, if anything?
(3:50:31 PM) Jvcbt: Glaceon is a pretty strong card, with it's Pokemon Power being extremely strong with Team Galactic's Wager
(3:50:54 PM) Jvcbt: it has pretty low HP, although this is fixed by Espeon, and it's second attack is solid, but too flippy to be considered great.
(3:51:35 PM) Jvcbt: It benefits from being a part of a strong evolution line, granting it a ton of synergy, much like all of the Kirlia evolutions
(3:52:13 PM) Jvcbt: but is held back by the fact that it's Pokemon Body is hindered by Latios/Latias d ( uncommon still ) and the popular cards Warp Point and due to Plox, Cyclone Energy
Brad Valila
May 23/08
Glaceon Lv X

I really like this card. Its a water type, without the typical grass or lightning weakness. Steel isn't very popular so with 100HP this is a bonus. Shutting down poke-powers is a great body to have. It has a retreat cost of 1 and has a great attack. 2W,C for 70 is already great, plus a huge <i>20</i> to your opponents bench is a great advantage. Combine this with Lake boundry and you'll send Infernape/Magmartars running. How conveinient:). AND its an eeveelution. All these make me a huge fan.
Limited-If you get the Lv 44, deffiantly use this card. Bench attack in this format is fantastic. Plus you always have Snow Cloak from Lv 44 to hide if you need to.
blazing bulbasaur
Glaceon Lv. X

This card has been popular before it could actually be put into decks.  Now with the release of Majestic Dawn, we'll get to see if Glaceon decks will do as well as people say. 

HP- 100?  Bleh, I just noticed this.  Espeon's Sunlight Veil will add 20 if you play it.  Still, that's like having a stage 2 for 100 HP. 

Attack- Very good.  70 dmg for 3 energy is nice, with the chance to do 20 damage to your opponent's bench. 

Poke-Power/Body- This is what makes this card so popular.  Chilly Breath shuts down your opponent's powers as long as Glaceon Lv. X is active.  This means no more of Gardevoir's Telepass or Claydol's Cosmic Power. 

Bottom Stats- Metal weakness, but since Fire has been heavy this format, there is no need to worry yet.  The 1 energy for retreat sorta makes up for the low HP. 

Other than Eevee decks, Glaceon can be paired with Empoleon to make power-lock decks.  There are some nice water pokemon coming out in Majestic Dawn and in future sets as well, so Glaceon definitely has potential.  It's not perfect though.  Glaceon is 10 dmg away from OHKOing Magmortar.  Because of that, pluspower may be necessary in such a deck.  Plus, there is the issue of low HP, so Espeon may need to be added too. 

Modified- 4/5
Limited- 5/5


Glaceon Lv.X MD


It’s my birthday! Everyone give all your present for me to some random younger pokemon card player! Today’s COTD is one of the four new Lv.X’s from the new Mysterious Dawn set. Not only does the Eeveelution line get new Eeveelutions, but they also get two brand new powerful Lv.X pokemon. And Glaceon Lv.X here has some good tricks up its sleeve. First is the attack, is about mid-power attack range (Doing 70 for (W)(W)(C) isn’t bad…) But to top it off, it also is only a coin flip away from doing 20 damage to all of your opponents benched pokemon (could work out nicely.) The poke-body is nothing less then awesome; while active all of your opponent’s poke-powers stop working. All of them, that means even though it doesn’t hit poke-bodies, it does knock out quite a few options for your opponent, kind of like a more selective Cessation Crystal that can’t be Windstormed or hit by Pachirisu. The rest is all good, 20 extra HP leaving our friend here with 100 HP, an almost non-abuseable weakness, and only one retreat cost to finish it off…


Pros –

Attack is great


Weakness is a rare type

The poke-body is amazing!


Cons –


Lowish HP for a Lv.X


Modified – Wow, get this going and you opponent not only has to deal with it, but they can’t use powers to deal with it either… 4.75/5


Limited – As long as you can get it up you’ve won! 5/5 even if you don’t get any Eevee are you really going to complain you pulled a Lv.X?


OH YEA! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I hope you all have an amazing time at the upcoming Battle Roads! I’m going to one tomorrow so I hope I don’t party too hard today! =D


“It was on my birthday that Papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm.'”

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