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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Umbreon Lv. 43

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 05.21.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.57
Limited: 3.86

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Modified - Giving no weakness and free retreat to all your eeveelutions is good but I don't know how useful it is.  Automatic confusion is always a nice thing to have. 3/5


Limited - Not sure if basic darkness energy are given out to participants in prereleases.  If they are, it's very good, since confusion is a great special condition. 4/5




Name:   Umbreon Lv. 43

Set:   Majestic Dawn

Rarity:   Rare


Analysis: Umbreon, quite simply, should be in EVERY deck involving Eevee and its evolutions. 80 HP is not fantastic and neither is the weakness to fighting. But, it helps itself and eliminates its weakness and retreat cost, as well as any of your other Eeveelutions in play. Resistance to Psychic is definitely good too. Confuse Ray is a tad weak, but auto-Confusion is always good.


Modified: Seriously, every deck with Eevee should have at lesast one of these Umbreons. Its Body is just so amazingly good that it is almost unfair. I can see Cessation Crystal getting really popular to counter this. (4.5/5)


Limited: Just really good. Confuse Ray is great for this format. (4.5/5)


Umbreon Lv.43 MD


‘Ello. Today’s COTD today is yet another Eeveelution that has one job and one job only, remove all other Eeveelutions weakness and retreat cost. 80 HP is average, the attack isn’t bad but isn’t good, and the weakness and resistance balance each other out (Afraid of Gallade but resistant to Gardevoir,) the attack is more of a last resort attack than a main attack (50 damage is going nowhere fast!) And the single retreat cost is expected. The poke-body is where this card is at, all Eeveelutions have no weakness or retreat cost. How good is the exactly? No more OHKO while not prize flipping fear of Gallade for this card, and hullo tech for all Eeveelution decks ever made and that ever will be made (Modified or Unmodified…)


Pros –

Makes all Eeveelutions weakness and retreat cost go away

Attack isn’t bad for a bench warmer


Cons –

Should spend it’s time just sitting on the bench.

Lowish HP

Bad weakness


Modified – Nice tech for all Eeveelution decks out there. 4/5


Limited – no other dark pokemon in the set so I doubt this will see much play here… 3/5 +1 for every other Umbreon you pull.


If Umbreon hunts in darkness for pray why is it out in the snow in the middle of the day?


“To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.”


5/21 Umbreon

Hello, and today we are looking at Umbreon Lv.43 from Majestic Dawn.

Obviously, if you are considering playing this, you are going to put it into an Eeveelutions deck due to it’s Poké-Body. Giving each of your Eeveelutions no weakness and no retreat cost does sound very nice. However, think about it; how many of your Eeveelutions are going to need no weakness? You have probably focused the deck on one specific Eeveelution to be the main attacker, and you need to think does it actually need no weakness. Some will (such as Flareon based decks due to the up and coming rise of Water Pokémon), where as others won’t (like Glaceon, since how many Metal types are there to be worried about?). You can easily save space in the latter by not including Umbreon. Those that need no weakness to survive will be looking to have some Umbreon support, so should almost be put in automatically, but there are other options to think about as well, though. No retreat cost is nice, but only 2 Eeveelutions have a retreat cost over 1, so, to me, it isn’t really worth it.

It’s attack isn’t exactly a saving grace either. 3 for 50 and Confusion isn’t game breaking, barely 3HKOing important Pokémon, and Confusion is easy to get rid of from Switch/Warp Point/Retreat/Teleportation or whatever. Mind you, looking at the others, they were also more likely to be the main attackers, and not this. Even with this dismal single attack, it can be an attacker in a pinch, hitting Dusknoir (DP) and Banette (SW) hard, OHKOing the latter with a Plus Power/Strength Charm, and possibly the former with a bit more work.

Umbreon is countered pathetically easily, with Lati-Lock (which is going to see more play due to MD's new and great Poké-Bodies), Battle Frontier and Cessation Crystal all turning it’s best ability off. While it can turn weakness off, other Eeveelutions can quite happily counter weakness as well by hitting the opposing attackers weakness. Often, it won’t KO them, but it will do a fair bit of damage, and may make your opponent think twice. If you do end up having to use it as an attacker (which you should hope not really), then it can easily be OHKOed by the beast that is Gallade (SW) by only flipping one prize (2 with DRE), and that’s with the Poké-Body turned on as well. Turned off, it doesn’t even need to flip a prize. Gardevoir (SW) 2HKOs Umbreon, which, considering Umbreon is a Psychic resistant Dark Pokemon, isn’t very good. Other big decks like that HP as well, such as Magmortar needing 4 energies, either to KO it while active from with Flame Blast, or for the Lv.X version to KO it with Flame Buster it while it’s on the bench. Skittles will like it if Umbreon is active, meaning a Ho-Oh with 4 different basic energies with OHKO one in the active slot. Of course, many of these need Umbreon active to KO it, and if you have it active, what are you doing?


Modified: It’s a good, viable choice. Turning off weakness is a good ability, and less retreat cost is hardly a bad effect either. The attack is disappointing, so it’s a bench sitter, pure and simple. However, I think there are better choice of Eeveelution that can be used instead of Umbreon, many of which can also help to counter weakness, making the main point of the Poké-Body slightly redundant. 3/5

Limited: If you get other Eeveelutions, this is a nice bench sitter to help the others in having no weakness, and thus countering almost every deck you could face. No retreat cost for your Eeveelutions is nice as well, allowing you to save precious energies. It’s just a shame the attack requires a Dark energy. If it didn’t, it would be better since Confusion is nice here. Without Eeveelutions, is useless unless you pull a Dark energy or 2. 3/5

of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Hello (or Hallo, as the Germans say) again. Watch out for Jermy, because today's COTD is another Eeveelution.

Umbreon Lv.43

The evil dark version of the ubiquitous evolutions of Eevee, Umbreon is naturally going to be considered for Eeveelutions decks. But will it fare better than its Lightning counterpart, Jolteon?


The answer to that rhetorical question is yes (or ja, as the Germans say). Alongside Espeon, Umbreon makes up the other half of the "Eeveelutions that give boosts to Eeveelutions with their Poké-Bodies™." Moonlight Veil offers Eeveelutions free retreat and no weakness, meaning that all your Eeveelutions will have bottom stats as good as Base Gastly! Although the +20 HP that Espeon MD offers is far more important than the benefits of Moonlight Veil, it still doesn't hurt to get one out in an Eeveelutions; especially if you're playing Magmortar or Skittles, and they have a Lake Boundary up, threatening OHKOs to your precious Leafeon Lv.X.

Other than Eeveelutions, there really aren't that many combos to this card. It doesn't offer anything in terms of attacking power, nor as a supporter Pokémon, to any non-Eeveelutions deck. Unless you are hell bent on getting your opponent's active confused for the ludicrous cost of 2D, there isn't much to do with this card in any other deck.


Umbreon only has one attack, making my job really easy here. Don't attack with Umbreon.

Bottom stats

As mentioned above, thanks to Moonlight Veil, Umbreon has bottom stats nearly as good as Base Gastly! Unless Latilocked, no weakness and free retreat are the best possible attributes you can have in the bottom left and bottom right corners of a card. -20 Resistance to Psychic will help you defend against Plox, and uh, Banette? Really though, you shouldn't have Umbreon as your active.


Jermy is a former World Champion, and he uses the Call for Family Eevee in his Eeveelutions deck! So yeah, use the Call for Family Eevee.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 3/5. Only really works in Eeveelutions, but it is pretty much a must-have in it. Secondary to Espeon, as the +20 HP will prove much more valuable in HP-On than free retreat and no weakness.
Limited: 3/5. Its attack only does 50, and while auto-confuse is slightly useful, the only other Darkness types in the set are Darkrai and Stunky. And the 3-3-3 Infernape line will totally destroy your Stunky, and then you will start crying and your susurrus of how you're going to quit this game fills the air.
Unlimited: 1/5. A stage 1 that does 50 for 3 Energy. Do I have to spell this out?

Fun fact: Even if you used Garchomp Lv.X to bring Leafeon into play, without evolving it from an Eevee, Leafeon would still get the benefits of Umbreon's Moonlight Veil. I don't know why I thought this would be worthy of a mention, but oh well.

(1:20:03 PM) PoJoMOTL: What do you have to say about Umbreon MD, if anything?
(1:20:12 PM) BANGINBOX: BARF!!!!
(1:20:14 PM) BANGINBOX: lol
(1:20:16 PM) BANGINBOX: j/k
(1:20:32 PM) BANGINBOX: ummmmm
(1:20:51 PM) BANGINBOX: not as good as its predecesor
(1:20:59 PM) BANGINBOX: but solid if use properly
Brad Valila
May 21st Umbreon

Umbreon-Now heres a card I could see myself using. With all the great eeveelutions coming out in Majestic dawn, I cant see a reason not to use this. The HP isnt great, but you combine it with tomorrows card and you're strolling. With no weakness, or retreat its easy to splash. However you still need one dark energy to its attack, 50 dmg and garunteed status problems; Fairly balanced.
Limited-No weakness or reatreat cost in this format is gold.
I think this is even better than Umbreon. 100HP and a great type. Use it with Umbreon for no retreat cost or weakness. This is anti-Gallade which, lets face it, needs to happen some more. Easy attack to use, 60 for P and CC, and you can move some energy around if you need to. This is great if Espeon is about to get knocked out or you need it elsewhere.
Limited-Easy to play here too. Use it :)
Limited 5/5
blazing bulbasaur

This evolution of Eevee will be used for his pokebody- moonlight veil.  Ridding your Eevee-evolved pokemon of weakness and retreat cost is always good. 

HP- 80 is sort of low when considering that Magmortar gets 110 and they're both stage 1.  Espeon would remedy this, but that is for tomorrow's review. 

Attack- 3 energy for 50 is actually a bit below average nowadays, even with an auto-confuse effect.  I don't think you should be attacking with Umbreon.  He seems to be made for Eevee decks, not dark decks. 

Bottom Stats- Standard fare for a dark type.  Resists Gardevoir, weak to Gallade, but the pokebody takes care of that. 

Poke-Power/Body- This is why you play this thing.  Moonlight Veil gives free retreat an no weakness to all your Eeveelutions. 

Throw one into an Eevee deck if you have one.  That's all it combos with! 

Modified- 3/5
Limited- 4/5
Alazor Umbreon (Majestic Dawn)

Modified 3.7/5

It's poke-body and resistance-- help resist Gardevior and Gallade. Free retreat is good, but it can be shut down by Cessation Crystal and Battle Frontier.

Limited: 4.2/5 Play it for its Poke-Body. I give it a little less since it doesn't have a cheap 1st attack.

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