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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Diamond & Pearl
Great Encounters

Date Reviewed: 03.18.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.40
Limited: 3.80

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Modified - Up to 60 damage for only 2 colorless energy is decent, but I wish Wigglytuff had a more powerful attack, because its Poke-Power is where it's at. Sure you might put yourself to sleep, but there are ways to get around that, such as Xatu, Holon Energy GL, or just using a Pokemon that has a Body that prevents special conditions on it. If your opponent has no way to get rid of sleep easily (like a ton of Warp points or their own Xatu), they'll only have a 50% chance of attacking each turn, which is a huge disadvantage for them. Combo Wigglytuff with something like Swalot that does additional damage for each special condition. Unfortunately the most popular deck, Gardevoir/Gallade, has a couple ways of getting around Wigglytuff. One is continually using Psychic Lock so Wiggly can't use its power. The other is keeping a Gardevoir X on the bench to teleport active whenever their Active remains asleep. Wiggly could be decent tech against the other popular deck, Magmortar, because they don't play any power-stopping cards, and at most they play 2 Warp Points. 3/5

Limited - If you're trying to stall while you get Energy built up on your Pokemon, then putting the Defending pokemon to sleep each turn could be good. But there arent a lot of ways to get rid of your own sleep, other than evolving. 40-60 damage for 2 energy is very good. 4/5
(03/18/08) - Wigglytuff Lv. 46

Name: Wigglytuff Lv. 46
Set: Great Encounters
Rarity: Rare

Analysis: Honestly, I kind of like this card. It combos well with Darkrai and Sidney's Stadium. A stage 1 is easier to setup than a Stage 2 (Venusaur), plus it has colorless energy requirements. Add in Weavile, and Wigglytuff could do 80 damage for two basic darkness energy. Igglybuff is a good enough starter: pack your deck with Pokedex Handy, PokeNav, Great Ball, Master Ball, etc and Igglybuff starts by drawing three cardsa a turn. This should be enough motive to play Igglybuff with Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff's power makes each active Pokemon fall asleep. With Sidney's Stadium, it will prevent Darkrai from becoming Asleep and allow it to hit for 80 damage (more with Darkrai Lv X's Body and Special Darkness). Its attack is OK, but use it only if necessary. Fighting weakness hurts.

Modified: Has potential as a Darkrai partner, but the weakness hurts (both Darkrai and Wiggly are vulnerable to OHKO's by Gallade. Venusaur may be better, but that also depends on a coin flip, an advantage Wigglytuff has over it. (3.5/5)

Limited: Its Power will really only be necessary to stall, because it would prevent you from attacking. Combos well with Magcargo. It also has a cheap colorless attack. (4/5)

Wigglytuff Lv.46 GE
Hey, today’s COTD is the evolution to my favorite SSBB character! And just like her pre-evolution Wigglytuff here packs a punch for little energy! For 2 (C) you do 40 damage, but if she’s evolved from Igglybuff she gets a 20 damage buff. 60 for 2 (C) is good, but then you also have her poke-power, you just simply put both active pokemon to sleep! This works great if… 1. You where going to use switch on your old active pokemon anyway. 2. Had a pokemon with Holon energy GL and a (G), was dark and Sydney’s stadium was out, or if it couldn’t be effected by sleep. Or 3. You can’t attack anyway and want to possibly stop your opponent from attacking (Blastoise and Swampert EX anyone?) If you can, use this thing, 50% chance of your opponent not attacking every turn (Unless they have some way to stop it/switch.) is awesome!
Pros –
Good attack
Great power
Colorless is very versatile
Cons –
Low HP
Bad weakness
Modified – It just needs to find a good home… 4/5
Limited – Colorless and 40 damage for 2 (C)? Count me in! 4.5/5
I hope Jigglypuff will kick your butt on SSBB soon!
“A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a man of wit, and a pebble in the hand of a fool.”

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Ive seen a fun combo with this and darkrai (sleephole one) but all in all this card isn’t going to cut it its pokepower is rarely really usefull as the opponent often will head or get rid of it in some other way . At the same time you’ll need to find some way to get rid of sleep yourself (possible but seems like hard work for minor effect). The attack is mediocre at best an iggly is really bad (exept from the first turn how often do you want to set up without supporters?) a weak card

Modified 2
Limited 3


Modified: The Power is kinda nice. You see it get used together with Darkrai Lv X and Sydney's Stadium.
It's Attack, HP and 1 Retreat make it nothing more than average. It's weakness is horrible though. You probably
just use this Pokemon for it's Poke-Power.

Rating : 1.5/5

Limited: This is the format it's made for. Stage 1, decent HP, good attacks (especially with Igglybuff under it)
The power can be used together with quite a few Pokemon in the set.

Rating : 3/5

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