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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Articuno Lv. 46

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.02.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.80

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Articuno Lv.46 MD


Good morning to all you people who have just woke up, and good afternoon to everyone else! Today’s COTD today is the first card of this weeks ‘Legendary Bird Week’ and the worst of the three legendary birds. Although Freezing Screech is nice, it just doesn’t pack the same punch as either Zapdos or Moltres. And the attack isn’t bad, but 60 for (W)(W)(C) is not a good deal even on a basic and comes 10 damage away from 2HKOing those 130HP beasts out there. The retreat cost is horrible too; having to pay 2 much to retreat simply drives this card further into the ground. The weakness and resistance are nice, fighting resistance is great and metal pokemon are M.I.A (Missing in Action) at the moment so it looks like weakness and resistance are the best things on Articuno.


Pros –

Nice weakness and resistance

Nice HP


Cons –

Horrible attack

Weak power

2 much retreat cost


Modified – If you want to use basic pokemon use Moltres, or wait for Mewtwo/Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie in the next set. 1.5/5


Limited – Nice HP, if you can charge it up it’ll do great! 3.75/5


Well, hope you had a nice weekend (I did, I got 3rd at BR!) And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.
2008 Switzerland Champ

I think a lot of players underestimate this 1.. its flippy sure it fills the bench yes.. but in late game when pokes are fully evolved and the warp points are blown of a good flip is a free attack ... and that can very well win you the game.. especially if you play something that snipes the bench.
Its attack is next to useless in modified though in limited it may be ok.
Modified 2.5
limited 3.5
Jigglypuff13 6/2 Articuno Lv. 46 (MD)
This week is the week of the Legendary Birds, and we start with probably the most curious one, Articuno. Like all of the Birds, it has a x2 Weakness, a Resistance to Fighting (which is nice), 2 Retreat Cost, 100HP, a coming into play Poké-Power and a 3 energy attack. Obviously, to separate the cards, we only have the details, but it’s a solid base for all of them. Articuno gives us a Poké-Power that looks quite good. Freezing Screech seems to have a nice Poké-Power. 50% chance of Paralyzes is a nice effect. Many Pokémon have that chance in their attack, and it’s undoubtedly a useful Special Condition, so it’s probably better in a Poké-Power. Of course, it’s annoyingly easy to get out of (Switch, warp Point, etc.), but still, it can be useful. However, it can only be used once (unless you have multiple Articunos, but playing more than 2 at any one time is risking bench space), so Super Scoop Up would be needed if you wanted to rely on the Power. Also, of course, it’s a flip, which is very risky if you need to get the Paralyzes. If you are feeling lucky, then this can be good. If your aren’t, then try something else.
Blizzard used to be a good attack. Back when Fossil was a new set, Rain Dance were all the rage, and many used Articuno from Fossil. Back then, it cost 4 energies, did 50 and had the same chance of doing bench damage to yours or your opponents. However, you may think it’s better now due to it’s nice increased damage for less energy cost, but you’d be wrong. 60 is barely enough to 2HKO the weakest of main attackers (the 110 or even less ones), though Skittles would be worried. Also, there are a lot of snipers in this format, and all of them would love for you to Blizzard and damage your own bench, so it is a massive risk to take. However, your snipers (if you are playing Articuno with snipers) will want you to get heads (natch). There is a card that wouldn’t mind being damaged, which is Gyarados (MT). To be honest, if you are going to use Articuno for it’s attack, use it with a sniper or two and/or Gyarados, otherwise you are asking for trouble. The only other combo for Articuno at all is with something that does more damage with Special Conditions. Ariados (UF) would’ve loved this, but you are now going to have to settle for Swalot (CG).
Articuno does have counters. Cessation Crystal and Psychic Lock (from Gardevoir (SW)) or like attacks will stop that nice looking Poké-Power in a flash. Cessation Crystal can be taken care off from Pachirisu (GE) or Windstorm, but Psychic Lock and those type attacks are ones to be more afraid of due to not being able to stop them. Big decks don’t have too much trouble against Articuno. GG decks can 2HKO it using Gardevoir (at which point, they can also stop any freezing Screeches you want to use as well), or go with the Gallade OHKO by flipping 3 prizes. Magmortar, while being slightly worried by weakness and the attack, will love to see Articuno flip tails for it’s attack so Magmortar can snipe some more, or just pile 5 energies to OHKO Articuno using Magmortars first attack, or 4 and use the Lv.X. Skittles needs 5 different energies for the OHKO, but won’t like being hit by a single Blizzard due to it’s OHKOing power. Most turn 2 decks struggle to do the required 100 consistently, but most can with Plus Power/Strength Charm help. The weakness for Articuno, the x2 Metal one, isn’t bad. There are few competitive Metal types, with Scizor (MD) probably being the most used one of them. Scizor isn‘t a threat because Articuno can‘t use the best Special energies (DRE and Scramble), and thus would need a Scramble or DRE + Strength Charm/Plus Power in most decks to so the 50. Metals that are used can do the required 50, but because they are few and far between, they aren’t worth worrying about.
Modified: If you can cause Paralyzes without needing an attack, then it’s worth looking at. However, it’s a one shot Power that requires luck to work, and it’s attack it very risky due to the amount of snipers going around. It has got resistance to an attacker from the most played deck plus a good weakness, but there is still no good and consistent way of using that Poké-Power and that attack in any deck. Try it. It may work, but if it does, then you’ve got lucky. 2/5
Limited: Any chance of any Special Condition is very nice here, so it’s Poké-Power is worth using. The attack isn’t too bad. 60 damage, even if it does need 3 energies, isn’t bad here, though it does need two Waters. The chance of spreading damage with the attack is nice, and the drawback isn’t bad since there are few snipers in this format. 100HP should see it live for quite a long time as well. 3.5/5
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Today's COTD will be a quickie. No quote today. Please, don't all start crying at once.


Um.. it's blue?


Dugtrio, so you don't destroy your own bench if you're particularly good at flipping tails.


Blizzard is 1WW for 60, with damage spread to either bench, depending on the flip. This attack would be fantastic if it was still 2001. Unfortunately (and I really mean this), it is no longer 2001.

Bottom stats

Weakness to Metal won't hurtcha in this format. -20 Fighting Resistance is useful.

The retreat cost is terrible, though.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 2/5. The Power is slightly useful. If you flip heads, that is.
Limited: 3/5. BBBPs still actually matter in a format like Limited. And you will destroy that guy who drafted the 3-3-3 Infernape line.
Unlimited: 1/5. Go go Rain Dance!
Brad Valila

Articuno lv 46
This is my favourite of the birds. It has a fair weakness, steel, which isn't an overly played type right now. 100hp is fine for a non-evolving basic. 2 retreat cost is probably too much though. Water type bodes well right now with all the Infernapes and Magmortars running about. The body is always neat; a flip for paralysis when you play thi, but only when its played. Its not fantastic. The attack is costly as well; WWC for 60 is only moderately good, and a flip for bench damage. This suffers for having a tails result too, 10 to your bench:( If you get heads lots though...

Limited-It's probably too slow here:( But 60 is enough to plow through most.
Limited - 5/5-X where x is the number on your bench

Alazor Articuno (Majestic Dawn)

Freezing Search is nice power, but is easy to get around with Warp Point and Switch. If you want to play him, you will need a small bench, so that if you flip tails, you will get minimal damage. It's attack Blizzard isn't too amazing, because 60 damage for 3 energy isn't as good as it used to be. If you get heads all the time, this card would be OK, but if you get tails-- it's no good.

Modified 2/5 -- better Legendary birds out there.
Limited 2.5/5 He can deal some damage and take some damage, but he's very energy costly.

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