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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Omastar Lv. 53

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.20.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.40
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Omastar Lv.53 MD


Good evening all of you people. Today’s COTD today is one of the better cards from the new Mysterious Dawn set, and one that you have most likely seen in action before. Alright, the HP is nice for something you don’t want active very often, the only attack on this thing isn’t horrible, but isn’t great, and the weakness and retreat cost are fair. Now, onto what makes this card so awesome, the poke-power on this thing lets you devolve all of your opponent’s benched pokemon when you use it. Once you do that there are a few things you can do with it. First, you can spread damage to everyone and all of the low HP basics and stage 1’s on your opponent’s bench suddenly have way too much damage on them… Second, you can TGW! Playing a Team Galactics Wager right after devolving all of your opponent’s benched pokemon is just mean! Especially late game when they have used up all of their rare candy and stuff. And last, but not least, you can always use a good old second Omastar, and totally devolve all of your opponent’s benched pokemon totally (Totally evil!)


Pros –

Awesome poke-power!

Nice HP, just out of range from a OHKO with Magmortar Lv.X

Awesome poke-power, why did I say it twice? It’s just that awesome!

Fossil evolution (Fossil excavator here I come!)


Cons –

Weak attack

Fossil evolution (No Celio’s or Roseanne’s for you!)


Modified – If your deck plays 4 TGW, then play this guy too! 4.5/5


Limited – With all of the basics everywhere, the only thing Omastar can really do is attack… 3.75/5


Oh yea! The first good card I’ve reviewed in a while!


“Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.”

Jigglypuff13 6/20 Omastar Lv. 53 (MD)
It's the end of the week, and after some fairly rubbish cards, we end with a fantastic one. This was a massively hyped and eagerly awaited card from MD, and one look at that Poké-Power should show you why. However, lets look at the other stuff first. It has 110 HP, which, on a Stage 2, is alright, but won't survive more than 1 or 2 hits. Mind you, Send Back doesn't really make you want to use it as a main attacker, or even ever have it active to use it's attack, with it doing 40 and a switch for WC, which isn't great, and actually isn't even alright. Thankfully, if you ever do get Omastar active, it has only 1 Retreat Cost, so it'll never be active for long enough to actually have to attack. It has no Resistance, but it also has a good Weakness, with only Leafeon Lv.X (MD) being popular enough to really give it any problems if you do get Omastar active, chances are, it won't get hit by weakness. Mind you, with only 110 HP, not main main attackers will care.
However, if you are playing this card for anything other than the Poké-Power, you need to get you head checked. Primal Swirl is just magnificent. You may only be able to devolve your opponent's benched Pokémon, but you get to devolve them without attacking, which is just brilliant. If you really want to lock your opponent, drop one of these for Primal Swirl, use a Team Galactic's Wager (MT) to shuffle all of those evolutions into their deck, use Claydol (GE) and Cosmic Power if you lose, then either use a Psychic Lock (Gardevoir (SW)) type attack or use Cessation Crystal (CG), just to stop your opponent from doing anything next turn. Well timed, this will demolish almost any deck you face. Badly timed, it will be disruptive, but not enough to really hurt your opponent much. However, even if you can't use that combo, then there is another use. If you can use a good enough spreader (Kabutops (MD) comes to mind straight away), then you can use Primal Swirl and KO all of your opponent's benched Pokémon, after devolving them all. Well timed, you could get 5 prizes in one. Badly timed, you will probably get 1 or 2, but no matter what, it's nasty. If your deck can spread damage in anyway, use this card, at least one of them, simply because the Poké-Power is so brutal.
However, if you need devolution really badly, there are two options. There's this (obviously), and there's Omastar (PK). The MD one can only devolve your opponent's bench, but is a Poké-Power. The PK one can devolve all of your opponent's Pokémon, but only at the cost of being an attack. If you need devolution, I'd go with the MD version, but only because the awesome combo it can do during the same turn. No matter what though, you are getting a powerful effect.
So, you are going to time it well every time, so you never play it earlier than you need to, so it won't get sniped and will never need to be active, so it will never have to attack. However, what if you do accidentally play it a bit too early, or end up having to send it active, what would happen then? Well, most main attackers will OHKO and active Omastar, but a benched one is pretty safe. A benched Omastar has to deal with Magmortar Lv.X (MT) using it's Flame Blaster to do 100 damage, then getting Magmortar (SW) to us it's second attack to finish the job. It's 2 turns and a lot of resources just to KO a benched Omastar, so probably isn't worth it. Empoloen (MD) has the same sort of problems, with Dual Splash needing 4 turns for a KO, or 1 followed by using the Lv.X version to snipe Omastar for a KO. Again, too many Energies, turns and resources to really make KOing Omastar worth it. It will only ever be worth KOing a benched Omastar if you know they run Super Scoop Up in their deck. Same goes with an active one really, but it should only take 1 turn. GG decks will get Gallade (SW) to flip 3 prizes, or use a Strength Charm/Plus Power and flip just 2 prizes for a OHKO. Gardevoir (SW) can't get a OHKO, but can lock other Omastars from using Primal Swirl. Magmortar needs 6 energies to OHKO the active Omastar, and it's the same story for Ho-Oh (SW) in Skittles, which is slightly tough to do. Still, if you can, you might as well. Garchomp (MT) needs a Grass energy attached to it for a OHKO, but very few Garchomp decks will be running more than 1 Grass energy in the deck. Empoleon needs a full bench and a Strength Charm/Plus Power for a OHKO, but may just take the time to Dual Splash your bench instead of OHKOing Omastar. Eeveelutions just need Leafeon Lv.X out and 5 energies on the field for a OHKO.
However, as great as Omastar is, it does have 1 major downfall; it's a fossil evolution. There are specific cards to get the fossils out, such as Holon Fossil (HP) and Fossil Excavator (MT/MD). However, fossils can't be searched out for in the normal way, such as using Celio's Network (CG). Therefore, if you want to use Omastar, you are going to have to draw into Helix Fossil, unless you tech something in to actually search out your Helix Fossil. That makes it a little unreliable, but still, that's a small price to pay for such a devastating effect.
Modified: Primal Swirl is just brilliant, and is worth putting into any deck that can spread damage, but could be used in most decks really. The rest of the card isn't that great, with the attack really being rubbish, and it is a fossil evolution, which means you are going to need a lot of luck in getting Omastar out in the first place, but it's a small price to pay for such an awesome effect. 4.5/5
Limited: There isn't a lot of damage spread here, and evolutions are sparse, so Primal Swirl loses a lot of it's power. Send Back should 2HKO most of what you find here, so could become a decent attacker. 110 HP allows it to be a massive tank, but watch out for Grass types. Still, it's a Stage 2, which is hard to get out here. Being a Fossil isn't so bad due to Fossil Excavator being in the set, so you should be able to search for Helix Fossil at the very least. Good, if you can get it out. 3/5

Omastar (Majestic Dawn)


Omastar is used mainly for primary swirl, but send back isnʼt too bad of an attack either, with a 1 retreat cost and weakness to grass it should do well in any stage 2 water deck. This might even do fine in Raindance as a tech. Used with Empoleon  (Majestic Dawn), Blastoise (Base), Omastar (Power Keepers), in other stage 2 decks as well like in Gardevior and Gallade decks or Lucario/ Rampardos decks with Super Scoop Ups.This guy obviously isnʼt the main attacker, but if heʼs sent up he can probably last a turn.


Modified 4.1/5


Limited 3.3/5 Little less useful when Rare Candy isnʼt used.


Unlimited 2/5

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